Colopla “Alice Gear Aigis” is the 2nd anniversary! Free ★ 4 confirmed scouts and special login bonus!

“Alice Gear Aigis” is the 2nd anniversary! Free ★ 4 confirmed scouts and special login bonus!
Illustrations drawn by five creators such as Fumikane Shimada are also released ………………………………………………………………………
COLOPL CORPORATION (President and CEO: Kojun Baba, Head Office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; hereafter, “COLOPLA”) will be offering services for smartphone “Alice Gear Aigis” today on Wednesday, January 22, 2020 We are pleased to announce the 2nd anniversary of the launch. In conjunction with this, various campaigns such as free ★ 4 confirmed scouts and happy scouts are being held.
[Special site URL] [Image 1

“Alice Gear Aigis” is a 3D action shooting game where you guide girls called “Actress” and fight against the mysterious machine life form Weiss. Thanks to you, we were able to celebrate the second anniversary on Wednesday, January 22, 2020, supported by everyone.
記念 We are holding a commemorative campaign with appreciation for everyone who plays everyday. We carry out various campaigns, such as “Free ★ 4 Confirmed Scout”, which is always available with the highest rarity ★ 4 characters, and “Happy Scout”, which allows you to re-read as many times as you want to confirm the results.
Five illustrations of the 2nd anniversary celebration by five participating creators will be released on the special site and in the game. Today we have released illustrations by “Fumikane Shimada”, so please take a look.
“Alice Gear Aigis” will carry out various campaigns to commemorate the second anniversary in the future. Please wait for the next report for details.
COLOPL Co., Ltd. has set “Entertainment in Real Life” as its mission, and will continue to focus on expanding applications for smartphones, while providing entertainment that makes everyday life, which is almost all of people’s lives, more enjoyable and wonderful.
[2nd anniversary! We are holding various campaigns! ]
ら れ We were able to celebrate our 2nd anniversary on January 22, 2020 (Wednesday), supported by everyone. We are holding a commemorative campaign with gratitude to everyone who plays everyday.
In addition to “Free ★ 4 Confirmed Scout” and “Happy Scout”, you can get past event limited costumes “Reprint Kos Exchange”, new character “Murao Mira” (CV: Yuri Yamaoka) “Kiyakage Yui” (CV: Ai Kakuma) is currently holding various campaigns to excite the 2nd anniversary, including a scout that picked up two people.
● Happy Scout & Happy Scout Another!
★ A special scout “Happy Scout” is being implemented, which allows you to decide one character and repeat it as many times as you like. In addition, we have decided to hold a happy scout another, a scout that can also be redrawn, with one confirmed ★ 4 other character. These two scouts can only be used once per account per carat. [Happy Scout Period]: From 15:00 on Wednesday, January 22 to 14:59 on Thursday, February 6
[Happy Scout Another Event Period]: Wednesday, January 29,
15:00-Thursday, February 6, 14:59
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● “Free ★ 4 confirmed scout” is being implemented!
無 料 During the period, we are implementing a free scout that allows you to obtain one ★ 4 character once and only once.
Don’t miss this opportunity!
Wednesday, January 22 15:00-Thursday, February 6 14:59
[Image 4

● “Reprint Kos Exchange” opened!
A special exchange where you can get event costumes that appeared in 2018 is now open for a limited time.
Each “Reprint Cost Exchange Ticket” can be exchanged for one costume of your choice.
Wednesday, January 22 15:00-Thursday, February 6 14:59
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-New character [Mura Murao] [Yu Kimikage] pickup scout appeared! & Event “Welcome Yoko, Clerk Angel (Heart) Welcome!”
ス A scout featuring two new characters, “Mira Murao (CV: Yuri Yamaoka)” and “Yui Kimikage (CV: Ai Kakuma)” will appear.
In addition, the 2nd anniversary event, “Clerk Angel (Heart) Welcome Yoko”, is also being held.
[Pickup Scout Period] January 22 (Wed) 15:00-February 6 (Thu) 14:59 [Event period] From 15:00 on Wednesday, January 22 to 14:59 on Monday, March 2 [Image 6

[Image 7

[PC version renewal decision! ]
Renewal of PC version was also announced. Apart from the “APP PLAYER version” currently being distributed, a “client version” for DMM GAMES will be released this spring.
We are working hard to develop a more comfortable environment for gamepad support and improved operation stability.
Please wait for the next report!
[Image 8

