Loft Pollen and anti-virus goods that can be used throughout the year The new mask is “skin feel” and “d eodorant” as keywords!

Loft Co., Ltd.
[Loft] Pollen and anti-virus goods that can be used throughout the year The new mask is “skin feel” and “deodorant” as keywords! …………………………………………………………………………

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Loft Co., Ltd. will expand and expand the sales area for pollen countermeasures from late January.
This year’s new masks include those that feel good and those that reduce the anxious odor.
PITTA masks, which are popular for everyday use, are also being developed with more variations. Attention is also paid to goods other than masks, such as items that protect pollen with fragrance. [Recommended mask to choose by material, deodorant and color]
● New product “Puff Fit Mask” (Masao Yokoi Shoten) ・ ・ ・ 660 yen The puff material around the mask and the string make the skin feel good and easy to wear. Two colors, “white x cream” and “black x dark gray”.
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Puff fit mask
● New product “Fade + (Fade Plus) deodorant mask regular size” (Marue Nissan) ・ ・ ・ 660 yen660
Nonwoven fabric containing artificial enzymes deodorizes more than 90% of odors. Pollen, virus scattering, PM2.5 cut 99%.
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Fade +
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Fade +
● “PITTA mask” (Alux): ¥ 522
カ ラ フ ル A popular PITTA mask that is colorful with new polyurethane materials and adapts to fashion. A new regular size appears in pastel colors with three colors. A total of 13 types, including single color, three color set, and for kids.
[Image 5

PITTA mask pastel color
[Measures with the power of nature]
● MoriLabo pollen barrier stick (St) ・ ・ ・ 968 yen ・ ・ ・
香 り The scent of Abies pine coats the pollen itself. Easy to apply just over the mask and sticky to carry.

[Image 6

● “Moisturizing oil for Bian nose” (Reiwa Medical Lab): ¥ 3,080 Contains six types of natural essential oils, and guards around the nose, which tends to be dry and moist with high moisturizing power. Just apply the oil directly around the nostrils. For those who do not want to rely on medication and cannot mask. 15 ml.
[Clean the air around me]
● “Ible Air Beater M1” (Shanghe) ・ ・ ・ 22,880 yen
Ultra-compact, lightweight neck-type air purifier. Generates negative ions and removes pollen and PM2.5 by 99.9%. Only 20g.
[Image 7d18324-680-850876-6.jpg
Ible Air Beater M1
● Allele Spray (Crytac): ¥ 2,178
ス プ レ ー Spray that can prevent tick and pollen, and also deodorize and remove bacteria. For fabrics such as carpets and curtains. It is safe even if you lick your pet.
● New product “PIERIA air purifier with sensor” (Doshisha): ¥ 10,978 An air purifier that detects dust in the room with a dust sensor. Automatically switches between “quiet”, “weak”, and “strong” operating modes. 10-11 tatami mat application guide. * Scheduled to be sold in early February.
* All prices include tax.
* Items available vary by store.

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