Nissho Co., Ltd. Adds excitement and convenience to your life with simple IoT technology! “Light bulb that can freely control color, brightness, and lighting time” & “Outlet that is too familiar to the interior”

Nissho Co., Ltd.
Add exciting and convenience to your life with easy IoT technology! “Light bulb that can freely control color, brightness, and lighting time” & “Outlet that is too familiar to the interior”
I want to make IoT technology take root in my life! I want to propose a more enjoyable and rich life! We have developed IoT products unique to the interior EC business. Crowdfunding is underway at MAKUAKE. ………………………………………………………………………
Nissho Co., Ltd. (head office: 323-1 Yoneminato, Iyo City, Ehime Prefecture), which develops interior lighting and furniture online shops, will launch interior IoT products at the end of February 2020. Prior to the launch, two projects are being implemented at the crowdfunding site “MAKUAKE”. In addition to sales on its own e-commerce site, the company plans to develop sales channels for electronics retailers, general merchandise stores, and interior goods stores. We will exhibit at the Tokyo International Gift Show in early February. Initial production is 17,000 units in total. We aim to sell 150 million yen during the year.
◆ Multi-control smart LED bulb
Various functions such as remote control and timer setting can be used from the application, and even elderly people and children who do not have smartphones can perform dimming, toning, and grouping operations with the dedicated remote control.
[Image 1:] It is an LED bulb that can be easily controlled with a smartphone and remote control.
[Image 2d32006-3-127820-7.jpg
Smart bulb use image
◆ A wood-grained smart outlet that considers the harmony of the interior The handy functions have been kept, and the natural woodgrain design, which is the standard for interior furniture, has been applied. [Image 3d32006-3-550479-6.jpg
Usage image of smart outlet

[Image 4d32006-3-170333-5.jpg
A smart outlet that can convert IoT to various home appliances at home
◆ Product Overview
[Image 5d32006-3-256190-0.png
Multi-control smart LED bulb that anyone can use
Sale of 510,000 bulbs of LED bulbs. A smart light bulb that can be operated by apps and remote controls, operated by a design lighting specialty store
Easy setup with app and Wi-Fi environment! Possibility of dimming, toning, timer, automation with smartphones∞
Family without smartphone can operate with remote control!
Multi-control adoption
[Table 3:“>

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