GK DAM GAMES “Wind Boys! ”Junta Terashima and Yoshihiko Aramaki have released a video on the stage of the ga me,“ Kaburi Burari ♪ # 2, where the Fukibe Boys Go! ” In addition, the second video commemorative gift campaign ha s started! DMM GAMES

“Wind Boys! ”Junta Terashima and Yoshihiko Aramaki have released a video on the stage of the game,“ Kaburi Burari ♪ # 2, where the Fukibe Boys Go! ” In addition, the second video commemorative gift campaign has started! [DMM GAMES]
DMM GAMES LLC (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yusuke Muranaka, URL: https://games.dmm.com/) announced on January 23 that “Wind Boys! 』, Junta Terashima and Yoshihiko Aramaki have announced a video on the stage of the game,“ Kanazawa Burari ♪ # 2, where the Fukibe boys go ”on the official YouTube channel.
In addition, to commemorate the release of the video, we are conducting a second campaign to present luxurious Kanazawa goods related to the video by lottery on the official Twitter.
■ The 2nd Kanazawa trip video of Junta Terashima and Yoshihiko Aramaki, which are now popular, has finally been released!
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“Boy travels to Kanazawa with a trip to Kanazawa ♪” is the Wind Boys! Performers Yoshihiko Aramaki (the role of Atsushi Kage) and Junta Terashima (the role of Somun Ijon) travel to Kanazawa, where the game will take place, while narrating Yuichiro Umehara (the role of Seriya Hanagiro). And places that appear in the game!
In # 2, the highlights are the scenes of gorgeous gold leaf soft serve unique to Kanazawa, famous for “gold leaf”, and eating fresh seafood bowls at Omicho Market, the kitchen of Kanazawa citizens.
Please take a look and enjoy the Kanazawa sightseeing with you and your two.
▼ Kawasawa’s trip to Fukibe boys ♪ # 2
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=rH4WpdKyq0o&feature=youtu.be]
■ Video release commemoration! The official Twitter present campaign is currently underway!
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To celebrate the opening of “Kanazawa Burari Journey by Men in Fukibe ♪”, a present campaign is being conducted on official Twitter. The campaign is scheduled for the third round, and luxurious Kanazawa goods related to the performers who appeared in the video will be presented to each one by lot.
In the second installment, Soba Choko made by Junta Terashima’s painting seal experience of Kutani ware will be presented! You can apply until 23:59 on January 29, so please join us from the official Twitter campaign tweet.
In addition, you can see how the sticker is actually painted on the sticker in the # 1 movie currently being released.
[Ben’s trip to Kanazawa, where the boys of Fukibe go ♪ gift contents] 1st: [finished] Created by Yoshihiko Aramaki (the role of Atsushi Egaki) and Kutani seal plate (1 person)
2nd: Created by Junta Terashima (as Somun Ijeong), Chocolate by Kutani Seal (1 person)
3rd: A handmade washcloth with a design selected by Mr. Aramaki and Mr. Terashima as souvenirs for Tengetsu (Mitsuyuki Notohara) (1 person)
▼ “Wind Boys! 』Official Twitter
▼ Aramaki and Terashima have given their souvenirs to Tengetsu’s “AGF2019 Stage”.
※ It is released until 12:00 on Monday, January 27, 2020.
■ A certain commentary on the brass band of the one-frame comic “Fukikoma” is being released!
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In addition to the present campaign, a commentary on a certain band of the one-panel cartoon “Fukikoma (Fukibe Boys 1)” depicting the daily lives of the characters is being released on the official Twitter! Characters answer questions and common sense that are common in brass band.
▼ “Wind Boys! 』Official Twitter

▼ Click here for the previously released Fukikoma (94 episodes) https://twitter.com/i/events/1138596425967648768
■ [Wind Boys! What is
“Wind Boys! ] Is a smartphone application & PC browser game scheduled to be distributed in early 2020 to enjoy the training of high school boys belonging to the brass band club.
[Image 4

Spring day when cherry blossoms extend branches from left and right, and buds begin to fall
The hero has returned to his hometown of Kanazawa as a new teacher. “Ishikawa Prefectural Ibuki High School (Ishikawa Prefectural Ibuki High School)”
In a historic public high school that is 126 years old
One of the top schools in the prefecture that has both civil and military roads. The “Bass Band” of the Ibuki High School was a regular national high school. It was a long time ago and was virtually abolished.
Meanwhile, new first-year students who call storm come in
The protagonist gets caught up in the uproar of the revival of the “Brass Band”
▼ “Wind Boys! “Official site
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▼ Product overview
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