Repro Entertainment Co., Ltd. “Hadajin Shoten” is the first local store to open for a limited time! At the Plugs Market Kusatsu store (opened on February 21 in Kintetsu Department Store Kusatsu store), compete with “Good Shiga “! Bran pickle worksho

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“Hadajin Shoten” is the first local store to open for a limited time! At the Plugs Market Kusatsu store (opened on February 21 in Kintetsu Department Store Kusatsu store), compete with “Good Shiga”! Bran pickle workshop and talk show
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Actress Michiko Haneda introduces and sells only what she thinks “it’s really good!” Through her own five senses, and online select shop “Hadajin Shoten” was launched on February 21 ( It has been decided to open a limited-time shop at “Plux Market Kusatsu” (in Kintetsu Department Store Kusatsu), which will open on Friday)! This will be the first regional store for Haneda Jin Shoten.
“Jin Haneda” is a name that has been handed down to the Haneda family for generations. The company dates back to the first year of Keio and has been handed down to many people, including carpenters, container shops, stationery shops, and tobacco shops. Michiko Haneda inherited the brand name of “Jin Haneda” as the sixth generation, and “Haneda Jin Shoten”, which opened in April this year in the form of an online shop, said, “A craftsman who has never met, With the theme of “I make it with you in mind”, we introduce and sell only those that Haneda himself loves and trusts. Many products that Haneda himself has found throughout the country, such as additive-free bran pickles and original millet rice, are gaining in popularity.
“Plux Market” is a new business format in which Tokyu Hands Co., Ltd. works with local department stores to rediscover local regions and create regional competitions, creating new markets in rural and suburban areas. “Haneda Jin Shoten” appears as a real store in the first store, “Plux Market Kusatsu Store”. Compete with “Good Shiga”. This limited shop sells popular Haneda Jin Shoten products, such as bran pickles from Ibaraki Prefecture’s Nakanaya, cereal rice from Hercia Plus, and Ariake Nori from Saga Prefecture’s Tokunaga Suisan. In addition, Haneda chooses “products of Shiga’s birdfish,” entitled “Shiga’s Good Things Rediscovery Event,” and a talk show with Kenichi Kunieda of the rose brand “WABARA” from Shiga Prefecture. A lot of contents such as a pickle workshop (advance reservation system) are planned. Check the Haneda Jin Shoten website for details and application for the workshop.
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■ Facility overview
Store name: Plugs Market Kusatsu
Location: 1-1-50 Shibukawa, Kusatsu-shi, Shiga, Kintetsu Department Store Kusatsu 2nd floor
Exchange: 1 minute walk from Kusatsu Station on the JR Tokaido Line Opening date: Friday, February 21, 2020, 10:00 am
“Haneda Jin Shoten limited time shop in Kusatsu”
Period: February 21 (Fri)-February 26 (Wed) 2020
Venue: Plugs Market Kusatsu Store / Training Area (Event Zone) Reality, feeling of solder, feeling of Shiga Nice to meet you, plugs market. The online select shop “Haneda Jin Shoten”, which introduces the good things that Michiko Haneda met in various places, has appeared at real stores and will compete with “Good things in Shiga”. Held “Shiga’s Torihadamono products” realized by Michiko Haneda and a “Shiga good things rediscovering event” consisting of talk shows with producers engaged in manufacturing in Shiga.
◆ “Good Shiga Rediscovering Event” Michiko Haneda Talk Show
The date and time: From Saturday, February 22, 2020 14:00
Interview guest: “WABARA” Kenichi Kunieda
◆ Jin Haneda Workshop in Kusatsu
Date: February 21 (Fri)-February 24, 2020 (Mon / holiday)
1.11: 00 ~ 12: 30 2.14: 00 ~ 15: 30 ※ Twice each day
Location: Plugs Market Kusatsu store booth
Participation fee: 6,000 yen (tax included)
Capacity: 8 people each time
In this experience class, you can learn how to make bran pickles and how to care for them.
Comes with an organic bran floor that can be used from the next day. Until now, I have given up if it is difficult to pickle bran or I always fail. I want to bring in fermented foods more closely for health and beauty, once again the taste of grandma … This kind of trouble, this classroom Will solve it.
Lectures on the basics of making a bran floor, daily care methods that will not fail, and more.
-Takeaway contents-
Bran floor about 2 kg (with tupper), bran pickled on the day, bran floor instructions
The rice bran used in this classroom uses organically grown rice (organic) rice bran from Ibaraki Prefecture.
The rice bran is the part where the remaining pesticides are likely to remain on the outermost part of the rice. Delicious bran pickles can be made with safe bran.
Above all, it uses only milky queen varieties of rice bran, so it features aroma and sweetness not found in other bran pickles. Please experience and feel the difference. Nukazuke is a Japanese traditional lactic acid bacteria fermentation culture.
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