Piccoma New entertainment content that is a bit different from manga! What is the 2020 publishing industry hot word “WebToon”? Introducing 4 popular WebToon works from overseas


Kakao Japan Co., Ltd. [Piccoma] New entertainment content that is a bit different from manga! What is the 2020 publishing…


Kakao Japan Co., Ltd.
[Piccoma] New entertainment content that is a bit different from manga! What is the 2020 publishing industry hotword “WebToon”? Introducing 4 popular WebToon works from overseas
Exclusive serialization at $ 0 if you wait at the electronic comic novel service “Piccoma”
Kakao Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Ryu Kim) introduces WebToon works that can be read on the electronic manga novel service “Piccoma” operated by the company. [Image 1
(C) Marron Pie, ASSAM, Lee Su Lim / GLLIM TOON
Piccoma, which was launched as an electronic manga service in April 2016, has steadily gained user support since its release and has been used by many people.
Here is a commentary on the word “WebToon” in the publishing industry in 2020 and four popular WebToon works.
Under the philosophy that “Piccoma is the leading role”, “Piccoma” can be read for free-Waiting for $ 0-model, we are promoting an
environment where you can meet more works and like them .
■ What is the 2020 hot word “WebToon”?

WebToon (Web Toon) is a comic created mainly for browsing on a smartphone, and has the features of “all color” and “vertical scroll”. Now that the habit of reading manga on smartphones and PCs is spreading, it is becoming increasingly popular internationally, not only in Asia such as Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand, but also in North America.
In Japan, WebToon works are gradually increasing, and last year, in the Japanese manga awards and competitions, the “ WebToon category ” was set, and among the award-winning works, WebToon format works were found, and the Japanese manga industry in 2020・ It seems to be a hot word in the publishing industry.
■ 4 Popular WebToon works from Korea

[Image 2
(C) Marron Pie, ASSAM, Lee Su Lim / GLLIM TOON
“Emperor’s Companion” (GOLEM FACTORY)
A huge hit mainly in women in Korea! Finally started delivery to Japan! ! Synopsis
You are too much. Hitomi died in an accident after learning the truth of her sister, Mizuki. He was reincarnated as a Pope named “Charles Hildegarde” … but there was a man who suddenly kissed himself with his eyes open. A red-eyed emperor called Caleb, called a murderer. Despite the taboo that the Pope dies when married, Caleb demands marriage. Among them, a serious trust from heaven comes down …! [Image 3
(C) 3B2S / yuns / sanjijiksong / El Seven
“The King of Thieves” (L Seven Company)
A popular work with a total of more than 850,000 viewers in Korean manga apps! Synopsis
Mysterious “graves” that have appeared around the world. Among them was a relic. The relics gave humans different abilities, some who gained that power gained enormous wealth, and others who planned to make the world our own. A world that has begun to change with relics … One day, it appeared like a storm, and some people took away relics one after another. The people called him: “The thief king.” The inspirational resilience action episode unfolds with the incarnation of revenge revived from a terrible death
[Image 4
(C) Pearjuice / Jade / Bak Hedam / Yeondam
“This is a true marriage scam!” (Yeondam)
Simultaneous serialization in Japan, Korea and Indonesia
Top-selling work in Indonesian e-store
The only way to survive the Earl family … it’s a “marriage” to a man with a crown. Leylin, the only daughter of the Countess of Efran, asks the Information Guild to find a groom to marry for a one-year contract. And the opponent selected from the four candidates is the transcendent handsome “Kaleid” associate baron. But here’s the problem! Mistakenly misreading the name of the opponent, Raylin chose the crazy killer Kaliad. In addition, the other party was spoofing their status, so I was troubled. While regretting (?) For having chosen with his face, Raylin’s fate and how to live a sweet honeymoon with a murderer …
[Image 5
(C)? DUBU (REDICE STUDIO), Chugong 2018 D & C MEDIA
“I just want to level up” (D & C MEDIA)
“Piccoma BEST OF 2019” The first place in the manga section! Cumulative number of domestic viewers exceeded 1.5 million!
A dozen years ago, the emergence of a gate called “Hunter” emerged after the passage of “gates” connecting the different dimensions to the present world. Hunters are people who get paid for defeating monsters lurking in the dungeon in the gate. But not all hunters are strong. E-class hunter known as the weakest weapon of mankind “Mizunoshi Shun” He continues to hunt while hesitating to earn his mother’s hospital bill. One day, when she encounters a difficult double dungeon hidden in a D-class dungeon, Shun gains special abilities just before her death. Daily Quest window only visible in “season” …! ? “Season” The secret of level-up that only one person knows … Clear the quests that arrive daily and level up if you defeat monsters! ? How far will the level improvement of “season” alone continue? !
To view each work, download the official website
( or the application
● About Piccoma
“Piccoma” is an electronic manga / novel service that allows you to read one episode for each popular manga, novel or original manga for free just by waiting every day. Since the service release on April 20, 2016, the Piccoma app version has surpassed 17 million downloads. The feature is that there is no advertisement in the service, so you can enjoy manga quickly and comfortably.
* The total number of downloads is the total for iOS / Android as of October 2019.
[Image 6
● Piccoma service overview
Service name: Piccoma
Platform: iOS / Android / Web
Usage fee: Free (some services are charged)
App download:
Official site:
Official Twitter:
Management: Kakao Japan Co., Ltd.

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