[2nd anniversary celebration illustration release]
“Alice Gear Aigis” participating creators, “Fumikanet Shimada”, “Kanetake Ebikawa”, “Takayuki Yanase”, “Kiko Kazuhiko”, “Kurokuro” on special websites and games We will release illustrations for the 2nd anniversary celebration by five people.
Today we have released illustrations by “Fumikane Shimada”, so please take a look.
[Special site] [List of participating creators]
・ Fumikane Shimada
・ “Ebikawa Kanetake”
・ “Yasuyuki Yanase”
・ Mr. “Kako Izuhiko”
・ “Kurokuro”
[Image 9

[Acrylic badge stand release memory! 2nd anniversary history release] Web We are releasing web content that looks back on the history of Alice Gear’s 2nd anniversary along with past events. In addition, if you tweet your favorite events and impressions of events that remain in your memories with the designated hashtag, the campaign that wins the acrylic badge stand by lottery will also be held from January 21 (Tue)-January 28 (Tue) Held until 23:59. For details on web content and campaigns, please check the special site.
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[Alice Gear Aigis Basic Information]
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The game maker “Pyramid” and the smartphone game maker “Colopla” are tags! A new sensational smartphone game that fights with girls armed with mechas! Fumikane Shimada is in charge of character supervision and character design for this work. In addition, Fumikane Shimada and mechanic designers Kanetake Ebikawa and Takayuki Yanase also participated in the character design. In addition, “ZUNTATA” will be welcomed by the sound team, and a collection of gorgeous creators who have both popularity and abilities will gather! Please expect various developments!
◆ App name
◆: Alice Gear Aigis
◆ Genre: Armed customization action
◆ Price : Item charge system
▼ Google Play:
▼ App Store: https: //
◆ Official site:
◆ Official Twitter account: [Participating creators @ profile]
・ Fumikane Shimada: Illustrator. In charge of many character designs (original drafts) such as the anime “FRAME ARMS Girl”, “Brave Witches”, “Girls & Panzer”, “Strike Witches”, and the figure “Mecha Musume”. In many of the works, girls wearing machines and weapons have appeared, and are widely recognized as the spark of the “mecha girl” boom.
・ Kanetake Ebikawa: Mechanic designer. Representative works include “Full Metal Panic! Series”, “Mobile Suit Gundam 00”, “Mobile Suit Gundam AGE”, “Gundam Build Fighters”, “Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans”, “ID-0”, and many other works. In charge of mechanic design. After “Mobile Suit Gundam 00”, he became widely known as a designer of Gundam works, and supervised three-dimensional products.
・ Yanase Takayuki: Mechanic designer. Representative works include games, animations, hobbies, etc., including “Ghost in the Shell ARISE”, “Mobile Suit Gundam 00”, “Comettle Schiffer”, “Fireball Charming”, “Xenoblade Cross”, and “Nyanbo”. Activity.
・ ZUNTATA: A general term for the sound development division of Taito Corporation. His main activities are game sound production (BGM, sound effects) for arcades, consumers, and mobile devices. In addition, he is developing a wide variety of activities such as album production, live activities, event planning and production. A long-established group of game sound creators who celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2017. Representative work: “Darius” series, “Groove Coaster” series [Corporation Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Location: 4-20-3, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 11F, Ebisu Garden Place Tower Established: October 1, 2008
Capital: ¥ 6,510 million (as of September 30, 2019)
Representative: President & CEO Kojun Baba
Business description: (1) Providing mobile game services mainly for smartphone applications in Japan and overseas, providing services for VR (virtual reality) devices, location information analysis
consulting, smartphone-specific research, etc.
[Pyramid Co., Ltd. Company Profile]
Company name: Pyramid Co., Ltd.
Location: Shibuya MK Building, 3-3-2 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Established: September 28, 2001
Capital: 66.3 million yen
Representative: Junichi Kashiwagi, President
Business activities: Planning and development of consumer games, social games, arcade games, etc. and game-related scenarios and graphic production
In charge of contract development of numerous games such as the “Data Carddas Dragon Ball Z”, “Patapon”, and “Darius Burst” series. In 2010, entered the smartphone game market with “SILPHEED Alternative”. The original title “Brave Dies” released in 2007 was ported to PS Vita in 2016 and released from Nippon Ichi Software. Currently developing and operating a smartphone project as a member of the Colopla Group. (C) Pyramid, Inc. / COLOPL, Inc.
* ★ indicates the rarity of the character
* Colopla and Colopla logo are registered trademarks of Colopla Co., Ltd. * ITunes and App Store are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the United States and other countries.
* Google, Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC. * DMMGAMES is a registered trademark of DMM GAMES LLC.
* All other trademarks are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.
* Purchase of compatible smart devices and communication charges will be borne by the customer.
* Item charging system. Some characters are provided by a paid random item delivery system.
* For those under the age of 20: When purchasing items, please obtain the consent of a parent or purchase with them.

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