Daiko Co., Ltd. Focus on the new generation of youth! “Next-generation role model research seminar” held “New young people living in an era of diversification”

Daihiro Co., Ltd.
Pay attention to the new youth generation! “Next-generation role model research seminar” held “New young people living in an era of diversification”
Daihiro Co., Ltd. (President: Hiroshi Ochiai) (hereafter Daiko) and Nippon Information Co., Ltd. (President: Keita Saito) (hereafter Nippon Information) jointly held a seminar on next-generation role model research. You. In this seminar, we will report on the results of the depth interviews and home visit surveys for new high school students in addition to the results of the quantitative survey conducted in August last year for new youth who are post-comfort generations. The features of each cluster based on the “U-18 cluster” categorized in the quantitative survey will be introduced through interview videos.
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[Seminar outline]
The various changes that took place in 2018 have created a “new youth” generation. Understanding them leads to understanding change and immutability for the present and even the future. We provide not only marketing targeting young people but also marketing strategies that will be useful in the future. Please pay attention to the “new young people” that reflect the times. In this seminar, guest speakers from Suntory Beer Limited and Twitter Japan Limited will be presenting the results of the project. Please stay tuned.
* For details, see the special site of the “Next-generation role model research seminar” below.
Daihiro: https://www.daiko.co.jp/daiko-topics/2020/0115110025.html Japan Information: https://www.n-info.co.jp/seminar/20200227 * Contents are subject to change.
[Introduction presentation | 14: 00-14: 35]
“The next generation of young people facing diversity”
In the context of various social changes in 2018, the generational characteristics of “new young people” will be explained. In addition, various “role models” that are visualized against the background of digitalization and their effects will be explained. In addition, we will introduce a new approach to business expansion into rural areas, based on the differences between urban and rural youth.
1. New youth seen by generations
2. Various “role models” visualized and their effects
3. Examples of approaches to the next generation seen in companies’ regional expansion
■ Speaker: Daihiro Co., Ltd.
■ Next-generation role model research project leader
■ Yusaku Takahashi
■ Profile: Joined Daihiro in 1999. He has been involved in marketing for over 25 years since his previous job.
Has been involved in marketing products for young people for over 10 years since 2007.
Operates the project information dissemination site “18kara-no,” (https://www.18kara-no.jp/).
[Guest presentation 1. | 14: 35-15: 15]
“Millenial generation × Twitter”
Twitter has a different presence than other platforms and is an essential platform for millennial marketing. How do millennials use Twitter and why do they use it? Introducing the millennials’ use of SNS and the value of Twitter to brands, using survey results and examples.
1. Millennial features
2. Mobile shift in media usage
3. Twitter usage
4. Twitter value
■ Speaker: Twitter Japan Ltd. Yumiko Obayashi
Marketing Insights & Analytics
Senior Research Analyst
■ Profile: After working at a think tank, a foreign marketing research company, and a PR company
Joined Twitter Japan in April 2019. Currently, he is mainly engaged in surveying the effectiveness of Twitter campaigns.
■ Speaker: Twitter Japan Co., Ltd. Takae Aragaki
Marketing Insights & Analytics
Senior Research Analyst
■ Profile: Engaged in store management at a foreign-owned apparel company, and later became a foreign-owned marketing research company. He was fascinated by the search for consumer insights and performed numerous projects as an expert in quantitative and qualitative research.
Currently, he works on Twitter to measure advertising effectiveness and survey consumer awareness and behavior.
Mother of two children of second grade of junior high school and second grade of elementary school.
[Guest presentation 2. | 15: 30-16: 10]
“The Premium Malt’s younger approach”
In recent years, the promotion of “Kamibu” has been strong, and “The Premium Malts” has become a standard premium beer brand. In the beer category where the main user is in the 40s or over, we will introduce how young people, especially those in their 20s, are understood and what kind of communication is being developed.
1. The Premium Malt’s Basic Strategy
2. Approach to youth
3. Case studies
■ Speaker: Suntory Beer Co., Ltd.
■ Profile: Joined Suntory Holdings Inc. in 2004.
After working in the liquor sales department, became the current department in 2014.
Including The Premium Malts, The Malts, Craft Select, etc.
In charge of communication strategies for beer category brands. [Main presentation | 16: 10-17: 15]
“From Heisei to Reiwa: Changes in High School Students in Clusters” -Introduction of research results of clustering classification The U-18 cluster, developed in 2016 as a framework for understanding young people living in an era of diversification, has been expanded to target generations and is being used in the consumer goods and content industries. With our unique method, it is possible to measure the response of consumers to phenomena by fixing their standing position without being affected by changing trends. Using the U-18 Cluster, we will capture the changes of junior and senior high school students who are leading the new era, and convey them with fresh images.
1. Concept of U-18 cluster
2. Introduction of Insight Search Cases by Clustering
3. Changes in information and consumption behaviors and consciousness in the U-18 cluster
■ Speaker: Nippon Information Co., Ltd.
Executive Officer, Director of NI Marketing Research Institute Mieko Fukuda
■ Profile: After working at a financial institution, a marketing research company, and a strategic consulting firm, he is currently working.
Small business consultant. Conducted a number of analysis and reporting tasks, mainly for consumer goods, to help resolve survey issues.
■ Schedule: Thursday, February 27, 2020
14:00 (open 13:30)-end 17:15
■ Participation fee: Free
* An advance application is required from the application form. Register here: https://nii.post-survey.com/20200227/
* Since seats are limited, please apply as soon as possible.
■ Location: Seminar room on the 2nd floor of Ohiro Corporation 2-14-5 Shiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo
* Click here for map: https://www.daiko.co.jp/about/office/tokyo-head.html
■ Organizer: Co-organized by Daiko and Nippon Information Co., Ltd. * We are sorry, but we have refused the participation of research companies. [About future initiatives]
This seminar will also be held in Osaka.
The details of the seminar and how to participate will be announced again.
■ Schedule: Thursday, April 23, 2020 ※ Scheduled
■ Place: Ohiro Seminar Room (Nakanoshima, Kita-ku, Osaka City) 市 * Scheduled / organized: Co-organized by Daiko and Nippon Information Co., Ltd.

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