LINE Co., Ltd. LINE OpenChat holds a large-scale online party “# Cribocchi Party” for the first time

LINE Corporation
LINE OpenChat launches a large-scale online party “ # Cribocchi Party ” for the first time
A night when 2,000 crickets from all over Japan exchanged a total of 39,335 talks in three hours to distract loneliness
LINE Corporation (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Tsuyoshi Dezawa; hereafter LINE) will launch a large-scale online party “Clibotchi Party” at “OpenChat” in the communication application “LINE” operated by LINE. The event will be held on December 24 (Tuesday), and we will inform you that 2,000 people from all over Japan have participated.
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■ Purpose and features of this event
“OpenChat” offers a variety of online events that provide
opportunities for many people to use it. As part of this, an event using seasonal hooks was planned, and the first seasonal event “# Cribotchi Party” will be held on December 24 (Tuesday). LINE has created a talk room where crickets who spend Christmas Eve alone can gather, and operates and manages the talk room for 3 hours only from 19:00. Special guest of “# Cribocchi Party” will welcome AriFa, a specialist and writer / blogger named Cribocci for 28 years, and will continue to plan a Christmas party online and enliven the atmosphere of the venue Whats

OpenChat changes the name and picture of the profile for each participating talk room, allowing you to enjoy conversations and information exchange through interests and lifestyle topics. Is suitable for recruiting participants and enjoying common
conversations. A maximum of 5,000 people can participate in one talk room. Since there is an administrator system, the operation can be promoted while maintaining a healthy talk room. The invitation / participation method for the talk room is the invitation /
participation method. You can choose from three types of talk rooms: a talk room to be entered and a talk room that requires the entry of a participation code. In addition, by grasping the content and atmosphere of the talk before participating, you can smoothly integrate into the group talk.
■ Event summary
・ Date and time: Tuesday, December 24, 2019 19: 00-22: 00
・ Venue: “OpenChat” talk room “Kuribotchi Party” * Closed at the end of the party
・ Number of participants: 2,000 * The maximum number of participants for the final talk room
・ Participation / Invitation method: Talk room where anyone can participate ・ Special Guest: Writer / Blogger ARuFa
・ Administrator: LINE OpenChat service team
■ State of the event
At 19:00 on Christmas Eve, the maximum number of participants was set at 1,000, and a talk room was opened. Since the event was announced from ARuFa and the official “OpenChat” SNS, the maximum number of participants reached 1,000 in just two minutes from the start of the party. At 19:15, 1,000 crickets were toasting online together with 1,000 people, creating the atmosphere of being at a party together with everyone. After that, ARuFa responded to the participants’ worries and provided a plan to give them ice cream gift tickets as Christmas presents. At 21:00, the maximum number of participants was increased to 2,000, and an additional 1,000 people joined immediately. Imagine what kind of pictures will come out from “ Christmas Kawayanagi ” that shows off the unique feeling of chestnuts in Kawayanagi and ARuFa’s mobile camera roll
We worked on unusual projects such as “Camera Roll Quiz” and “Cooking with something!”, Which makes something using ingredients in ARuFa’s house. Participants who gathered in the OpenChat talk room and enjoyed the #Kuribotchi party could have enjoyed “a new sense of being alone but not alone at Christmas”. During the three hours of the # Cli-Botchi Party, messages and content (images, talks, participation logs, etc.) that came and went in the talk room totaled 39,355. [Image 2

* You can check the event from note.
ARuFA x OpenChat “Clibotchi Party” Report
■ About special guests
[Image 3

Writer / Blogger. 28 years old.
Belongs to Burg Hamburgberg Inc. Opened a personal blog “ARuFa’s Diary” around the second year of junior high school and started online [AruFa’s impression of the “Clibotchi Party”]
It was awesome because I never chatted with 2,000 people at the same time. One second later, the statement I wrote disappeared somewhere in the muddy stream of words, so I typed the keyboard while thinking, “It’s too dangerous !!!!” Despite the gathering of 2,000 people, I was impressed that a certain level of security was maintained on the chat. I’m glad I was on the Internet until today! Thank you for your valuable experience!
In “OpenChat”, we will continue to plan and implement various events that can be gathered and enjoyed on a common theme, including seasonal events.

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