“Oisix × Eat Log” Dream Collaboration !! Teamwork Theory for Good Design 7/3 (Wed) Web Creator Study Group “Denoma # 3”

Creek & River Co., Ltd. “Oisix × Eat Log” Dream Collaboration !! Teamwork Theory for Good Design 7/3 (Wed) Web Creator Study Group “Denoma # 3” ………………………………………………………………………………………… Creek & River Co., Ltd., on July 3rd (Wed.), aimed at designers active in the Web industry, a study session that invited designers of the food delivery service “Oisix” and the restaurant search and reservation site “Atelog” & We hold “Denoma (digital tea room) # 3-Teamwork theory for good design-“. URL: www.creativevillage.ne.jp/59624 “Denoma” is an event where creators of the Web industry working in various companies gather and exchange information on production know-how, skills, careers, etc. This time, the third installment, designers of Oixix La Daichi Co., Ltd. and Kakaku.com Inc. will provide talks on the topic of “food” to add color to life. Oythix La Daichi operates “Oisix”, a safe and secure agricultural product, processed food meal, and food delivery service such as kits. Kakaku.com operates Internet services that support optimal consumption activities, such as restaurant search and reservation site “Eatlog”. On the day, you will talk about “What is a good design?” And “What is teamwork for achieving a good design?” With examples of “Oisix” and “Eatlog” services. In the second half, we also have time for panel discussions and exchanges by designers of both services. There are times when you can talk directly to the designers on the floor, so please be sure to ask at this opportunity, such as things that you usually have questions or designs that you care about. ===================================== Denoma # 3-Teamwork theory for good design- =====================================
■ Date and time Wednesday, July 3, 2019 20: 00-22: 00
■ Location Creek & River Co., Ltd. Headquarters 5F Hall A Address: No. 1-1 Shincho 3-chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo Shintorori CORE Map: www.creativevillage.ne.jp/access_map#maptokyo
■ Speaker / Profile -Mr. Chisato Iwata Oythix La Daichi Co., Ltd. Oisix EC Business Division Sales Promotion Office Section Design Section / Designer After graduating from Economics Department which has nothing to do with design, he started his career of pest control (so-called insect ghost busters) at a famous theme park in Osaka. From there, I would like to get involved with nature, flowers, and manufacturing I like, but I will move on to the bridal flower design path, but I will switch to a web designer in the wake of a certain family situation. WEB production company → Through the in-house WEB designer / director of cosmetics maker until now. Currently, he is engaged in services for Oisix members, and performs total design of events such as design and direction of the sales floor in line with seasonal events, and goods design for creating customer experiences. [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/3670/1503/resize/d3670-1503-509238-1.jpg] Mr. Chisato Iwata (Oythix la Daichi) -Mr. Rei Yamamoto Kakaku.com Corporation Eating Log Media Design Department Team Leader I am from Miyazaki Prefecture. Graduated from Waseda University First Literature Department. Joined Recruit as a new graduate. Then he joined Kakaku.com in 2013 after managing the EC site and commissioned production. Experienced a wide range of tasks including design, implementation development, and product production direction in the web area of ​​the food log. Currently, as a team leader, he is responsible for project promotion in the design field. During detox in hot yoga and beer immediately after. [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/3670/1503/resize/d3670-1503-320460-2.jpg] Mr. Rei Yamamoto (Kakaku.com) ・ Mr. Izumi Kakaku.com Corporation Eat Log Media Design Department Lead Designer I am from Shimane Prefecture. After graduating from Design College, I went to a web production company. Joined Kakaku.com in 2012, engaged in design and design of eating log smartphone sites and apps. Currently working as a leader in the UI / UX domain of the design department. I like noodles such as udon and ramen. Favorite words are free of charge. [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/3670/1503/resize/d3670-1503-6228493.jpg] Mr. Atsushi Well (Kakakcom)
■ Target ・ One who is active as a designer in the Web industry -Those who are engaged in UI / UX design-Those who are interested (Please join us if you are a researcher or director!)
■ Participation fee free
■ belongings Two business cards
■ Capacity 40 people
■ Organizer Creek & River Co., Ltd.
■ co-sponsored Oythix La Daichi Co., Ltd. Kakaku.com Corporation
▼ Details ・ Application is here www.creativevillage.ne.jp/59624 【Contact Us】 Creek & River Co., Ltd. Person in charge: Denoma Management Office TEL: 090-4924-5513 Email: denoma@hq.cri.co.jp

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