[Repro] Akatsuki, Poke Labo, WFS producers and marketers decide to hold an event that tells the other side of the game application

Repro Akatsuki, Pokelabo, WFS producers and marketers decide to hold an event to tell the other side of the game application We welcome game DJ Takehiro Ando as a moderator, and each company will hold an event to talk about the other side of HIT’s work from Wednesday, July 17 at 19:00. ………………………………………………………………………………………… Repro Co., Ltd., which provides marketing platform “Repro App” with more than 6,500 introductions in 59 countries worldwide, in cooperation with Akatsuki Co., Ltd., information useful to those who are struggling with development and operation in the game application industry Event for the purpose of dispatching and sharing of “for the Win-HIT’s [other side-~ Akatsuki, Pokelabo, WFS stage! Produced by the producer × Marketer talks HIT’s other side-~” I will hold it. [Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/13569/99/resize/d13569-99-175767-0.png] Now that the game application market has become saturated, it is necessary to satisfy all of “game quality, marketing strategy, and understanding of the market” in order to create HIT titles, and the situation is becoming more challenging than before. Under such market conditions, the roles of producers and marketers of each company are also diverse. In this event, the game DJ Takehiro Ando will be welcomed, and the producer and marketer who created the HIT work will discuss activities from planning to release. At that time, what did they think and what strategies did they envision? It is a round-table discussion where you can hear the [backside] of such HIT work. We also have a social gathering time where people from the game industry can exchange information. In the future, Repro will continue to provide information that is useful to the people who are constantly working on development and operation in the game application industry, centering on seminars. [Event summary]
■ Event name “For the Win-The reverse side of HIT’s work-Akatsuki, Poke Labo, WFS stage! The producer x Marketer talks about HIT work-The reverse side-”
■ Date and time Wednesday, July 17, 2019 19:00-21:30 (opened 18:30)
■ Venue Akatsuki event space (2-13-30, Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo oak meguro 8th floor)
■ Target Industry people involved in game application development, management and marketing
■ Participation fee free
■ Capacity 150 people (※ We will draw a lot depending on the situation of customers.)
■ Organizer Repro Corporation (repro.io/) Akatsuki Corporation (aktsk.jp/)
■ How to participate Please apply from repro-game.connpass.com/event/136523/.
■ Acceptance Deadline Until 10:00 on July 16, 2019 ※ We may end recruitment early by the situation
■ moderator Shishirara Inc. Representative Director Game DJ Takehiro Ando
■ Sub-moderator Mr. Ryuichi Tsuji General Manager Planning Department Akatsuki Co., Ltd. Akatsuki Co., Ltd. Mobile Games Division Project Leader Yuta Asaoka
■ Panelist Panelist 1. Akatsuki “Cinderella Nine in August” Producer and Chief Incubator Chief Producer Shuhei Yamaguchi Shintaro Kubota, General Manager, Marketing Department Panelist 2. WFS Co., Ltd. “Danmachi-Memoria ・ Fraze ~” Taketo Nozawa, Deputy General Manager, Studio 2 Marketing Group ProductMarketing Team Manager Yoshihide Koizumi Panelist 3. Pokerabo Inc. “SI No ALICE” Shino Alice Producer Shogo Maeda Marketing Team Associate Manager Takeshi Mori
■ About Akatsuki Co., Ltd. Akatsuki’s vision is “A Heart Driven World.” A world where activities that the heart seeks are the driving force of happiness for everyone. With the mobile game business and live experience business delivering real experiences as its pillars, we are globally developing entertainment that brings the mind to dance, inspiration and connection. We believe that what we have created while making our own excitement move someone’s heart and believe that each person’s life will be richly colored, and we will continue to illuminate the world colorfully from now on. Company name: Akatsuki Inc. Location: 2-13-30 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo oak meguro 8F Representative: Motoki Shiota Established: June 2010 Business description: Mobile game business, live experience business URL: aktsk.jp
■ About Repro “Repro” is a marketing platform for web and mobile apps released in 2015. It is used by more than 6,500 services in 59 countries worldwide. Analyzes attribute information and behavior information of web and app users, and can execute marketing measures such as push notification, in-app message, web message and advertisement delivery with one click from analysis results. In addition, the research and development team “Repro AI Labs” with functions that use AI and machine learning is promoting demonstration experiments and development for marketing automation, and AI predicts the behavior of app users with about 90% accuracy Success in doing. The commercialization of these has been realized. Based on the mission of “Creating a world where all data in the world can be used for marketing,” “Repro” links data in new areas, not just webs and apps, and the services and users in the world are optimal. We will create a world where we can communicate. Company name: Repro Corporation Location: 1-36-4 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Zenriren Building 6F Representative: Yusuke Hirata Established: April 2014 Business description: Development and provision of marketing platform “Repro” for mobile apps and web Twitter: https://twitter.com/reproio Facebook: www.facebook.com/reproio Media “Growth Hack Journal” to support the growth of the app: growthhackjournal.com/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/GrowthHackJnl Facebook: www.facebook.com/growthhackjournal/

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