Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. The sports entertainment application “ARUCLUB” user’s feelings are fruitful! February 9 “Express Romance Car Zelvia” service

Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
The sports entertainment application “ARUCLUB” user’s feelings are fruitful! February 9 “Limited Express Romancecar Zelvia” service -Coaches and players will ride and deepen ties with supporters for the 2020 season-
Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Koji Hoshino) will set up a chartered train “Limited Express Romance Car” on Sunday, February 9, 2020 to deepen the unity between FC Machida Zelvia managers and players and supporters.・ The “Zelvia” runs from Tsurukawa Station to Shinjuku Station.

Limited Express Romance Car MSE (60000 type)
This means that when the target number of walks shared by all users of the application is achieved in “ARUCLUB @ MACHIDA”, a sports entertainment application for smartphones with the theme of “walking” developed by the Company, users will enjoy each other. This event is called a “walk fund,” and is held to commemorate the achievement of 10 million steps.
Limited express romance car MSE (60000 type, 4-car train) similar in color to FC Machida Zelvia’s image color departs from Odakyu Line Tsurukawa Station, the nearest station of home stadium “Machida GION Stadium”, and runs to Shinjuku Station. . In addition to inviting 75 pairs of 150 people for free on the Zelvia, FC Machida Zelvia coach Popovich, active players and the mascot character “Zelby” can ride and enjoy exchange events. In addition, after arriving at Shinjuku Station, you can freely watch the event sending encouragement from Odakyu Electric Railway after the coaches and players talk about their aspirations for the J-League 2020 season starting on Sunday, February 23 (Sunday). .
Applications will be accepted on the special site until January 28 (Tuesday), and if there are many applications, lottery will be required.
“ARUCLUB @ MACHIDA” is one of the issues that Machida City faces, in addition to promoting health by increasing the number of customers who walk to the game venue, creating opportunities to interact with users and rediscover the charm of the town. This is a smartphone app developed with the aim of revitalizing the community from approaches to solving social issues such as reducing traffic congestion in front of a certain Tsurukawa station and reducing CO2 emissions.
The Odakyu Group has set forth a “sports co-creation strategy” as one of the measures to solve social issues and achieve sustainable revitalization along the railroads. We will use power to create new value in the region. Specifically, in addition to holding events such as “Odakyu Match Day” in cooperation with FC Machida Zelvia, support for the Rugby Australia National Team (nickname: Wallabies) through the conclusion of a major partnership agreement, and to the Yamayuri Cup hosted by the Kanagawa Prefecture Mama Valley Federation The company promotes sports-based measures, such as the special
sponsorship of “ARUCLUB @ MACHIDA”.
The outline of the operation of the chartered train “Limited Express Romancecar Zelvia” is as follows.
1 Train name
Limited Express Romancecar Zelvia
* No express ticket is issued
* No wrapping outside the car
2 driving days
Sunday, February 9, 2020
3 Itinerary
10:30 受 付 Reception starts at Tsurukawa Station South Exit
Around 11:00 @ Take the “Zelvia” from Tsurukawa Station and depart at the signal of the station manager
Around 12:30 @ Arrival at Shinjuku Station
-Inside Zervia-
You will ride with Popovich, active players and mascot character Zelby, and enjoy the time from Tsurukawa to Shinjuku together. In the car, in addition to photo shoots, lotteries such as Zelvia goods will be held to deepen exchanges with directors and players.
-Shinjuku Station-
After arriving at Shinjuku Station, you will be able to see the managers and players talk about their ambitions for the 2020 season, and watch the event that encourages Odakyu Electric Railway. 4. Number of applicants
75 sets 150 people
5 $ Participation fee
6) How to participate
During the recruitment period, apply from the special site set up on the “ARUCLUB” official website and participate by lottery.
* You can not apply only for those under 16 years old
URL: https://www.aruclub.jp/
Application period: Wednesday, January 22, 2020 to Tuesday, January 28, 2020 Winners announced: Wednesday, January 29, 2020
* The result will be notified to the registered e-mail address 7 Contact
Odakyu Customer Center
Telephone: 044-299-8200
(9:00 to 19:00 without holidays)
[Reference] About “ARUCLUB”
Developed by Odakyu Electric Railway with the aim of creating and developing a local community by adding “entertainment” to the fundamental daily movements of “walking” humans, and providing services on Wednesday, September 18, 2019 This is a smartphone application.
“ARUCLUB” users can get various benefits depending on the number of steps in the designated area on a specific day. In addition, events and services will be realized so that all users can share a
predetermined target number of steps and, when the total number of steps reaches the target, users can share joy.
“ARUCLUB @ MACHIDA”, the first service in, is collaborating with the soccer club “FC Machida Zelvia (Zelvia Co., Ltd., head office: Machida, Tokyo, President: Kentoshi Otomo)”, a football club supported by the Company as a top partner. To operate. In the 2019 season, on the day of FC Machida Zelvia’s home game, depending on the number of app users who walked from Tsuruga Station on the Odakyu Line, the nearest station to the game venue, to the home stadium “Machida @ GION Stadium” Coupons that can be used and original T-shirts were presented. In addition, as a Walk Fund of the same season, when the Machida Zelvia completed 10 million steps by the end of the final game of the home, it announced the operation of the Zelvia, which has now been realized.
Currently, as a new walk fund, when the total number of steps for all users has reached 30 million steps, the plan is to decorate the temporary enclosure wall on the side of the Machida GION stadium backstand as a support board for ARUCLUB users. In the 2020 season, we will work with FC Machida Zelvia to enliven the Machida area. Going forward, we will expand the service area of ​​this app, aiming for “Odakyu Lines where you want to walk unintentionally” through collaboration with sports clubs and various partners along the line. that’s all

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