Sumitomo Corporation “HARUMI FLAG” New Block “SUN VILLAGE” Appears from January 11 (Sat)

Sumitomo Corporation
“HARUMI FLAG” New Block “SUN VILLAGE” Appears from Saturday, January 11 Realization of a town with approximately 12,000 people, 24 buildings (* 1) and 5,632 units in the middle of Tokyo 940 units (* 2), the largest supply in the Tokyo metropolitan area in 2019
10 sellers of “HARUMI FLAG” residential condominiums have begun a pre-announcement session for the new block “SUN VILLAGE” Phase 1 and “SEA VILLAGE” Phase 2 on Saturday, January 11, 2020. You.
The new block “SUN VILLAGE” is located in the condominium block, which is located closest to multi-mobility stations and commercial facilities that are important for transportation. In view, it is the only block that can overlook the city center.
In the first phase of “SUN VILLAGE”, out of a total of seven buildings, only units A, B, C, D and F will be sold, and the planned price will be between 49 million yen (2LDK) and 22,900 It is in the million yen range (4LDK). Following “SEA VILLAGE” and “PARK VILLAGE”, all blocks of condominiums are finally available.
From October 31, 2018, when the official website was opened, there were over 27,000 property entries (* 3), and over 7,200 visitors (* 3) of the “HARUMI FLAG Pavilion” opened on April 27, 2019 And many customers are interested.
Following the first phase of the “SEA VILLAGE” and “PARK VILLAGE”, which sold the largest number of 600 units in the Tokyo metropolitan area (* 4), 340 units were newly sold in the second phase of the first phase, with a cumulative supply of 940 units. We received 2,220 pairs (* 5) of registration applications in 893 blocks (* 5).
We asked the subscribers of SEA VILLAGE and PARK VILLAGE 1st and 2nd phase sales to see what kind of points were evaluated in the highly popular “HARUMI FLAG”. (See page 7). The four points are summarized for each of the following: the design concept of spaciousness, the location and view, the convenience of commerce and transportation, and the common facilities and design. , Convenience, etc. are highly evaluated.
[Image 1d726-675-735287-0.jpg
* 1: Total of residential and commercial facilities
* 2: During the period from January to November 2019, 940 units of SEA VILLAGE and PARK VILLAGE Phase 1 and Phase 2 units will be the largest supply in the Tokyo metropolitan area. (Source: 10 business owners) * 3: As of January 7, 2020
* 4: The largest number of condominiums sold in the Tokyo metropolitan area (one prefecture, three prefectures) sold in 2019 is 600 units sold at one time. (Source: 10 business owners)
* 5: Phase 1 sales (registration acceptance period: July 26 to August 4, 2019) and re-registration sales (registration acceptance date: August 12),
Total number of units and number of units for the 1st term secondary sales (registration acceptance period: November 22 to November 30, 2019) and re-registration sales (registration acceptance date: December 7)
■ Characteristics of each block
・ New block “SUN VILLAGE”
This is the most convenient block, closest to multi-mobility stations and commercial facilities. In front of you, you can see the Rainbow Bridge, and it is the only block that offers a central view of the city. In the common facilities, a golf simulator and a café bar lounge (SPORTS BAR) with a billiards table are available, with the image of “buzzing” suitable for the station square. In addition, the layout of “SUN VILLAGE” is composed of 2LDK / 3LDK / 4LDK in a well-balanced manner, and can meet diverse needs from small households who value convenience to family households who want to be concerned about the size. To do.
[Image 2d726-675-177201-1.jpg
Multi-mobility station and commercial facilities (front)
[Image 3d726-675-279380-2.png
Views overlooking the Rainbow Bridge
[Image 4d726-675-466040-3.jpg
View of the city center
[Image 5d726-675-934525-4.jpg
All ridges face the sea and offer open sea views, including the Rainbow Bridge. The average size of the rooms is about 98 square meters, and you can enjoy the overwhelming size and view in the city center.
・ “PARK VILLAGE” (Not for sale this time)
Located in the center of the condominium block, there is also a space where the concept of “role as the center of community functions” is provided, where event information is transmitted and energy and environmentally friendly town initiatives are introduced.
[Image 6d726-675-619195-5.jpg
Dynamic landscape of waterside (SEA VILLAGE)
[Image 7d726-675-483424-6.jpg
Community center FLAG CORE (PARK VILLAGE)
■ Summary of “SUN VILLAGE” Phase 1 Sales
[Table 6:“>

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