WOVN.io and NTT East / Genex collaborate. Full-scale operation of multilingual self-order system for hotels / restaurants started

Wovn Technologies Inc.
WOVN.io and NTT East / Genex collaborate. Full-scale operation of multilingual self-order system for hotels / restaurants started -Offer order screen in 6 languages. Improve the convenience of accommodation for foreigners ~
Wovn Technologies, Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo;
Representative Director: Takaharu Hayashi; hereinafter “the Company”), which provides a website / app multilingualization service “WOVN.io” Business with Telephone Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Fukuzo Inoue, hereinafter “NTT East”) and Genex Corporation (Headquarters: Utsunomiya, Tochigi Prefecture; Representative Director: Kohei Matsumaru, hereinafter “Genex”) After concluding the cooperation, we will start full-scale operation after a demonstration test of a multilingual self-order system for hotels.
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■ Background and purpose
The number of foreign tourists visiting Japan has increased year by year, and the number of foreign visitors to Japan in 2018 exceeded 31.19 million. In addition, the number of destinations is diversifying not only in urban areas but also in rural areas due to the increase in repeaters and personal travel.
However, many of the accommodation facilities do not yet have a multilingual environment, and there is a problem that they have not been working on purchasing products and services other than
accommodation, such as room service and souvenirs.
Contrary to the desire to increase the number of accommodations for foreigners in the future, there are issues such as multilingual support, handwritten slips, and paper menu arrangements due to labor shortage at the site, and it is necessary to digitize these and streamline operations. .
We aim to resolve these inconveniences and complaints and realize the following world.
■ Aiming World
Foreign travelers / stayers can enjoy stress-free and enjoyable trips and stays with less waiting time when receiving services without being aware of language differences.
・ For room service and banquet orders, foreign guests can get information on products and services in their native language ・ By ordering with your own smartphone (membership registration and application are not required), you do not need to call the clerk, so you can use the service comfortably with less stress on waiting time ⇒I can improve hospitality
* As a side effect, hotel / restaurant staff can reduce the time to perform routine tasks and shift to hospitality (customer service). ・ Reduced time to take staff orders (customer self-order), time to create and change menus, and time required for multilingual support ・ Reduced order errors due to handwritten slips and verbal communication
■ Outline of this initiative
As a first step toward realizing the above-mentioned world, through the NTT East Japan Accelerator Program “NTT EAST ACCELERATOR PROGRAM LIGHTnIC”, we collaborate with Genex to provide a multilingual self-order system for hotels and restaurants. We have started a demonstration experiment on.
Genex’s self-ordering system for hotels / restaurants, Todoroku, will be linked to WOVN.io to enable display and self-ordering in six languages.
Based on the results of this demonstration experiment, we will start full-scale operation of the system from January 2020 and expand the number of installation sites.
In the future, the three companies will work together to expand the sales network of multilingual order systems targeting facilities using NTT East’s Wi-Fi service “FRET’S Hikari”.
-Implementation site, demonstration period-
・ Kinugawa Onsen Nanae Yae (Tochigi Prefecture)
Implementation start: December 2019
・ Kinugawa Park Hotels (Tochigi Prefecture)
Start of implementation: Scheduled for January 2020
[Image 2d10446-59-268310-1.png
■ Details of multilingual functions
-Screens to which multilingual support is applied-
The order screen displayed after the customer reads the QR code of the order system will be multilingualized.
[Image 3d10446-59-621304-2.png
-supported language-
・ Select from the following 6 languages
Japanese, English, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Thai
■ Future outlook
With this full-scale operation, we will promote the expansion of installation sites and the update to services that are easier for foreigners to use.
WOVN.io’s mission is “a world where people all over the world can access all data in their native language.” In pursuit of the convenience of foreign visitors to Japan, which will continue to increase in the future, we will promote multilingual systems and web services.
■ About the self-order system Todoroku (https: // todoroku, jp /) With the self-order system Todoroki, hotel staff can place orders on paper slips and other orders up to now, without having to register as a member or download an application, directly from your smartphone. The order information can be printed on the slip on the kitchen printer installed in the required section of the hotel, such as the reception or the kitchen, so that human errors can be eliminated and the product can be delivered to the customer without fail. You.
■ About WOVN.io (https://wovn.io/ja/)
A multilingual solution for multilingualizing websites and apps into up to 40 languages ​​for successful overseas strategies. It has been introduced to 15,000 sites including major companies. It can be retrofitted to existing websites and apps, reducing unnecessary costs and human resources for system development, site operation, and translation required for multilingualization.
Company information
Company name: Wovn Technologies Inc.
Location: FBR Mita Building 8F, 4-27 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Takaharu Hayashi, Representative Director
Established: March 2014
Capital: 1,750.81 million yen (including capital reserve) * As of December 31, 2019
Business: Operation of website multilingualization management system “WOVN.io” and application multilingualization management system “WOVN.app”
URL: WOVN.io https://wovn.io/ja/ ・ WOVN.app https://wovn.app/ja Inquiries regarding this matter
Wovn Technologies Co., Ltd.

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