Featured actors as “cooking boys” appear in chocolate and coffee tastings! Odakyu Department Store Machida ” Chocolat x Chocolat” Event

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Featured actors as “cooking boys” appear in chocolate and coffee tastings! Odakyu Department Store Machida “Chocolat x Chocolat” Event -“Omikuji” introducing lucky items and gift certificate gifts- ………………………………………………………………………
5On the 5th floor of the Odakyu Department Store Machida store, the “Chocolat x Chocolat” will be held from February 1 (Sat) to 14 (Fri), featuring about 50 domestic and international chocolate brands. On February 2 (Sun) and 9 (Sun), actor Wataru Ikeda, who is attracting attention as a “cooking boy,” will hold an event to introduce chocolate and coffee, and a giant Garapon “Omikuji” that anyone can turn around. ”And so on.
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Not only shopping, but also participating in chocolate events and having fun! 特 A special space will appear next to the “Chocolat x Chocolat” venue. Opened a corner introducing recommended items on the 1st floor cosmetic floor and 3rd floor fashion floor, and a giant Garapon “Omikuji” corner that anyone can turn. In addition, a bar counter will be set up on February 2 (Sun) and 9 (Sun) to hold an event by Wataru Ikeda.

◎ Recommended by handsome (heart) Chocolat x coffee mariage! Date: February 2 (Sun), 9 (Sun)
From 13:00 to 14:00, from 15:00 to 16:00, from 16:30 to 17:30 every day ※ 100 people each time
Location: 5th floor special venue
航 Ms. Wataru Ikeda will provide a sample of chocolate and coffee. It is perfect for taking a break between chocolates during shopping. [Image 2

Wataru Ikeda
[Profile of Wataru Ikeda]
A cooking boy and actor with a cook license, who appeared in the drama “Grand Maison Tokyo”. In addition to the actor’s activities, many videos related to cooking are also distributed. TikTok has 75,000 followers.
◎ Fortunes of Valentine
Period: February 1 (Sat)-14 (Fri)
Location: 5th floor special venue
巨大 A giant Garapon “Omikuji” that anyone can turn will appear. Why do not you fortune your fortune with your thoughts?
In addition to introducing fortunes and lucky items, omikuji has an application form for “Odakyu Department Store Gift Certificate Present”. If you fill in the required information and apply, a 10-person lottery will give you a gift certificate for Odakyu Department Store (2,000 yen).
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A variety of unique chocolates! You can also enjoy soft ice cream in the venue! “Chocolat x Chocolat” has about 50 brands in Japan and abroad, including chocolates with unique combinations and chocolates with cute visuals. You can also enjoy soft serve ice cream only at the Machida store.
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Maison Shodan
● [Maison Shodan]
-Picture left-Pave a Lorient -Picture right-Pave-au-Citronade361,836 yen / each (25 pieces)
生 Raw chocolate pave, inspired by the stone pavement in front of the Paris head office. L’Orange is a rich cacao with a refreshing orange scent. Citronade is a new product that combines the sourness of lemon and the gentle sweetness of honey with pavé.
[Image 5

● [Bruyère] Bruyère Premium Box 12 3,276 yen / 12 pieces
Founded in 1909. Chocolate that infused creation and innovation into traditional recipes is not only delicious, but also looks cute. This is an assortment where you can enjoy flavors using ruby ​​cacao as well as limited grains in 2020.
[Image 6

● [Delray] diamond box 3,564 yen / 6 pieces
創 Founded in Antwerp, Belgium in 1949. It is an assortment of gemstones that represent six different types of diamond-shaped chocolate, symbolizing the jewel town Antwerp, in different colors for each material.
[Image 7

Ile Fejour
● [Ilfejour] Phrase Chocolate Soft ¥ 486 / one
Ilfejuur original rich but not persistent taste, but this is an exquisitely balanced Machida limited soft serve ice cream.
-Overview of Odakyu Department Store Machida “Chocolat x Chocolat”- The date and time: From Saturday, February 1 to Friday, February 14 from 10:00 to 19:30 ※ We are closed at 18:00 on Tuesday, February 4 Location: 5th floor entertainment hall
TEL: 042-727-1111 (main representative)

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