【Human】 Human Touch Research Institute “Productivity improvement seminar using ICT for the construction industry” Held in Shinjuku, Tokyo on July 30 (Tuesday)

Human Human Touch Research Institute “Productivity improvement seminar using ICT for construction industry” held in Tokyo, Shinjuku on July 30 (Tuesday) -Grant 4 CPDS Certified Units to Participants- ………………………………………………………………………………………… Human Touch Research Institute, managed by Human Touch Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; Representative director: Kazuyuki Takamoto, hereinafter “Human Touch”), a subsidiary of Human Holdings Co., Ltd. We decided to hold an ICT-based productivity improvement seminar for Tokyo on July 30 (Tuesday) in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and started accepting applications. The seminar will be held for managers, engineers and engineers in the construction department, with the main theme being “productivity improvement in the construction industry by means of ICT.” The entry fee is free. [Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/5089/table/872_1.jpg] In the construction industry, labor shortages are getting worse as the working population decreases and construction engineers age. Therefore, Human Touch Research Institute will hold a seminar for construction engineers in order to contribute to the improvement of productivity in order to solve these problems. As a keynote speech, Mr. Shinsuke Sugiura, an i-CON technology TF leader of the Japan Construction Industry Association, who is a leader in efforts such as the whole ICT in the civil engineering field and BIM / CIM, and the construction industry WEB media “Takumi no Takumi” We welcome Mr. Ryuta Iiri, a construction IT journalist who also works in the series, and will report on initiatives and prospects for improving productivity in the construction industry. Also, as a lecture by companies that provide solutions for the solution of serious human resource shortages and productivity improvement, FreeBit Co., Ltd. will provide “Network infrastructure that can be used in the field of construction and civil engineering,” Human Resources Co., Ltd. We introduce the case of “Overseas human resource utilization in the civil engineering industry” with case examples. This course is an accredited course of CPDS (Continuous Learning System of National Association of Civil Engineering Construction Management Associations). Participants who have attended all lectures will receive 4 units.
■ Seminar Outline Date and time: July 30, 2019 (Tuesday) 13: 00-17: 40 (reception start 13: 00-) Venue: AP Nishi-Shinjuku (Location: 7-2-4 Nishi Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku Shinjuku Kiso Building 6F) Fixed number: 100 first arrival (pre-order required) ※ We will close as soon as the capacity is reached. Participation fee: free Application: Please enter the required information in the application form on the seminar information special WEB site below and send it. Website: kensetsutenshokunavi.jp/souken/event/201907/
■ Seminar contents 【From the organizer】 (13:30 to 13:50) Senior Consultant, Human Touch Research Institute Yoshihisa Takahashi Introduction of productivity improvement seminar held by Human Touch Research Institute and construction industry [Network infrastructure and cloud cameras that can be used on site] (13:50 to 14:40) Lecturer: Free Bit Inc. Cloud Infrastructure Division Sales Department and Planning & Marketing Division Mr. Atsushi Nishikawa
■ What is network infrastructure that can be used in construction and civil engineering fields?
■ Introduction and usage examples of cloud camera solutions
■ Configuration example and merit of cloud camera that utilizes on-site network infrastructure [Architecture and civil engineering of “post Olympics” will change in this way-robot, productivity improvement strategy by AI-] (14: 40-15: 40) Lecturer: Construction IT journalist Yili Lab Co., Ltd. Ryuta Ieiri The impact of labor shortages in the construction and civil engineering industry due to the declining birthrate and aging population will become even more serious in the post-Osaka era. The focus is on strategies that utilize AI (Artificial Intelligence) and robots as new labor for the construction industry. With human beings, there will be a time when brain labor will work with AI and physical labor with robots. For example, automatic design by AI and CIM, automation of construction by 3D printer and robot, unmanned operation of heavy equipment used in civil engineering work, etc. will be introduced into construction practice more and more. We will explain the strategies necessary to transform the construction industry into a new era based on abundant domestic and international examples. [Can you improve productivity only to that extent? (15: 50-16: 50) Lecturer: Japan Construction Industry Association i-CON Technology TF Leader Shinya Sugiura In the construction and civil engineering industry, it is said that productivity improvement is at work, and I think everyone is working on a wide variety of activities. … but is that the limit of improved productivity? Have you set limits to improve your own productivity? By changing a little courage and perspective, the productivity of the construction and civil engineering industry can be improved. [Utilization measures of overseas engineers in Japan and its points-Introduction of cases of utilization of overseas human resources in the construction and civil engineering industry-] (16: 50-17: 40) Lecturer: Toshio Onishi, General Manager, Business Division, Human Resources, Inc. ・ Domestic IT engineer supply and demand situation ・ Transition situation of foreign workers ・ Genealogy of overseas human resource utilization in human resources ・ What is the GIT (Global IT Talent) Business? ・ The employment results situation ・ Notice about overseas engineers obtained through development of GIT business ・ Introduction example of GIT utilization customer Human Touch Co., Ltd. Company Profile ——————————-
● Representative: Representative director Kazuyuki Takamoto
● Location: 7-5-25 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Nishi-Shinjuku Prime Square 1F
● Capital: 100 million yen
● URL: human-touch.jp/

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