Pony Canyon Co., Ltd. “Shun Nishi Mei” and “Hiroki Iijima” will be decided as the fifth pair of “All Night Nippon i Oshabaya”!

Pony Canyon, Inc
“Night Mei Jun” and “Hiroki Iijima” will be decided as the 5th new pair of “All Night Nippon i Oshabeya”!
The new personality of WEB radio “All Night Nippon i Oshabiya”, which is paired by popular actors and distributed every Monday at 21:00, has been decided.
The first is Jun Meishin from Okinawa Prefecture. He won the Grand Prix at the 27th Junon Superboy Contest and played a leading role in the Kamen Rider Ghost.
The second is Hiroki Iijima from Hokkaido. He won the Grand Prix at the 28th Junon Superboy Contest and played a leading role in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.
They are both members of the Oscar Promotions, and are both members of the male entertainment group “Gotodan Aoyama Omotesando X”.
The first featured distribution will be from 21:00 on January 27 (Mon). [Image 1

(C) Oshabeya

A new pair of Shohei Hashimoto x Taiga Fukazawa, Yutaro x Itagaki Limitsuto, Isaka Isaka x Niitsu Akutsu, Tora Daigo x Toshiki Tateishi, and Hayao Nishi x Hiroki Iijima. And.
They are active in movies, dramas, 2.5-dimensional stages, etc. In addition to the stage secrets unique to the actors, we hope you enjoy the unique and unique elementary talks unfolded for each pair. [What is Talking?]
Oshabeya is a regular program featured as a featured content of All Night Nippon i, a web radio and web video distribution service launched in July 2017 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the launch of All Night Nippon. It is.
Popular actors who are active in many works such as dramas and the stage perform talks in pairs each week.
祥 Shohei Hashimoto x Taiga Fukasawa pair
Has it been two years since you started? ! We will deliver a light talk of two people!
[Image 2

(C) Oshabeya
ペ ア Yuutaro x Itagaki Limitsuto pair
I like beauty and fashion! Two people with a high sense of beauty relax in pajamas and talk!
[Image 3

(C) Oshabeya
郁 Ikumi Isaka x Hitoshi Akutsu pair
Two people with uneven height! Two people who are just breathing will deliver lively and happily!
[Image 4

(C) Oshabeya
虎 Togo Daigo x Toshiki Tateishi pair
We will deliver a good friend talk like relaxing during the dressing room break! [Image 5

(C) Oshabeya
During the first month of the free talk campaign for members! [Image 6

(C) Oshabeya
Members can watch video recordings of radio broadcasts delivered by voice, as well as a variety of menus, including a gallery that includes recordings and off-shot photos! !
You can try this content for free for the first month now.
◆ Available contents
・ Main video distribution (* There is a viewing expiration date) ・ Recording scenery gallery
・ Response benefits
・ Present check application etc.
* Campaigns may be terminated without notice. Please note.
We are looking for letters from everyone on the program! !
The letter will be sent to you at a later date by pushing the specially-designed program with your personality name.
We look forward to hearing from you.
[Distribution medium / date] WEB radio “All Night Nippon i” @ Every Monday from 21:00
[Service URL] https://i.allnightnippon.com
[Official HP / Twitter]
Program URL: https://i.allnightnippon.com/pg/pg_anni_oshabeya Official site: https://oshabeya.jp/
Official twitter (@oshabeya): https://twitter.com/oshabeya

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