e-Jan Networks launches NinjaConnect ISM, a factory network access service


e-Jan Networks Inc. e-Jan Networks launches NinjaConnect ISM, a factory network access service -Secure fusion of IT and OT to…


e-Jan Networks Inc.
e-Jan Networks launches NinjaConnect ISM, a factory network access service -Secure fusion of IT and OT to protect factories from cybercrime- ………………………………………………………………………
E-Jan Networks Inc. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Shiro Sakamoto / e-Jan Networks) that develops and provides the telework platform “CACHATTO (R)” (hereinafter CACHATTO)
NinjaConnect ISM, a network access service, will be offered on February 3, 2020. NinjaConnect ISM is a new service that remotely manages equipment (control PC) in factories overseas and at regional bases, and realizes security, operational efficiency and productivity. e-Jan Networks is aiming to sell 300 million yen annually by introducing the system to 600 factories by 2022.
Many factories in Japan have many old PCs that are closely connected to production equipment. These PCs have been operating for a long time without OS updates or security patches being applied, which poses a major security issue because there is a risk of unexpected equipment shutdowns when updating. In addition, the factory network is often isolated from the head office, and IT staff must travel to the factory every time PC logs are collected or maintained, which is a burden. In response to these issues, e-Jan Networks has developed a new service, NinjaConnect ISM, which has a proven track record in its flagship product CACHATTO and uses a communication method that does not require a VPN. The major feature of NinjaConnect ISM is that it allows secure remote access to the control PC in the factory just by installing the “Ninja connector” in the factory without making major changes to the network settings. Users can access remote factories from any terminal through a dedicated browser and view and operate factory control systems, back up logs and machine settings, and update PCs in a secure environment. This will also reduce travel and labor costs. Since there is no need for custom-made complicated and expensive systems, it can be introduced at low cost, and product upgrades and support are provided as standard after introduction. With the advent of Industry 4.0, new technologies have revolutionized the amount of data between information technology (IT) and control and operation technology (OT). On the other hand, the fusion of IT and OT has no security issues. For example, manufacturers have traditionally focused on monitoring and control and data acquisition systems (SCADA) to make real-time decisions, but these systems are generally secure within the enterprise, as expected in smart factories. Data sharing is not supported. NinjaConnect ISM is a new service that addresses these issues and is compliant with the Cyber ​​Security Framework (CSF) and ISO27001 proposed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).
e-Jan Networks introduced NinjaConnect ISM at Wipro Enterprises Private Limited in India prior to this announcement. See Endorsement at the end for more details on implementation and utilization.
■ Overview of NinjaConnect ISM
Overview image

■ Product site
■ Main functions of NinjaConnect ISM
・ Log file access
ロ グ Log files on the control PC in the factory can be obtained remotely. ・ Software update
Windows The software on the control PC in the factory and the client OS can be updated by the Windows RDP function built into the Ninja connector.
・ Data backup
フ ァ イ ル Automatically backs up files and information on the control PC in the factory.
■ Price 60,000 yen / month (excluding tax)
e-Jan Networks will actively promote marketing activities to promote NinjaConnect ISM to the market. As the first step, we will exhibit at the following exhibitions and introduce the new service.
2nd Manufacturing AI / IoT Exhibition
Dates: Wednesday, February 26-Friday, February 28, 2020 10:00-18:00 (17:00 on the last day only)
Venue: Makuhari Messe 2-1 Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba URL:
1st [Nagoya] Monozukuri AI / IoT Exhibition
Date: April 15 (Wed)-17 (Fri), 2020, 10:00-18:00 (17:00 on the last day only) Venue: Port Messe Nagoya 2-2 Kanagi Wharf, Minato-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi URL:
■ About e-Jan Networks Corporation
e-Jan Networks, Inc. was established in March 2000 as the first venture support system of Toray Industries, Inc. Advocating “security for telework”, we are developing our business centering on planning, development, sales and operation of telework platform CACHATTO and related products.
-About us-
Name of Representative: Shiro Sakamoto, Representative Director Number of employees: 93 (as of October 1, 2019)
* CACHATTO and NinjaConnect are registered trademarks of e-Jan Networks, Inc. * Other company names and product names in this release are trademarks or registered trademarks of the respective companies.
* ISM: Industrial Security Management.
[Endorsement from Wipro Enterprises Private Limited]
Regarding the introduction and utilization of NinjaConnect ISM, the following comment has been received from CIO Balaaditya Kasarabada, a group of Wipro Enterprises Private Limited.
Background of introducing NinjaConnect ISM
Traditional IT management has focused on systems other than factories (for example, headquarters sales management or business management). However, as the equipment in the factory evolves, as exemplified by Industry 4.0, equipment data analysis, predictive maintenance, and IoT at the manufacturing site, cyber threats in the factory network are steadily increasing. NinjaConnect ISM was introduced because it was necessary to pay attention to the network in the factory in order to respond to such a change in the times.
Usage scene of NinjaConnect ISM
It is used as a manual override (kill switch method) and BCP countermeasure as part of risk management at manufacturing sites. Specifically, it utilizes the remote access and backup functions for device data and setting information. Also, from a broader perspective, in each process at “1. Equipment level” “2. Connection stage level” “3. Production process level” “4. Information system (IT / industrial control system) level” , Will be used in the future.
Benefits of introducing NinjaConnect ISM
1. A sophisticated telecommunications network with clear sources, destinations, intents, and identifications.
2. The ability to manage machines individually, properly segmented. 3. Secure [a2] connection for troubleshooting and maintenance of field devices. 4. Be able to set policies for industrial firewalls, protocols, ports and specific SOPs.
By actually using NinjaConnect ISM, “1. The e-Jan Networks
implementation team has high technical skills”, “2. The company has thoughtful leadership”, “3. It is a promising product. ”
We need to “protect the organization’s three IPs”. The three IPs refer to “Industrial Productivity”, “Intellectual Property”, and
“Institutional Practices”.
NinjaConnect ISM protects three IPs through:
-Isolate the factory network, which is very important in the world of network management and should be given the highest priority, from other networks.
Improve the productivity of the factory maintenance team by analyzing each part of the factory network to mark up important parts and defining which parts of the industrial control system (ICS) are important for security That contribute to
・ Adopt a zero trust policy and make changes simpler.
・ NinjaConnect ISM contributes to maintaining differentiation from other companies by minimizing network security vulnerabilities at manufacturing sites and protecting three IPs from malicious cyber attacks etc. thing.
* Manual override: Function to switch the device operation from automatic to manual
* Kill switch: Switch to cut off power supply
* Destination: Destination described as part of the data to be transmitted * Intent: A mechanism that connects application software and functions within the software.
* Identification: A code used to identify system users. Called ID * SOP: Same-Origin Policy. A restriction that prohibits sending and receiving data by connecting to another server from a script on a certain web page

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