Newly-married couple “JOY & Mai Watanabe” as a guest, a collaborative event “Recommendation of” Pre-pregnancy “to think together with marriage” is decided, participation entry starts from today

Wedding Park Co., Ltd.
Newly-married couple “JOY & Mai Watanabe” as a guest, a collaborative event “Recommendation of” Pre-pregnancy “to think together with marriage” will be held, entry entry starts from today
Wedding Park Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Seigo Nishiroki Wedding Park), which operates one of the largest word-of-mouth communication sites for wedding ceremonies in Japan, supports “Tamahiyo” operated by Benesse Corporation. A special event to invite 20 couples and 40 couples in collaboration with Rohto Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., which is launching products related to pregnancy for couples wanting to become dads and moms, the media “Pregnancy Egg Club” Will be held on March 12 (Thursday) at the “Classic Omotesando” wedding ceremony in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
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The guests of this event will be the talented couple “JOY & Mai Watanabe” who became a hot topic during the first year of Reiwa marriage and Yuichi Sato, an obstetrician and gynecologist.
On the day, JOY & Mai Watanabe will have a talk session on marriage and having children in the future, and Mr. Sato will ask for advice on body building, basic knowledge, and health necessary for gender pregnancy. We also have workshops, sweets buffets and photo spots for two.
This is the second time this event has been held (the last time was conducted in March 2019).
“ Pregnancy ” tends to be a sensitive and difficult topic for couples and couples to talk about, but last time participants said, “ I realized again that I needed to work on pregnancy ” I didn’t know. ”
-State of the previous event-
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Just as in marriage preparation, this event will help couples find and talk about their “pregnancy” life plans, which can be fun and help each other understand, so that they can find information and find happy answers with their partners. The purpose is to provide an opportunity.
Under the management philosophy of “Let’s make marriage happier.” Wedding Park will strive to further expand services and help make wedding preparation more convenient and enjoyable as an Internet leading company in the bridal industry.
■ Event summary
Pregnant egg club × wedding park
Special Event for couples who want to be mom and dad someday “Recommendation for pre-pregnancy activity with marriage”
Supported by Rohto Pharmaceutical
■ Date and time
March 12, 2020 (Thursday)
18:00 Open
18:05 Chapel tour First time (only for applicants)
18:10 Chapel tour Second time (only for applicants)
18: 15-19: 00 Sweets buffet
19:00 start
20:45 Scheduled to end
Venue: Wedding hall “Classica Omotesando” 〒150-0001 5-51-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
2 minutes on foot from Tokyo Metro Ginza Line (Hanzomon Line / Chiyoda Line) Omotesando Station Exit B2
■ Event participation application method
We invite 40 couples of 20 couples to this event.
Please see the campaign special site for details of application conditions.
Application period: Until Sunday, February 9, 2020
* The offer period may change without notice.
Qualification requirements:
・ People living in Japan (registered address is in Japan)
・ Person who agrees to the application terms
・ A couple who wants to have a baby someday
・ People who do not belong to antisocial groups
Winner Announcement: By February 14, 2020 (Friday), winners will be notified by email from the Wedding Park Secretariat.
■ Guest
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Talent model. Born on April 15, 1985, from Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture. A type. Real name: Joseph Greenwood. He was scouted while in high school and worked as a signboard model for the magazine “men’s egg” (Ocean Books). Currently, she has appeared on numerous variety shows as a talent. In June 2019, he married model Mai Mai Watanabe, and his friendship on SNS has become a hot topic.
Mai Watanabe
[Image 4

Born September 23, 1989. Born in Hiroshima Prefecture.
Active as a model in a number of women’s magazines such as “VOCE”, “ar” and “Aesthetic”. Currently active in a wide range of TV and commercials including “ZIP” (Nippon Television) reporter and Glico “Cafe Ole” CM.
In June 2019, she married talent JOY. 521,000 Instagram followers: @mmaaiipp Yuichi Sato
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Representative of Sato Hospital Group. Obstetrics and Gynecology Kan business trip Sato Hospital director.
He has many specialist qualifications, such as the Japanese Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the Japanese Society of Reproductive Medicine, and supports women’s heart and body health. He is also a director of NPO Lasana, which aims to eradicate cervical cancer. Author: “Preconception care starting from today” (With Medical)
■ The first book to read when you want a baby “Pregnant egg club” [Image 6

“Pregnant Life Egg Club” is a mook that was published on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of “Tamahiyo” of pregnancy, childbirth and childcare media. It is a media that sends out “pregnancy activities to deepen mutual understanding” that can be done by tamahiyo who have seen a lot of dads.
The 2020 edition will be published on March 13, 2020 by Benesse Corporation.
■ Roth Pharmaceutical
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Rohto Pharmaceutical has been developing a test for predicting the date of pregnancy and ovulation. The ovulation date test drug can help you easily predict the rhythm of a woman’s body and the timing of easy pregnancy at home. Pregnancy tests help you find yourself miracles of pregnancy as soon as possible. In addition, we support the provision of information to support pregnant women, partners and those around them who wish to be pregnant.
■ Word-of-mouth site “Wedding Park” where you can find the deciding factor in finding a ceremony hall
“Wedding Park (” has a database of more than 5,000 wedding venues nationwide and its search function. Review information site. We support couples before their wedding, one of the biggest events in their life.
Official Twitter: @weddingpark ( Official Instagram: @weddingpark ( Official YouTube channel: Uepa channel
[Outline of Wedding Park Co., Ltd.]
Company name Wedding Park Co., Ltd. Location 11-13 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Shin-Aoyama Tokyu Building 6F Founded September 1999
Capital 23,198,000 yen
Representative: President and CEO: Seigo Nishiko
Business content: Wedding information service business
[Inquiries regarding this matter]
Wedding Park Co., Ltd.
Corporate Headquarters Public Relations and Advertising @ Tobita / Segawa Representative 03-5414-2290
FAX 03-5414-2291
Email :
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