Ida Laboratories Co., Ltd. Two kinds of limited colors are newly released from CANMAKE “Powder Cheeks”, a popular oil-in-turk with a moist and smooth texture!

Ida Laboratories Inc.
Two kinds of limited colors are newly introduced from the popular Oil Incheon CANMAKE “Powder Cheeks” with a moist and smooth texture! Launched nationwide on Saturday, February 1, 2020
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Ida Laboratories Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo; President: Yoshiyuki Ida) is from the popular oil-in-base cheek “Powder Cheeks” of CANMAKE, a makeup brand that supports beauty with cute, reasonable and high-quality products. , And two new colors, “PW44 Mellow Peach” and “PW45 Hazel Brown”, will be released nationwide from February 1, 2020 (Saturday).
★ CANMAKE official website
An oil-in-based cheek that keeps the skin fluffy for a long time With the beauty oil component, the powder does not become powdery even though it is moist and smooth, and it retains a moist and smooth texture. From the popular “Powder Cheeks”, two new pink and beige colors are added.
The new color “PW44 Mellow Peach” is a coral pink with the largest amount of gold pearl in the series. If you apply soft teak, the pearl will shine on the surface and give it a shiny feeling and brightness. A slightly pinkish finish is achieved. The other new color, “PW45 Hazel Brown”, is an adult beige with a modest sweetness. It blends into the skin as it melts in and creates a soothing impression, creating a sophisticated and mature look. It is also recommended to add it to your teak and use it repeatedly.
The cheek that lasts for a long time and feels like freshly applied will just add to your usual make-up and will produce the look and expression you want ♪
■ Product Overview: “Powder Cheeks” All 12 colors
■ Each ¥ 550 (tax excluded) with brush
■ UV cut
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PW44 * Mellow peach limited
Coral pink for bright shiny cheeks

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PW45 Hazel Brown Limited
Brown that adjusts to the skin and gives a calm finish

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Plenty of hair! With fluffy brush
-Product Features-
Oil-in base formula with moist and smooth ideal texture
● It is an oil-in-based formulation that has good skin familiarity and high moisturizing effect and adhesion.
● Adsorb excess sebum worrisome with moisturizing powder and powder with long lasting effect to produce a cute fluffy cheek. Keeps moist and dry texture for a long time.
Contains eight types of beauty moisturizing ingredients (heart)
● Hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ectoine, squalane, grape seed oil, honey, royal jelly extract, apple fruit extract
Use your own! “Mat” and “Pearl” two types
● Mat type: Soft and cute finish. Recommended for those who want to have a ruddy or natural makeup.
● Pearl type: Bright bright ornate finish. Produces natural gloss and firmness. Recommended when you want a bright impression.
■ How to use
-Take an appropriate amount with a brush and put it softly in the high position of the cheek.
-When used in combination with highlight shading, it can give a more three-dimensional look.
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■ Existing color variations
PW20 * Lollipop pink … A bluish pink that gives a bright impression PW23 * Peach pink: Pink with a cute finish
PW25 * Sugar orange… A universal pink orange that can be used in any skin color PW28 Sweet Coral: Pink coral with good skin familiarity
PW37 Rose Red… Rose red which dyes cheeks cute
PW38 Plum Pink… A dark pink finish on your cheeks
PW39 * Violet purple … Violet color that creates a sense of skin clarity PW40 Mimosa Yellow … Fresh yellow as if exposed to sunlight PW41 Antique Rose… Rose pink finished like an adult
PW43 * Coral hologram: Coral glossy with polarized pearl
■ Virtual experience of CANMAKE items
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You can now try items such as lip, teak, eyeshadow and eyebrow on the CANMAKE homepage “Makeup Concierge” and the virtual makeup application “YouCam Makeup”.
You can try out the color variations of each item on the item page on the homepage. It is equipped with a function to recognize parts and shapes of your face, so you can enjoy an endlessly natural virtual makeup experience. It is now possible to easily perform virtual trials of products lined up in stores on the terminal at hand.
Try the items and colors you care about, try new items you haven’t used before, and try to find the perfect makeup for yourself. [Image 17

CANMAKE makeup concierge
“I want to be cute, fun and shine!” Canmake is a brand that supports you with makeup. We aim to create products that provide seasonal colors and satisfy customers’ wishes like this! We will continue to provide “high quality” at reasonable prices.
CANMAKE Official Website
[Product Inquiries]
Ida Laboratories Inc.
TEL: 0120-44-1184 (Mon-Fri $ 9: 00-17: 30, except holidays, New Year holidays, and summer holidays)

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