Oyatsu Company Co., Ltd. Decided to release a video that makes you want to eat “Butamen”! New Year’s first Bebifest 60 is “butamen”!

Oyatsu Company Inc.
Video release decision to want to eat “butamen”! New Year’s first Bebifest 60 is “butamen”!
Can you conquer a mini-sized cup ramen “ butamen ” that is just right to keep your hungry !?
Oyatsu Company Co., Ltd. (Head office: Tsu-shi, Mie, President: Fumio Teshima) is a popular video creator, “Puddle Bond,” which has created a “just right” size mini-cup ramen “Butamen” to silence the hungry belly. The tie-up video will be released on the YouTube channel of “Puddle Bond” from January 14, 2020 (Tuesday).
As a part of the “Bebefes 60”, which celebrates the 60th anniversary of the launch of the main brand “Baby Star” with all snack company products, both products and promotions are plenty and fun! I will make it exciting.
[Image 1

■ “I just want to eat” butamen “!?
The snack company of the main brand “Baby Star”, which has celebrated its 60th anniversary, has just the right size mini cup ramen “Butamen” for children’s snacks and lunch boxes. Popular video creator “Puddle Bond” will release a video that conveys the appeal of “butamen”, which allows you to enjoy the taste of simple but authentic ramen, from January 14, 2020 (Tuesday). A video that makes you want to eat just because you can only eat mini-sized cup ramen “Butamen” has been completed.
-Creator of “Bebefes 60” in January 2020-
“Puddle Bond” YouTube channel “Butamen” tie-up video
■ Video release commemoration! One month gift campaign for “Butamen” A retweet campaign will be held on January 14, 2020 on the snack company official Twitter in conjunction with the distribution of the “Butamen” video. Follow the official account of the Snack Company (@BABYSTAR_OYATSU) and give a random lottery to 20 people who have retweeted the target tweet for one month of butamen (30 meals). [Image 2

[Campaign summary]
Application period: From January 14, 2020 (Tuesday) to January 22, 2020 (Wednesday) 23:59
Prize Product: 1 month of butamen (15 meals of tonkotsumi, 5 meals of soy sauce, 5 salted tongues, 5 meals of curry)
Number of Winners: 20
How to apply: 1. Follow the snack company official Twitter account (@BABYSTAR_OYATSU)
2. Retweet the target tweet
* Apply only once per person during the period
■ Support popular video creators! Encore held QUO card campaign at Baby Star dekai Ramen!
“Baby Stard Deca Ramen”, which is supported by popular video creators, is a wide noodle so easy to pick and eat! In addition, it is a product that is favored by PCs and smartphone users as a snack confection that does not stain hands with seasoning by the baby star manufacturing method. We will be encouraging a QUO card present campaign to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the release of Baby Star for such dodekai ramen. If “Atari” is written inside the bag of Dodekai Ramen with the campaign announcement, you will receive a QUO card
(equivalent to 1,000 yen). This is a campaign to reach a total of 3,960 people with a grooming of the thank you for the 60th anniversary of the thank you for baby star launch 60th anniversary. Please try “luck test” at the beginning of the year. (Campaign started from late January 2020) [Image 3:

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