MTI’s mother and child handbook application “Mother and Child Mo” is now available in Yamato-cho, Kumamoto!

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MTI’s mother and child handbook application “Mother and Child Mo” is now available in Yamato-cho, Kumamoto!
-Yamato-cho, which provides child-raising support utilizing the resources of the town, to enhance support through ICT-
テ ィ ー The mother and child handbook application “Mother and Child Mo” planned and developed by MTI Co., Ltd. has been introduced in Yamato-cho, Kamimashiki-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture, and will be available on January 20 (Monday) as “Dako”.
Yamato-cho, located in the eastern part of Kumamoto Prefecture, is surrounded by primeval forests such as beech and oak, surrounded by primeval forests such as beech and kunugi. At the Seiwa Kogen Observatory, where you can see the full starry sky, it is a village where stars, forests, and water are born.
The town has a basic philosophy of “rich resources, rich
sensibilities, and children’s dreams to expand with community ties, Yamato-cho”.
This time, as a new child-rearing support measure using ICT, our mother and child model, which can easily support from the record of the maternal and child health handbook to local information with smartphones and tablet terminals, has been introduced in more than 220 local governments Was adopted.
◆ Starting to provide “Mother and Child Mo” in Yamato-cho, Kumamoto Prefecture, which provides support for creating a system that is easy to raise children and for getting closer to hometowns!
[Image 1

In Yamato-cho, the “ Birthday celebration ” system that provides 30,000 yen for the first child, 50,000 yen for the second child, 100,000 yen for the third child, and 200,000 yen for the fourth and subsequent children, 2019 In line with the consumption tax hike in October, we implemented a “ Yamato-cho Premium Gift Certificate Business ” in which gift certificates worth 5,000 yen can be purchased for 4,000 yen, aiming to revitalize the local economy and increase the economy of child-rearing households. We reduce the burden on the target and provide an environment that is easy to raise children.
Also, in July 2016, we started the Yamato Juku, a public school that aims to realize the dreams of children and create the future of the town by learning local people, nature, history, culture, industry, traditions, and skills. To learn about local creatures through real-life experiences and hold a “Children’s Assembly” in which junior high school students attend as members of the Diet to propose sightseeing promotion measures, and to provide local childcare support projects to the local community, We promote town development to support healthy growth of child while deepening attachment of. This time, we have adopted “Mother and Child” as a new support measure using ICT to make the town’s efforts more useful for child-rearing generations.
◆ We support pregnancy, childbirth, child care well by community-based child care application!
“ Dako ” adopted in Yamato-cho is a service compatible with smartphones, tablets, and PCs.It records and manages maternal and child health data, manages immunization schedules, and provides advice on childbirth and childcare. There are many useful functions to help mothers and fathers who are busy with childcare and work.
The “ Did you commemorate anniversary, ” which can be used as a childcare diary, is created based on the example of the Maternal and Child Health Handbook format from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and photographs the anniversary of development stages and childcare, including the “ Record of Parents ” in the Maternal and Child Health Handbook. Not only can it be recorded along with messages and messages, but it also serves as a measure of the child’s growth and development.
In addition, it can be used as a new communication tool, such as sharing functions with family members such as grandparents living in remote areas and providing information on the area distributed by the town. We hope to help create an environment where you can give birth and raise children.
-Comments from the mayor of Yamato-cho, Kumamoto, Umeda-jo-
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This time, Yamato-cho child care application “Dako” has been introduced. By using the app, we will deliver timely information on Yamato-cho to pregnant women and parents who are raising children. In addition, since the vaccination schedule can be calculated from 2 months after birth, it is easy to schedule the next vaccination. We will continue to focus on child-raising support so that everyone can think of it as Yamato-cho if they raise children.

-Main functions of “Dako”-
[Information on various systems and services provided by local governments]
● Information on procedures and procedures for various subsidy programs for pregnancy and childcare, such as the Child Medical Expenses Subsidy Program and Child Allowance
● Various announcements delivered by local governments
[Recording and management]
● Record of physical condition and weight during pregnancy (chart)
● Growth record of fetus and child (chart)
[Image 3

● Confirmation of the degree of obesity and thinness using the height and weight curve (graphing)
● Immunization: Automatic display of standard vaccination date, scheduled vaccination / results management, alert to prevent forgetting to receive
● Health checkup information: Record health checkup data for pregnant women and children
[Information and advice]
● Basic information on childbirth and childcare
● Knowledge and advice according to the number of weeks of pregnancy and the age of the child
● Videos on how to make bathing and baby food
● News from town
● Information on surrounding facilities (hospitals, kindergartens / nursery schools, parks, child-raising facilities, etc.)
[Childcare Diary: Anniversary]
● Recording the child’s growth with photos
● On the anniversary, upload a photo with the “first anniversary template” that contains the date and words (for the first time, you can record about 150 items such as fetal movement / kick / sleep / sitting / hi / hi / standing alone / walking alone)
[Data sharing]
● You can view your child’s growth records and health data on your family’s smartphone, etc., and post them on SNS.
In the future, “Mother and Child” will build a society where everyone can feel secure with pregnancy, childbirth and childcare by connecting childcare households, local governments, and medical institutions with ICT, solving social issues related to childcare and creating new value. Aim for
Service name: Dako
Monthly charge (tax included): Free
how to access:
-Search for “Mother and Child” on the App Store and Google Play (OS: Android 4.2 or higher, iOS 9.0 or higher)
-Web browser-Access to
* You can use this service for people other than those who live in the target local government.
* Some of the functions that can be used differ depending on the municipality where you live.
* Google Play and Android are trademarks or registered trademarks of Google LLC. * App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.
* IOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the United States and other countries.

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