First in Japan Marterport user group. Live-action photographs of World Heritage and cultural properties, invite you to go and enjoy memories. And for education.

VRIO VR Innovation Organization
[First in Japan] Marterport user group. Live-action photographs of World Heritage and cultural properties, invite you to go and enjoy memories. And for education.
Established Matterport community to spread Matterport Cloud users in Japan. We will promote accessible tourism nationwide for 2020 and propose its use as part of educational materials.
We also produce MatterportPro2 3D cameras, historical images of buildings related to sightseeing, and archives associated with reproduction throughout Japan, as well as independent shooting with RicohTHETA, as well as introduction videos from GoogleEarth that utilize content.
Non-profit VR Innovation Organization (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Shigeru Yokomatsu) is a joint venture Advalay (joint venture) that made the first attempt in Japan to shoot buildings and other facilities using the Matterport system.
(Representatives: Daiki Maruya and Kosuke Shibayama) and the Japan Martport Users Association will be established in January 2020. 沖 縄 The burning of Shuri Castle in Okinawa that happened the other day was very sad and disappointing. However, there are a lot of events and tourists in the structures at tourist spots, so such risks are considered very high. Therefore, we archive the real thing in 3D and VR views and leave it in the historical buildings all over Japan, as well as facilities that symbolize the area, such as disability, elderly people and their families, etc. The goal is to create an environment where everyone can travel while meeting the needs of those facing communication difficulties. Especially in places where thresholds are fixed, such as gates that are not
wheelchair-accessible, virtual reality makes it possible to enjoy sightseeing as if it were a door. In addition, we will increase the number of users who disseminate Martport content nationwide, including content that children can use in class in education, and museums and museum exhibitions.
The user association is mainly looking for those who can subscribe to Matterport Cloud at RicohTHETA and be active in the region. Whether you are a municipality, a public interest corporation, a for-profit organization or an individual, a business or a volunteer, you will share information about content creation, such as shooting technology and the use of Matterport Cloud.
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GK Advaly
Matterport is a cloud system from Silicon Valley in the United States that offers a high-quality, high-quality, 3D walk-through view of the space in 360 °. In recent years, it has been spreading in Japan with services designed to increase the sales efficiency and value of real estate properties. Advalay is a company that extends this technology not only to real estate but also to construction, construction and other industries. For applications in the construction industry, etc., it is easy to share information among concerned parties, making quick and accurate decision-making, reducing the time required for construction-related meetings and on-site surveys, and contributing to improved production. You.
* Sano closed school 3D data
Matterport Cloud (C)? 2019 japan.asset management Co., Ltd.Sano City
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(C)? 2019 japan.asset management Co., Ltd.Sano City
Note: As part of the Sano City project, we created 3D data of an adjacent closed school on Japan’s only international cricket. It will be used for future renovations. In architecture, there is a growing need for effective use of existing stock and value enhancement, such as the Sano City Project. With the progress of a stock-based society, 3D technology can be used not only to improve real estate sales and building productivity, but also to archive all spaces. Based on the above, the Matterport Users Group will provide 3D data creation and utilization support using Matterport not only for the real estate industry but also for various industries and even local governments. In anticipation of an increase in demand for photography in the future, we will share photography know-how and exchange information, and build a network that can rapidly transmit 3D data.
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VRIO introduction video
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Video material use site image video
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Measurement Mode
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Post to Street View
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[Corporate Profile]
Name: VR Innovation Organization
Location: 9-3 Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 東 THE BASE Kojimachi Representative: Representative director: Shigeru Yokomatsu
Established: March 28, 2018
Business description: The purpose of this project is to propose and provide 360 ​​° images and videos of virtual reality (hereinafter referred to as VR) and to disseminate VR, and conduct the following business to contribute to the purpose.
Foster and certify advanced photography editing engineers and managers Dissemination of panoramic view production technology using street view, high places, and aerial photography of drones
Activities to promote VR expression by WEB creator with WEB creator Training VR creators and supporting development of VR systems by web engineers Research and development of VR utilizing artificial intelligence, big data and IoT
● Partners Association
Street View Certified Photographer Partner Association Drone Photographer 360 Partner Association
● Preparation Committee
VRWeb Creator Partner Association Preparatory Committee To the world from a wheelchair perspective Project Preparation Committee
Preparatory Committee for the Establishment of the Japan Market Port Users Association 会 (to be opened)
● Laboratory
VRIO-GIS Geographic Information System Laboratory
■ Participation program
Tex soup
Google non-profit program
■ Affiliation
Japan Tourism Promotion Association
Non profit organization Japan NPO Center
[Customer Inquiries]
VR Innovation Organization

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