Subscription, a flat-rate system for stores, adds a new function to issue coupons

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Subscription, a flat-rate system for stores, adds a new function to issue coupons
Buen Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: Takayuki Oishi, a wholly owned subsidiary of SoftBank Corp.) has newly added the “Sub.” System to support the introduction of subscription-type services at stores. The function to issue coupons was added on January 24, 2020. Coupons are a member system that does not automatically renew the contract, unlike fixed-rate settlements such as a monthly system. The validity period of the coupon can be specified as “days from issue date” or “specific date”. Coupons can be used for a variety of purposes, such as coffee tickets to be offered at cafes (valid for up to 365 days), and izakayas to offer beer coupons for a limited time (limited to months) during off-season.
■ Background of adding new functions
Since launching the “Sub.” Service in May 2019, Buen has been conducting surveys with both stores and customers. As a result, we found that the store had issues such as “fixed price anxiety” and customers “fixed price fatigue”.
If a restaurant starts a flat-rate service that does not set the number of uses, if the number of uses exceeds the expected number of uses, the profits will be consumed with material costs and sales will be forced to stop, and the number of users of the flat-rate service will increase We are worried that it will be difficult for general customers to use it. In addition, we found that some customers feel strongly obliged to continue using the flat-rate service while continuing to use it, leading to cancellation from psychological fatigue.
Therefore, Buen decided to add a function to issue coupons that contribute to the continuous attraction and repeat of the store and allow customers to continue without difficulty. “Sub.” Coupons can be used during the validity period and can be limited in number of sales, which can reduce anxiety factors for shops. In addition, since the validity period can be set longer than with the flat-rate system and automatic renewal is not performed, the system is less likely to cause flat-rate fatigue for customers.
Stores that have introduced “Sub.” Can also sell coupons and flat-rate plans at the same time. By recommending coupons to customers who visit the store infrequently and flat-rate plans to customers who visit the store frequently, we can expect a wide range of customers to visit the store. Byune will reflect the know-how gained through the operation of “Sub.” In improving its functions, and will continue to contribute to increasing the number of customers and the repeat rate of stores. [Imaged10966-14-490259-0.png
■ Sub. Portal Site
■ Service Features
l Settlement agency
Sub. Members must pay for the coupon tickets on the website. We will settle the payment and pay the sales to the store.
l No special application required
Visitors do not need to download the dedicated app. You can easily purchase and use coupons by accessing the website from your
l Selectable from 2 types
Coupons can be created by selecting from two types: “Valid period specification type (valid for ○ days from the date of purchase)” and “Date specification type (valid from ○ month ○ date to ○ month ○ date)”.
l Restrictions on the number of uses
The number of times you can use it can be set arbitrarily. It is also possible to provide a flat-rate service by making it unlimited. l Restrictions on sales volume
The number of coupons sold can be set arbitrarily.
l Additional purchase of coupon
The coupon purchaser can purchase additional coupons at any time. In the case of the validity period specification type (valid for ○ days from the purchase date), the usage period of the remaining number of times will be extended when additional purchase is made.
* “Limitations on the number of times of use” and “Limitations on the number of sales” are functions that are also provided on a flat-rate system.
* For other details, please contact the inquiry window ( * Company names and product / service names in the announcement are registered trademarks or trademarks of the respective companies.

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