Japan Coca-Cola Co., Ltd. Suica can be used from January 14 (Tuesday) with the official Coca-Cola smartphone application “Coke ON”

Japan Coca-Cola Co., Ltd.
Suica can be used from January 14 (Tuesday) with Coca-Cola’s official smartphone application “Coke ON”
“Coke ON × Suica Let’s use Suica with Coke ON! Campaign” will be held from the same day!
Coca-Cola Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Jorge Gardinho; hereinafter “Japan Coca-Cola”) and East Japan Railway Company (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President: Yuji Fukasawa) , “JR East”) is a new electronic money service for JR East “Suica” from Tuesday, January 14 in the “Coke ON IC *” provided by Coca-Cola’s official smartphone application “Coke ON”. ”Will be launched. Register “Suica” in “Coke ON IC” and purchase drinks using registered “Suica” at Coca-Cola’s “Multi-money vending machine” (170,000 units installed nationwide: as of December 2019) Just by doing so, you will be able to accumulate stamps on the “Coke ON” app without connecting the vending machine to the “Coke ON” app. In addition, customers who have “Mobile Suica” can more easily register for “Coke ON IC”. Also, from January 14 (Tuesday) to February 13 (Thursday), purchases made with “Suica” registered with “Coke ON IC” will be eligible for the use of the service by more customers. We will carry out “Let’s use Suica with Coke ON! Campaign”.
[Image 1d1735-419-994051-0.jpg
* “Coke ON IC” is a service that allows you to accumulate stamps for the “Coke ON” application without purchasing a smartphone by purchasing drinks using electronic money registered in advance.
■ Summary of “Coke ON × Suica Use Suica with Coke ON! Campaign”
● Name Name: “Coke ON × Suica Use Suica with Coke ON! Campaign”
● Implementation period: From Tuesday, January 14, 2020 10:00 to Thursday, February 13, 23:59
● Target: Download “Coke ON” app, register “Suica” as the payment method of “Coke ON IC”, and use “Suica” registered during the period to use “Coke ON IC” compatible Coca All customers who purchased Coca-Cola products at Cola’s “multi-money vending machine”
● Prize:
1. One gift for every purchase: Suica original “Coke ON” stamp * One time per person
2. Lottery (1 ticket for every 2 purchases): Coke ON Award 10,000 drink tickets 3. Lottery (1 for every 6 purchases): Suica Award Suica Penguin Original Lunch Box Set for 200 people
Suica Penguin Original Stationery Set for 300
[Image 2d1735-419-152364-1.jpg
Suica Penguin Original Lunch Box Set (Image)
[Image 3d1735-419-986082-2.jpg
Suica Penguin Original Stationery Set (Image)
● Campaign site:
https://c.cocacola.co.jp/app/cp/202001_suica/index.html?utm_source=ccjc&utm_campaign=202001-suica&utm_medium=lp&utm_content=press_release ※The image is an image.
* Suica penguins are Suica characters.
* Suica original “Coke ON” stamps will be presented on the “Coke ON” app that you use.
* Coke ON and Suica prizes will be drawn after the campaign period ends. * Coke ON award drink tickets will be distributed to winners, or Suica awards will be announced to winners upon delivery to winners. * We will not win duplicates. Prizes cannot be selected.
* Campaign details and prizes are subject to change without notice. Reference material
■ About “Coke ON”
“Coke ON” is a smart and convenient Coca-Cola smartphone app that allows you to earn 15 drink stamps for 15 stamps in the app. Drink tickets can be exchanged for one Coca-Cola product for free, so you can choose your favorite product. As of the end of December 2019, it has exceeded 17 million downloads and can be used with 330,000 compatible vending machines nationwide.
Stamps can be earned by purchasing one product at a vending machine compatible with “Coke ON”, or when the weekly target steps set in the app or the target steps of the total steps are achieved, or in-app limited campaign There are various ways to earn, such as earning by participating in.
Coca-Cola Japan Co., Ltd. launched the service in April 2016 to make the service connecting customers, product brands, and sales channels closer and more personal. Since then, we have added the function of “Coke ON Walk”, which allows you to collect stamps while walking, including product sampling, to deliver the fun of drinking experience and the fun of “Coke ON”. In addition, in order to expand the range of customers’ choices when purchasing products, we are gradually introducing cashless payment functions “Coke ON Pay” and “Coke ON IC”. In June 2019, a new function “Coke ON Camera” will be added to provide services and functions that you can enjoy even more.
* Points are awarded depending on the terms of use of the payment service. Please contact a payment service company for details. “ Coke ON ” application official website https://c.cocacola.co.jp/app/
■ How to use “Coke ON IC”
How to use:
1. From the “Coke ON” app, register your usual electronic money in advance. 2. Use the registered electronic money to purchase a drink at a vending machine compatible with Coke ON IC.
At this time, there is no need to connect the “Coke ON” app to the vending machine
3. A stamp will be added to the “Coke ON” app the next day to 3 days before use. [Image 4d1735-419-552367-3.jpg
-How to register for Mobile Suica-
[Image 5d1735-419-643021-4.jpg
If you use Mobile Suica, simply enter your Mobile Suica login information to register for Coke ON IC.
Cases that are not eligible for stamping:
1. When purchasing a product other than a vending machine compatible with “Coke ON IC” (multi-money vending machine)
2. If you purchase the product with electronic money that is not registered 3. When a product other than Coca-Cola is purchased
Use of electronic money registered in “Coke ON IC” will not be eligible for stamp doubling campaigns linked to the purchase of products developed in “Coke ON” or vending machine-only campaigns. Detailed usage and precautions can be found on the “Coke ON” website or “Coke ON” app.
“Coke ON IC” vending machine: Coca-Cola’s “multi-money vending machine” For vending machines equipped with the following reading panel. [Image 6d1735-419-302466-5.png
Supported electronic money:
“Kitaca”, “Suica”, “PASMO”, “TOICA”, “manaca”, “ICOCA”, “SUGOCA”, “nimoca”, “Hayakake”, “Rakuten Edy”, “nanaco”, “WAON” ”,“ PiTaPa ” * “Kitaca” is a registered trademark of Hokkaido Railway Company. * “Suica” is a registered trademark of East Japan Railway Company. * “PASMO” is a registered trademark of Pasmo Corporation.
* “TOICA” is a registered trademark of Tokai Railway Company. * “Manaca” and “Manaka” are registered trademarks of Nagoya
Transportation Development Organization Co., Ltd. and MIC Co., Ltd. * “ICOCA” is a registered trademark of West Japan Railway Company. * “SUGOCA” is a registered trademark of Kyushu Railway Company. * “Nimoca” is a registered trademark of West Japan Railway Company. * “Hayakaken” is a registered trademark of Fukuoka City Transportation Bureau. * “Rakuten Edy” is Rakuten Group’s prepaid electronic money service. * “Nanaco” is a prepaid electronic money service issued by Seven Card Service. * “WAON” is a registered trademark of Aeon Co., Ltd.
* “PiTaPa” is a registered trademark of Surutto and KANSAI.
Detailed usage information can also be viewed on the “Coke ON” application official website (https://c.cocacola.co.jp/app/) or within the “Coke ON” application.

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