Talk series “202X URBAN VISIONARY vol.3” will be held at Otemachi 3 × 3 Lab Future!

202X URBAN VISIONARY Executive Committee
Talk series “202X URBAN VISIONARY vol.3” will be held at Otemachi 3 × 3 Lab Future!
With the creativity of Mr. Rhizomatics Saito and Mr. Toyoda as hooks, major developers such as Tokyu, Mori Building, Mitsubishi Estate, Mitsui Fudosan, and others came together to envision a future city vision.
On January 28, 2020 (Tuesday), the 202X URBAN VISIONARY Executive Committee (planned by Tokyu Corporation, Nikkei xTECH, Harumaki Project Co., Ltd.) will launch a talk series “202X URBAN VISIONARY vol.3 ] Will be held.

Right now, the remodeling of Tokyo in the century is underway. Urban landscapes are changing from day to day, and should bring about changes in our living base.
So what is their overall picture?
And what should it be?
Isn’t it necessary to have a place for sharing and co-creation across individual development projects?
“202X URBAN VISIONARY” is a talk series that began with such real feelings and awareness of issues.
Using the creator’s creativity as a hook, we envision a future city vision.
From the first discussion in which issues regarding the current state of the lack of a leading master plan in urban development were given by Mr. Rhizomatics Saito and the discussion in vol.2 “Overview of the concept in urban development”, the 202X era In January 2020, the beginning of the event, this year’s theme will be “Urban Development Business and Operation and Area Management.”
Seiichi Saito (President of Rhizomatiks Architecture), Keisuke Toyoda (Co-President of noiz / gluon), Yoshihisa Yamamoto (Nikkei xTECH, Nikkei Architecture Editor-in-Chief), Yoaki Tanaka (President of Harumaki Project Co., Ltd.) In addition to directors / co-lab planning and management representatives), developers such as Tokyu, Mori Building, Mitsubishi Estate, Mitsui Fudosan, etc. gather to create a vision for the near future that is not bound by the traditional urban development, and creatives to realize it. Discuss the process. After holding at the Shibuya Cast Space and Toranomon Hills Forum last year, vol.3 will be moved to the 3 × 3Lab Future interchange base in the Marunouchi and Otemachi areas. While listening to the area management initiatives of each of the urban development companies on the platform, we will openly discuss why city development companies perform area management and what it means to operate a city. By all means, please see the archives so far and come to the venue on the day.
Event name | “202X URBAN VISIONARY vol.3”
Date and Time | Tuesday, January 28, 2020 Opening 19: 00 / Start 19: 30 / Party 21: 30 / End 22:30
Location 3 × 3 Lab Future (1-1100-0004 1-1-2 Otemachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Otemon Tower / JX Building 1F)
Participation fee | 2,000 yen (including social gathering fee, including tax) How to apply | * First come first served
* Admission is not possible with same-day tickets or same-day cash payment only for advance settlement.
* You need to create a peatix account (free) to apply
Seiichi Saito | President of Rhizomatiks Architecture
Keisuke Toyoda | co-chair of noiz / co-chair of gluon
Yoshihisa Yamamoto | Nikkei xTECH / Nikkei Architecture Editorial Committee Hiroaki Tanaka 中 | President of Harumaki Project Co., Ltd./Co-lab Planning and Operation Representative
Hiroki Naka | Mori Building Co., Ltd. Town Management Division Park Management Promotion Division and TM Marketing Communication Division Hiroaki Fujii | Director, Development Promotion Department, Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd. / General Manager, Area Management Promotion Office / NPO Corporation, Daimaru Yu Area Management Association / DMO Tokyo Marunouchi
Katsuya Amemiya | Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd. Development Planning Dept. Yutaro Yamaguchi | Tokyu Corporation Urban Management Strategy Office Strategic Planning Group Planning Manager
* For the speaker profile, please see
【Question Request】
On the day of the event, we are looking for questions that we would like the speakers to answer and discuss at the time of application (peatix event page). The questions selected by the speakers in advance will be used for discussions on the day.
If you wish to submit, please submit from the form at the time of application. [Production]
Organizer | 202X URBAN VISIONARY Executive Committee
Committee member | Nikkei xTECH, Tokyu Corporation, Mori Building Co., Ltd., Mitsubishi Estate Co., Ltd., Harumaki Project Co., Ltd., Rhizomatiks Architecture, noiz / gluon
Special Cooperation | 3 × 3 Lab Future
【Contact Information】
202X URBAN VISIONARY Executive Committee Secretariat
→ Please contact the organizer from the peatix event page
[Archive / Reference Materials]
This talk series is scheduled to be held several times while changing the theme. Please take a look at the previous reports and related materials. ・ April, 2018 “Thinking about the future of Shibuya through
computational design” Report
・ March 2019 Report on Public Planning Meeting, “Thinking about the Future City with Creative Thinking (Tentative)”
・ April, 2019 << 202X URBAN VISIONARY vol.1
・ Tokyo Remodeling Plan 2020 Nikkei × TECH
・ Global City Competitiveness Ranking Mori Memorial Foundation Urban Strategy Research Institute

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