Sogo Museum of Art What Must-Have Collection: Robert Doisneau Exhibition

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[Sogo Museum of Art] What Must-Have Collection: Robert Doisneau Exhibition
■ Date: February 1 (Sat)-March 15 (Sun), 2020
■ ※ Open all day
■ Venue: SOGO Museum (6th floor of SOGO Yokohama store)
Restaurant tie-up menus with images of works
The 20th-century photographer Robert Doorneau (1912-1994) has been loved over time. Everyone should have seen Kiss in front of the city hall once, capturing lovers in the busy bustle of Paris.
Born in Jontiy, a suburb of Paris, Doaneau studied lithography and began working in photography since he was 18 years old. While working on magazines such as Vogue and Life, she walks all over the city of Paris and projects her daily life with humor and affection. With an outstanding eye, he devoted his entire life to shooting Paris and the people of Paris.
In this exhibition, instead of machines (cameras), the work of Doorneau, which makes you feel human, is divided into five sections such as “lover,” “street,” “children,” “bar,” and “artist.” Exhibit In addition, they will visit “Atelier Robert Doisneau” to explore the world of Doisneau from various perspectives, including photos taken and interviews with daughters.
[Image 1

《Kiss in front of City Hall》 1950 (C) Atelier Robert Doisneau / Contact [Image 2

《Papillon Children》 1945 (C) Atelier Robert Doisneau / Contact [Image 3

《Picasso’s Bread》 1952 (C) Atelier Robert Doisneau / Contact [Exhibition Overview]
Dates: February 1 (Sat)-March 15 (Sun) 2020, 44 days * Open daily Opening hours: 10 am-8 pm
* Admission 30 minutes before closing * According to business hours of Sogo Yokohama store.
Organizer: Sogo Museum of Art
Supported by Kanagawa Prefectural Board of Education, Yokohama Board of Education
Cooperation: What must-have museum, Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art Sponsor: Sogo / Seibu Corporation, Photo Yokohama 2020 Partner Event Price: General ¥ 1,000 (800) yen, University and high school students ¥ 800 (600), free for junior high school students and under
* Including consumption tax. * (): Advance tickets and group rates for 20 or more people.
* If you have a Millennium / Club On Card, Seven Card Plus or Seven Card, you can enter the museum by presenting your card ().
* Persons with various disability certificates and one accompanying person can enter free of charge.
* Advance tickets are available at SOGO Museum, Seven Tickets, Lawson Tickets, ePlus, and Ticket Pia until January 31 (Fri).

Related projects / Location: Sogo Museum Exhibition Room
1.Movie screening
“Paris-loved Photographer: Robert Doorneau: Eternal 3 Seconds” (produced in 2016)
A film by Dolanault’s granddaughter, director Clemetine Dordir. Date and time: February 8, 15, 22, 29, March 7 (all Saturdays) from 3:00 pm (80 minutes) Capacity: 40 people (first come, first served) Participation fee: Free * A separate admission fee is required. * No advance application is required.
2. Museum Talk
“Visit Atelier Robert Doisneau”
In November 2019, we will visit Atelier Robert Doisneau, a suburb of Paris, to introduce our daughters to the interviews and the atelier. Lecturer: Yuki Kajikawa (Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Kyoto) The date and time: Sunday, February 9 from 2:00 pm to 3:00
Capacity: 40 people (first come, first served)
Participation fee: Free * A separate admission fee is required. * No advance application is required.
3.Photo Workshop “Monochrome Film and Snapshot”
Learn about the mechanism of film photography and snapshots (photos)! Lecturer: Naoko Tamura (Photographer)
The date and time: The first on Sunday, February 23 @ 10:30 am to 12:10 am (break 10 minutes)
The second @ 2: 00-3: 40 pm (break 10 minutes)
Capacity: 15 people each time (prior application, first come first served) Target: junior high school students and above
Participation fee: 800 yen * Admission fee is required separately. (Free for junior high school students and younger)
How to Participate: Apply by phone to the Sogo Museum of Art. Telephone: 045 (465) 5515 Directly to Sogo Museum of Art
Restaurant “AE Grand” tie-up menu
■ Offer period: February 1 (Sat)-March 15 (Sun) 2020
■ Location: Sogo Yokohama Store 10th floor = Dining Park Yokohama “EA Grand” In commemoration of this exhibition, the 10th floor restaurant “EA Grand” will offer a limited time menu image of “Kiss in front of the City Hall”, which captures the lovers of the busy crowds of Paris with a masterpiece by Robert Doisneau. Will be provided.
Also, during the exhibition, customers who ordered a tie-up menu at “EA Grand” will receive an original coaster for the first 15 people each day.
[Image 4

[Before photo]
■ Strawberry KISS tart ¥ 935
The lip motif chocolate and rose petals are scattered and decorated gorgeously. [Photo back]
■ Hazelnut hot chocolate ¥ 748
Hot chocolate with hazelnut scent, inspired by monochrome works. * The image of this release is an image, and the price is the price including tax.

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