Valentine-only chocolate Modern French Jean-Georges Tokyo theme is “herbs and spices”

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[Valentine-only chocolate] Modern French Jean-Georges Tokyo theme is “Herbs & Spices”
February 1 (Sat)-February 14 (Fri) 2020 Limited to 100 pieces …………………………………………………………………………
From February 1 (Sat) to February 14 (Fri) 2020, Wonder Table Co., Ltd. [Head office: Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo / Michio Akimoto, President] has been running the Michelin Guide New York Edition since its launch. A limited number of Valentine’s Day chocolate boxes “JG Chocolate Box” will be sold at Jean-Georges Tokyo, the Tokyo store of Jean-Georges, a modern French restaurant that earns stars.
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■ Limited 100 spicy chocolate boxes
Jean-Georges Tokyo offers creative modern French with spices and herbs. During the above period, we will sell a spicy chocolate box that spreads the concept of cooking in one mouth. In one box, you can enjoy four flavors of “Sudachi x Orchid” “Sauterne x Chili”
“Strawberry x Rosemary” “Cabernet Sauvignon x Clove”. Sold 100 units. It is a gem finished by handmade by the patissier Hirose Erika. Product Name: JG Chocolate Box
Price: 1,800 yen (tax included)
Sale period: February 1 (Sat)-February 14 (Fri)
Application form: (Reservations are being accepted)
Sale location: Jean-Georges Tokyo store
[Sudachi x Orchid] Rich acidity and gorgeous scent
[Sauternes x chili] The sweetness of the rich dessert wine and the chili aftertaste are the points
[Strawberry x Rosemary] Enjoy the lingering taste with moderate caramel bitterness and herb sweet and sour
[Cabernet Sauvignon x Clove] Moderate astringency and sourness of ruby ​​chocolate with spice flavor
■ Pâtissier Erika Hirose (Erika Hirose)
[Image 2d7752-238-980645-5.jpg
He has worked as a pastry chef at Sesto Senso and Janis Wong, and has been working as a pastry chef at Jean-Georges Tokyo since the age of 25. She sympathizes with the original style of “Herbs & Spices” and has been involved in various desserts to date. This “Chocolate Box” is a handmade gem based on Hirose’s completely original recipe.
■ About Jean-Georges Tokyo
[Image 3d7752-238-818069-1.jpg
Jean-Georges Tokyo is the Tokyo store of Jean-Georges, which has been awarded stars since the Michelin Guide New York Edition was launched and has received the highest rating of four stars in the New York Times. Unlike typical French, we offer modern French featuring vegetables and fruit extracts, herbal flavor and texture, and each temperature.
The interior is a detached house with 14 live counters on the first floor and a private room that can accommodate up to 6 people on the second floor. There is a large window facing Keyakizaka, and you can enjoy your meal while watching the illuminations depending on the season. This is the perfect space for entertaining and dining with friends.
[Image 4d7752-238-545443-2.jpg
Caviar Creations ¥ 4,500
Express Lunch -Weekday Only- ¥ 4,800
Prix ​​Fixe 3courses 8,800 yen / 4courses 11,800 yen
Classic Tasting 14,800 yen
(Tax not included)
Caviar Creations ¥ 4,500
Prix ​​Fixe Menu 4courses 12,800 yen
Classic Tasting 22,800 yen
Winter Tasting Menu 24,800 yen
(Tax not included)
■ A chef praised around the world
■ Jean-Georges Vongerichten
■ × Executive chef in Tokyo
■ Ryoichi Mochizuki
[Image 5d7752-238-151621-4.jpg
Jean-Georges Vongerichten
Jean-Georges Vongerichten (Jean-Georges) has been a Michelin-starred chef in New York for 14 consecutive years since 2005, and received the highest 4-star rating in the New York Times. is. Born and raised in Alsace, France, he began training as a disciple of chef Paul Eberland. Later, he worked with Paul Bocuse and master chef Louis Outier in Los Addis, southern France. Leveraging his experience at this Michelin three-star restaurant, he will travel to Asia to gain further experience at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, the Mandarin Hotel in Singapore, and the Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong. As you work and travel in Asia, you will be fascinated by the fragrant flavors of East Asia. And without the traditional meat bouillon and cream, the essence of vegetable moisture and fruit, light bouillon and herb vinaigrette sauce
Using, etc., created an intense flavor and texture. It also features Japanese ingredients such as ginger, wasabi, citron and dashi in addition to Asian spices. In 1984, he visited Japan for the first time at work and was the first to eat raw fish, suffered a culture shock, and was fascinated by Japanese cuisine, which consisted of fresh and nutritious ingredients and contrasting flavors. Innovative dishes created from this experience will captivate foodies around the world. Tokyo Store グ Executive Chef Ryoichi Mochizuki
After working at an Italian restaurant, he served as a deputy chef at the opening of the sister restaurant “Union Square Tokyo”, a regular NY Zagat restaurant, and became the chef of the restaurant in 2015. From 2018, he was appointed chef of the truffle French “Terres de Truffes, Tokyo”. In addition to conveying Jean-George’s wishes to customers in the Tokyo store through cooking, we pursue and propose the appeal of modern French.
■ Basic information
Brand name: Jean-Georges Tokyo (Jean-Georges Tokyo)
Business type: Modern French
Address: Roppongi Hills Roppongi Keyakizaka Street 1F, 6-12-4 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Number of seats: 20 seats in total (14 seats on the 1st floor, 6 seats on the 2nd floor)
Opening hours: Lunch 11: 30-15: 30 (LO 14:00) Dinner 17: 00-23: 30 (LO 21:30)
■ Wonder Table Inc.
Wonder Table Co., Ltd. has 48 restaurants in Japan and 75 restaurants overseas. While developing its own brands, such as all-you-can-eat shabu-shabu and sukiyaki “Mo-Mo-Paradise” and beer restaurant “YONA YONA BEER WORKS” in Japan and overseas, New York American “Union Square Tokyo” and a mozzarella cheese specialty store “Obika Mozzarella Bar” Attracts and operates overseas brands such as Prime Ribe’s specialty store “Lowry’s The Prime Rib”.
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