X-LEGEND ENTERTAINMENT JAPAN Co., Ltd. The 4th installment of “Ash Tale”, a “healthy RPG like a picture book” and “Ash Tale” is now available!

“A healing RPG like a picture book” “Ash Tale-the continent of the wind-(Ashtail)” further enhanced update “Awakening” 4th appearance! ………………………………………………………………………
X-LEGEND ENTERTAINMENT JAPAN Co., Ltd. has released the fourth installment of “Awakening,” an update that can enhance characters in the Ash Tale-style continent for smartphone applications on Tuesday, January 21, 2020. Along with this, we will inform you that we have implemented a new dungeon on the Glory Line and added awakening skills.
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■ A new dungeon is mounted on the Glory Line!
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ダ ン A new dungeon “Sea Temple of Sealing” has been implemented on the Glory Line. A difficult dungeon with powerful bosses who launch special attacks. When completed, you will gain more “runes” and “awakening experience” than previous dungeons.
▼ Challenge a new dungeon!
[Image 2

[Single participation conditions]
Clear Character Level 85 or higher and “Temporary Temple of
Awakening-Single” to “Third Stage”
[PT recruitment conditions]
Completed “The Sealed Temple for One Person” up to “3rd Stage” [PT participation conditions]
Completed “Sealing Oji Temple for One Person” up to “First Stage”
■ Implement the third awakening skill!
と If a character satisfies certain conditions while “awakening”, a new “awakening skill” can be used. Acquisition of the awakening skill will trigger a powerful additional effect on the existing skill with a certain probability, and the effect will change.
▼ Let’s learn awakening skills and advance your adventure!
[Image 3

▼ Special effects will be displayed when the awakening skill is activated [Image 4

■ What is “Ash Tale-The Continent of the Wind-”
“Ash Tale-Continent of the wind-” is a smartphone application that has recorded 10 million downloads worldwide. Many cute graphic characters appear in a picture book-like world. In addition to attractive engaging elements such as adventure and battle, as well as a farm function that allows you to enjoy a warm farm life, an auto function that assists adventure, even if you are new to online games, a fantasy world without getting lost You can enjoy
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■ Overview
[Image 6

Title: Ash Tale-Continent of the Wind-(Ashtail)
Genre I: Dramatic Action RPG
Price: Basic play free, item charge system
Platform I: App Store, Google Play, Windows
App Store: https://go.onelink.me/app/440733b8
Google Play: https://go.onelink.me/app/155e0683
Official site: http://ashtale.x-legend.co.jp
Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/ashtale_info
Corporate site: http://www.x-legend.jp/
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