Group Ltd The main purpose of Chinese visitors to Japan is experiential consumption. Yukimi and winter sports, dressing experiences, and gourmet tours are gaining in popularity. Group Ltd
The main purpose of Chinese visitors to Japan is experiential consumption. Yukimi and winter sports, dressing experiences, and gourmet tours are gaining in popularity. Group Reports Chinese Travelers 2019 Trend Report
……………………………………………………………………… Group Limited, one of the world’s largest online travel agencies (CEO: Sun Jie, headquartered in Shanghai, China; hereafter “ Group”), shows trends and visa applications for Chinese travelers visiting Japan in 2019 Publish a report showing growth. -point-
1. Chinese tourists visiting Japan 2019 report
・ The purpose of Chinese travel to Japan is “Cherry blossom viewing”, “Autumn leaves picking” and “Onsen”
・ The popularity of “Yukimi and Winter Sports”, “Dressing Experience”, and “Gourmet Tour” has increased.
・ Chinese tourists to Takamatsu have increased about 30 times in the past two years
2. Visa application status data report for 2019
ト ッ プ ・ Japan has the highest number of visa applications in 2019 out of 84 countries
・ Visit visa applications increased by 28%
1. -Chinese tourist trend report to Japan in 2019-
Last week, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Japan in 2019 was up 14.5% to 9,954,300. * 1 Chinese tourists, who account for 30% of the total number of foreign tourists and have exceeded 9.5 million annually for the first time in all markets, are increasingly interested in the purpose of travel expected to visit Japan. The Group publishes the 2019 Chinese FIT Tourist Trends Report to China, which summarizes the new travel preferences and consumption of Chinese Foreign Individual Travel (FIT) customers. This report is based on Ctrip’s semi-dynamic packages, dynamic packages, and local tour / sightseeing ticket booking data for Ctrip, a subsidiary of Group.
* 1 Number of foreign visitors to Japan announced by JNTO (December 2019 and annual estimates)
● “Ohanami”, “Autumn leaves picking” and “Onsen” are popular 人 気 The popularity of “Yukimi and Winter Sports”, “Dressing
Experience”, and “Gourmet Tour” has increased.
FIT will be one of the mainstream trips to Japan in 2019, the number of Chinese tourists visiting Group FIT products by booking will increase by 46%, and the number of tour applications will triple increased.
中国 The top 10 popular tourist destinations for Chinese tourists visiting Japan are:
(1) Cherry-blossom viewing, (2) Autumn leaves picking, (3) Hot springs, (4) Snow-viewing and winter sports, (5) Remote island vacation, (6) Dressing-up experience, (7) Gourmet tours, (8) Shrine and temple visits, (9) Theme park, (10) Watch concerts / shows, watch sports
爆 FIT customers are increasingly demanding experiential consumption, such as “explosion sliding” being a coined term. Above all, the popularity of “Yukimi and Winter Sports”, “Dressing Experience”, and “Gourmet Tour” increased significantly.
● Top three popular travel destinations are Osaka, Tokyo and Okinawa The top 20 most popular travel destinations for FIT customers are: (1) Osaka, (2) Tokyo, (3) Okinawa, (4) Sapporo, (5) Nagoya, (6) Fukuoka, (7) Takamatsu, (8) Kagoshima, (9) Kyoto, (10) Sendai, (11) Matsuyama, (12) Aomori, (13) Hiroshima, (14) Nagasaki, (15) Hakone, (16) Izu, (17) Saga, (18) Kobe, (19) Shizuoka, (20) Kumamoto
● Takamatsu, Kobe, and Saga are the top three areas in which popularity has soared
FChinese FIT tourists have traveled to various parts of Japan, and tourists can now be found in cities that have never seen Chinese tourists before.
The top 10 destinations where the popularity of FIT customers has soared are: (1) Takamatsu, (2) Kobe, (3) Saga, (4) Sendai, (5) Izu, (6) Matsuyama, (7) Kumamoto, (8) Nagoya, (9) Kagoshima, (10) Sapporo
The growing popularity of these cities could be attributed to an increase in the number of repeat travelers traveling to Japan, opening direct flights, and improving local tourism infrastructure. Over the past two years, Chinese FIT customers to Takamatsu have increased by about 30 times.
● Top two popular tourist spots are USJ and Tokyo Disneyland ト ッ プ The top five popular tourist spots for FIT customers are as follows. 1. Universal Studios Japan (Osaka, Osaka)
2. Tokyo Disneyland (Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture)
3. Kaiyukan (Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture)
4. Tokyo Tower (Minato-ku, Tokyo)
5. LEGOLAND Japan (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture)
● Top two popular department stores and stores are Takashimaya and Kintetsu Department Store
ト ッ プ The top 5 department stores and stores popular with FIT customers are as follows.
1. Takashimaya
2. Kintetsu Department Store
3. Bic Camera
4. Odakyu Department Store
5. Daimaru
Source: Free travel to China in 2019
2. -Visa Application Status Data Report 2019-
TripCtrip provides a visa application agency service for Chinese travelers traveling abroad. According to the 2019 Online Visa Application Data Report, at least one in four of the customers who use the visa application agency service have applied for a visa to Japan, and the Japanese FIT visa application destination is Japan. Was ranked first.
The following is the trend regarding visa application status. ・ The number of Chinese tourists visiting Japan born in the 1990s and 2000s has increased
・ The number of tourists visiting cities other than the four major cities (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen) is increasing 、 In addition, the number of visa application agency services to Japan in 2019 increased 28% compared to 2018, of which the number of multi-visa applicants increased 87%.
● Top 10 countries for visa application
According to the 2019 Online Visa Application Data Report, of the 84 countries in which Ctrip has applied for visa status on behalf of embassies and consulates, the top 10 most popular destinations are: Also, in 2019, the number of visa applications to Japan was No. 1 in 84 countries.
[Image 1d34124-51-465949-1.png
1. Japan
2. Thailand
3. Singapore
4. Malaysia
5. Vietnam
6. United States
7. Philippines
8. Australia
9. United Kingdom
10. Canada
● Shanghai and Beijing are the top two residences for visa applicants 上位 The top 10 cities where the applicant resides are as follows. 1. Shanghai
2. Beijing
3. Guangzhou
4. Nanjing
5. Shenzhen
6. Hangzhou
7. Suzhou
8. Chengdu
9. Tianjin
10. Xi’an
Source: Large numbers announced in 2019 (Japan)
[Image 2d34124-51-163613-0.png
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