Fujifilm Get a new sense of photography experience! You can easily extract text and illustrations and combine them with photos! Launched the “Fontgenic” camera application

Get a new sense of photography experience! You can easily extract text and illustrations and combine them with photos! Launch of “Fontgenic” camera application
FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) is a new-style camera application for smartphones that can extract handwritten messages, illustrations, and other “characters” from captured images and overlay them on another subject like a stamp. “Fontgenic” is now available. 重 ね By overlaying the appreciation message and illustrations drawn by the child on the photos, you can enjoy an unprecedented photography experience, such as communicating important feelings or leaving clearer memories.
How to use: 1. Extract “text” and “illustration” from the captured image. There is no need for advanced techniques like professional image editing software, and anyone can use it easily.
【Use scene】
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“Fontgenic” is a camera app with an unprecedented new sensation. Enjoy a new photo experience with text in your everyday life, while traveling. Camera application “Fontgenic”
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Fontgenic official website: https://fontgenic-jp.fujifilm.com App Store: https://fontgenic-jp.fujifilm.com/appstore.html
Google Play: https://fontgenic-jp.fujifilm.com/googleplay.html 1. price
Free (with in-app purchase)
2. Main functions (For details, see Fontgenic official website) (1) Extraction of characters etc. (crop)
It is also possible to shoot and extract handwritten characters and illustrations on the spot, and to extract from images stored in the smartphone.
[Image 4d13110-54-698208-6.jpg
(2) Processing of extracted characters
You can enlarge, reduce, rotate, and change the color of the extracted characters. In addition, it also has a noise removal and eraser function to erase the background and noise extracted together with characters etc. By processing according to the subject, you can take a more complete picture.
[Image 5d13110-54-974550-5.jpg
(3) Photographing function with text etc.
You can take a picture by overlapping with the extracted characters. The extracted characters can be overlapped with the image stored in the smartphone.
(4) Save function for extracted characters (My Collection)
The extracted characters can be saved in the application. It can be used in various scenes, such as collecting extracted characters, taking pictures of friends and hobbies with the same characters, etc. Fujifilm will continue to respond to diversifying customer needs, provide comfortable services and high-quality products, and continue to convey the intrinsic value of photography, “taking, leaving, decorating and giving”. To go.
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