TENTIAL Kenji Fujimitsu, a world track copper medalist, became an ambassador for TENTIAL Inc.! Commemorative campaign!

Kenji Fujimitsu, a world land copper medalist, became an ambassador for TENTIAL Inc.! Commemorative campaign!
TENTIAL Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yutaro Nakanishi; hereinafter, the Company) will be appointed by Kenji Fujimitsu, the world land copper medalist, on January 16, 2020, as our ambassador, and on our official Twitter I will report that a commemorative campaign will be held.

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Fujimitsu is a track and field athlete who is attracting attention with his unusual training style of running only a couple of times a day, while keeping records such as winning bronze medals at the London World 4x100m Relay.
The essence of the training method is to provide high-quality training in a limited amount of time, so Fujimitsu takes care of the body at least as carefully as training to ensure the best performance during training. We focus on conditioning such as.
光 Fujimitsu started his own business to solve the problems of athletes, such as “lack of funds” and “second career”, while continuing to compete. We return the value of athletes to business and engage in activities to present new ways of athletes, such as participating in corporate promotions.
The appointment of TENTIAL Ambassador to Athlete Honor, a company established by the purpose of supporting the athlete’s market value and social value, and led by Mr. Fujimitsu, as a representative director, is to create a sustainable partnership between companies and athletes. Our CEO Nakanishi, who has the desire to create a new product, was involved as a director.
We are taking on the challenge of improving the potential of people from the aspect of conditioning, in response to the corporate mission of “A world full of potential.” In the future, we plan to develop various conditioning tools, including the currently deployed insole “TENTIAL INSOLE”.
藤 Fujimitsu, a training style that puts emphasis on conditioning, seeks advice on product development and improvements, cooperates with events and other activities, and hopes to raise awareness of the importance of conditioning together.
■ About the Commemorative Campaign
From the TENTIAL official Twitter, we will invite 10 groups of 2 people by lottery to an event where Fujimitsu will guide you from the TENTIAL studio to the new national stadium by jogging. On the day, you will be instructed not only on jogging but also on conditioning and stretching methods.
Application Period I: Thursday, January 16 9:00-February 3 (Monday) 18:00 Event date: February 16 (Sun) 11: 00-13: 00
Location: TENTIAL Studio (2-18-22 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) Participation fee: Free
Campaign page:
■ How to apply
1.Follow the official TENTIAL Twitter account (https://twitter.com/TENTIAL_Inc) 2. Retweet the target tweet (post)
* Only winners will be notified via Twitter direct message.
* Please note that if you unfollow the account within the period, you will not be eligible for winning.
■ Kenji Fujimitsu’s comment
Unlike sports such as baseball and soccer, it is difficult to receive continuous support from sponsors and other sports, and I have always felt a challenge in participating in all international competitions. I think this is a common issue for athletes working on many non-major sports.
On the other hand, the athlete started thinking that it is necessary to take action to return the value of the athlete to the business on his own, instead of being passively acquiring the sponsor forever. Athlete Honor is a general incorporated association that supports your second career. And when he was looking for the launch of Athlete Honor, he also met President Nakanishi, who also wanted to create a world where companies and athletes could exchange value interactively and athletes can play an active role, and became the ambassador for this time I received a call.
In the future, as a TENTIAL ambassador with a “conditioning sports brand,” I want to educate the importance of conditioning, which I value most, and to become a guidepost for athletes’ second career.
■ About Kenji Fujimitsu
He won a bronze medal at the 4x100m Relay at the London World Track and Field Championships.
While aiming for the Tokyo Olympics, he is the CEO of Newnex Corporation and the CEO of Athlete Honor. Belongs to Zenrin. [Image 2d32370-19-266615-1.jpg
・ Short distance 200m 4th in Japan,
・ Shortest distance 300m 1st in Japan
・ Small distance 300m Japan new record, Asia’s highest record @ 32 seconds 21 4th in the 4 x 100m Relay World Championship,
Short distance 200m participation (09 ‘Berlin)
・ Small distance 200m Asian Games 2nd place, 4 × 100m relay participation, 2nd in 4x400m relay (10 ‘Guangzhou)
・ 6th in 4 × 100m Relay World Championship (13 ‘Moscow)
・ 4x400m Relay Asian Champion (14 ‘Incheon)
-Participated in the short distance 200m World Championship (15 ‘Beijing) -Participated in the short distance 200m Olympics (16 ‘Rio)
・ 3rd in 4 × 100m Relay World Championship (17 ‘London)
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/32370/table/19_1.jpg“>

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