SOMPO Himawari Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Health Support Product Launched “Blue” medical insurance for peo ple with diabetes

SOMPO Sunflower Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
[Health Support Product] Launched “Blue” medical insurance for people with diabetes

SOMPO Himawari Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (President: Yasuhiro Ohba, hereinafter “the Company”) will release Medical Insurance Blue for diabetic patients (a lump sum payment medical insurance for diabetic patients) on December 24.
There are about 3 million people with diabetes in Japan, and the number of people with chronic diseases is increasing year by year. * 1 Diabetes mellitus is a disease that has no subjective symptoms for patients, so-called silent killer, and is said to be a disease that tends to cause treatment withdrawal due to changes in the living environment. For this reason, we will provide “Insurhealth (R)”, a new value of insurance and prevention of seriousness, with the aim of supporting the continued treatment of diabetic patients.
Supporting the prevention of diabetic patients by making a business alliance with H2 Co., Ltd., which provides “Sink Health”, a chronic disease management application for diabetes, etc. The
* 1 Source: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare 2017 (2017) Patient Survey * 2 HbA1c level (hemoglobin A1C): Reflects the average blood glucose level over the past 1-2 months
1. Product features
(1) Payment of refund (HbA1c management support refund)
A refund will be paid when all the following conditions are met at the end of each measurement period * 3.
1. The HbA1c value measured during each measurement period has been less than 7.5%.
2. Insurance premiums up to the end of each measurement period have been paid * 3 “Measurement period” refers to the period of one year up to the day before the anniversary date of the contract that comes after the contract date.
(2) Lump-sum hospitalization and surgical benefits
A one-time payment will be made during hospitalization and surgery. Not only hospitalization and operation due to worsening of diabetes and complications, but also a wide range of diseases other than diabetes. In the case of hospitalization or surgery due to heart disease or cerebrovascular disease, a lump sum payment will be made. (3) Transition to normal medical insurance (Attachment 1-3)
After the expiration of the five-year insurance period, you can transfer to our regular medical insurance if you meet certain conditions.
・ Renewal contracts are not handled after the expiration of the insurance period (5 years), but the insurance period can be
transferred to other life insurance without notification at the time of expiration.
・ It is possible to move to the limited notice type medical insurance unconditionally.
・ If you meet all of our prescribed conditions, you can shift to regular medical insurance.
(4) Subscription age
You can apply from 40 to 69 years old even in the treatment of diabetes. (5) Internet only
This is a dedicated product for applications on smartphones and tablets. [December 19 New product “Blue” press conference]
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(Left: President Oba, Oba Right: H2 Corporation CEO Ed Den)
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