X-LEGEND ENTERTAINMENT JAPAN Co., Ltd. “Healing RPG like a picture book” “Ash Tale-Kaze no continent” (Ash Tail) × “Is it wrong to ask for a dungeon encounter?” !

“Healing RPG like a picture book” “Ash Tale-Wind Continent-(Ash Tail)” x “Is it wrong to ask for a dungeon encounter?”

X-LEGEND ENTERTAINMENT JAPAN CO., LTD., December 12, 2019 (Thursday), “Ash Tale-Wind Continent-” (hereinafter referred to as “Ash Tail”), it would be wrong to seek the dungeon TV anime We are pleased to announce that we have held a collaboration event with Uka II (hereinafter “Dan Town II”)
[Special page]
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■ “Dan Town II” collaboration held!
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In the “Dan Machi II” collaboration event, you can get
collaboration-only avatars, cards, and vehicles, as well as the “Blue String Racom” with a “Blue String” by logging in through the tutorial. Can be earned. There are many items that can only be obtained in this collaboration. Don’t miss the chance to adventure with Orario characters!
Please check the special page for details on participation methods and precautions.
▼ Click here for the special page!
December 12, 2019 (Thursday) after maintenance to December 25 (Wednesday) before maintenance
■ “Dan Town II” sign colored paper present campaign now being held! [Image 3

Celebrating the collaboration event, we are holding a present campaign where you can win 12 signature colored papers from “Dan Machi II” voice actors. Follow Ashtail’s official Twitter account and RT to get the signature colored paper!
[Target Tweet]
[way to participate]
1. Follow the official account of Ashtail (https://twitter.com/ashtale_info) 2. Target Twitter
(https://twitter.com/ashtale_info/status/1205067228879540230) RT [Precautions]
・ Lottery is limited to once per account.
・ Multiple winnings will be invalid
・ The type of sign colored paper cannot be selected.
-Winning will be replaced with DM notification
■ What is “Is It Wrong to Find a Dungeon?”
Many gods live in the city,
At the center of the city is deep underground, leading to Shenzhen “Dungeon” exists.
The name of the city is the labyrinth city Orario.
Goddess Hestia and adventurer Belle Cranell
The minimum composition of the god and only one barbarian tribe. But the fastest rank up in the world
For Bell, who accomplished a great achievement,
An unprecedented line of sight began to be poured—
Labyrinth, encounter, and adventure–this has begun to be spelled again, ──The boy walks and the goddess notes [The story of the tribe] ──
■ What is “Ash Tale”
“Ash Tale-Kaze no continent” is a smartphone application that has recorded 10 million downloads worldwide. A lot of cute graphic characters appear in the world like a picture book. In addition to adventures and battles, in addition to fascinating elements such as a farm function that allows you to enjoy a warm farm life, an auto function that assists adventure, even if you are new to online games, the world of fantasy without getting lost Can enjoy.
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■ Overview
Title: Ash Tale-Wind Continent- (Ashtail)
Genre: Dramatic action RPG
Fee: Basic play free, item charge system
Platform: App Store, Google Play, Windows
App Store: https://go.onelink.me/app/440733b8
Google Play: https://go.onelink.me/app/155e0683
Official site: http://ashtale.x-legend.co.jp
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/ashtale_info
Corporate website: http://www.x-legend.jp/
[Copyright notation]
(C) Omori Fujino, SB Creative / Dan Town 2 Production Committee

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