NC Japan Co., Ltd. “Lineage” Limited to 3 days “Remaster” update & new occupation “Fencer”! Opening of “Origin Service Test World” is decided at 14:00 on Wednesday, January 29!

NC Japan Co., Ltd.
“Lineage” [limited to 3 days] “Remaster” update & pre-experience new profession “Fencer”! Opening of “Origin Service Test World” is decided at 14:00 on Wednesday, January 29!
Launch of Test World Appearance Twitter Campaign and Release of Latest Information
Nc Japan Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Ken Techon), which provides and operates the online game “Lineage” for PCs, is the largest update in the history of lineage “Remaster”. The environment [Test World], which can be played before the service of “Origin Service Halpath World” where multiple large-scale updates are introduced in advance, will be available for three days from January 29, 2020 (Wednesday). We will also announce the launch of the Test World Appearance Commemorative Twitter Campaign.
■ Origin Service Test World is open for 3 days!
[Image 1

[Test play period]
From Wednesday, January 29, 2020 to 14:00 on Friday, January 31, 2020 (planned) 【Overview】
The “Origin Service Test World” has different settings from the normal Lineage World so that you can enjoy the Lineage Remaster Update and other activities ahead of time.
Therefore, in order to connect to the test world, it is necessary to install a test world dedicated game client.
Use the items distributed when you create a character to level up from 52 levels!
You can play at a high level and acquire equipment at the same time as you level up, so you can also challenge hunting grounds with high difficulty.
【important point】
Test World, by its very nature, may require emergency maintenance. Game play may not be possible even during the test world release period.
Also, the contents may differ from the test world settings when the actual update is performed. Please be forewarned.
For details, please check the announcement posted on the official website. 詳細 Click here for details on “Origin Service Test World” for a limited time≫
■ Appearance for a limited time test world! Twitter Follow & Retweet Campaign 2nd
[Image 2

Until Friday, January 24, 2020-Friday, January 31, 2020 15:00 【prize】
Amazon gift voucher 5,000 yen 10 people
[Campaign Overview]
To commemorate the limited-time appearance of Origin Service Test World, we will hold an official Twitter follow and retweet campaign. ≫How to participate≫
Step1 Follow Lara Lineage Official ( Step2 Retweet the campaign target tweet
( Step3 Winners will be awarded prizes by direct message on Twitter from Lara Lineage official on Friday, February 7, 2020
Please check the announcement on the official website for details of application rules and campaigns.
詳細 Click here for details on the “Limited Test World Appearance Commemorative Follow & Retweet Campaign” ≫
■ About “Origin Service Halpass World”
[World added date and time]
February 2020 (planned)
【Teaser site】
A new world with multiple large updates, including the largest update in the history of Lineage, Remaster, will be introduced *.
“ Remaster ” has a full renewal of graphics with improved resolution from 640×480 to 1920×1080 in the current environment, improved game play by introducing PSS (PlaySupportSystem) that can set details, and various UI (user interface) changes Was.
“Origin Service Halpass World” is a new world in which a new class “Fencer” has been introduced in advance. What used to take about a year to implement the update in Japan until now has been shortened to about three months, and it is also a great appeal that you can enjoy it faster.
* In the existing world, “Remaster” will be implemented within 2020.
■ “Origin Service Halpas World” pre-registration campaign now being held As a pre-registration privilege, we have prepared items that are very useful for character development in the early stages.
≪Pre-registration benefits≫
Knights ‘Weapons / Knights’ Armor / Knights Coins / Pre-Registration Bonus Lucky Bag (50 high quality dragon diamonds + chance to get items)
≪Click here for the pre-registration page≫
■ Game Overview
[Image 3d1868-1499-736828-2.jpg
“Lineage” is a free online RPG that you can easily play.
An epic story unfolds in a 17-year-old sword and magical fantasy world. Thousands of users are playing at the same time every day in the world, working together to defeat enemies and make friends by chatting and making friends. We continue to provide all users with a high degree of freedom that was unthinkable from conventional home game consoles and PC games.
Title lineage
Genre MMORPG (Multiple simultaneous participation type RPG)
Usage fee Basic play free (item charge)
Official site
Official Twitter
Official YouTube
Lineage (R) and Lineage (R) Eternal Life are registered trademarks of NCsoft Corporation.1998-2019 (C) Copyright NCsoft Corporation.NC Japan KK was granted by NCsoft Corporation the right to publish, distribute, and transmitLineage Eternal Life in Japan. All Rights Reserved. [Image 4d1868-1499-980130-3.png
* The contents of this press release are as of January 24, 2020. The schedule may be changed due to various circumstances

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