Table Tennis T League New Year! I want a signed autograph and a playoff final ticket, so I’ll give you a Chu ♪ campaign

General Incorporated Association T League
Table Tennis T League New Year! I want a signed uniform and a playoff final ticket, so I’m going to Chu ♪ campaign
6th T-League membership campaign! Announcement of “New Year Ball! Large Chu Selection Campaign !!”
In the T-League, “New Year Ball! Large Chu Selection Campaign!” Out of T-League members who answered the questionnaire, a total of 30 people will win a luxurious annual ball by lottery.
Campaign banner
Everyone, please join us!
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Comment from Masaharu Yoshimura (Ryukyu Astida)
Comment from Masataka Morizono (Okayama Rivets)
◆ Prizes
・ T-League original goods with T-Leaguer signature … 16 people ・ T league final watching pair ticket … 7 pairs of 14 people * Please select either goods or tickets in the questionnaire form.
◆ Campaign period
January 10, 2020 (Fri) 18:00-January 19 (Sun) 23:59
◆ Campaign target
・ Those who registered as a T-League member and answered the questionnaire ・ Person who lives in Japan and can receive mail and home delivery ・ If you choose a ticket with a gift prize, you must be able to visit * Shipping is limited to Japan.
◆ Number of Winners
30 people
◆ How to apply
The application form will be displayed on the top banner, news and SNS (Twitter, Facebook) of HP at 18:00 on Friday, January 10th.
Please go to the questionnaire form from “Click here for the campaign”, fill in the required information and apply
* T-League membership number is required for answering the questionnaire. * The application form is only compatible with PCs, tablets and smartphones. It does not support feature phones.
◆ Winning announcement
Winners will receive an email from the T-League Secretariat in late January. * Please note that if you do not contact us within one week after notification of winning, the winning will be invalid.
* Please understand in advance that we cannot accept changes to the winning products.
* Winners will not be announced on the site.
◆ Notes
・ Depending on the settings of your e-mail software, e-mail from our company may be sorted as spam or deleted. Please check the settings before applying.
If you have set to receive e-mails or reject addresses, please change the settings so that you can receive e-mails from the “@” domain.
Please note that if you do not receive the e-mail, the winning will be invalid. ・ The delivery time of the prize may be different from the announcement. ・ Resale to third parties is prohibited
・ Please note that if the prize cannot be delivered due to reasons such as unknown customer address or lost contact, the winning will be void.
・ Shipment is limited to Japan.
▼ To those who have selected a ticket with a gift prize
・ Please note that seats cannot be specified.
・ If a match is canceled due to force majeure, tickets will not be exchanged for alternative matches.
・ Shipment is limited to Japan.
・ Resold tickets will be invalidated and entry may be refused. ・ The prize does not include transportation and accommodation expenses to the venue. All will be paid by the customer
・ Right of winning is limited to the person himself / herself and cannot be transferred, redeemed or resold to a third party

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