KADOKAWA Co., Ltd. A chance to post a haiku on comics! “Hoshitode” Author / Honda x Poet / Hiroki Horimoto event Kamome Hakukai x “Hoshitonde” @ Ritsuharu Dan! Determined!

There is also a chance to post haiku on comics! “Hoshitode” Author / Honda x Poet / Hiroki Horimoto event [Kamome Hakukai x “Hoshitonde” @ Ritsuharu Dan! ] Determined!
Held on February 2. Autograph session will be held on the day! The deadline for advance pitching is until 23:00 on January 25!
His work “Hoshitonde” (authored by Honda), which is being serialized on the LINE Manga limited label “Gene LINE”, an electronic comic service. The real-haiku-youth comedy has been decided to hold a collaboration event with haiku poet Hiroki Horimoto. A talk session where you can listen to the secret story of “Hoshitode” and a special two-part system with a special voting session (selection only on the day) will be held in advance, and the vocal work will be published in “Hoshitode” Comics Also. On the day, a signing session will be held by Honda and Horimoto.
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Seagull Hakukai x Hoshitode Ritsuharu Dan!イ ラ ス ト Announcement illustration Authentic-Haiku-Youth Comedy “Hoshintendo” Special Collaboration Event! “Hoshitonde” is a full-fledged haiku-youth comedy work by Honda, which has been serialized in the popular comic series “LINE Manga” limited label “Gene LINE”. The unique members who gathered at a haiku seminar at a certain art university are studying the haiku ABCs while having trouble, and even beginners can easily enjoy the world of haiku, and comics are currently in the second place. It is on sale to the volume. As for Hoshitode, a collaboration event has been decided!
To commemorate the 5th anniversary of the “BUKATSUDO Kamome Hakukai”, a haiku party that enjoys haiku with the poet Hiroki Horimoto who is also in charge of supervising this work, and the release of
“Hoshitonde” Comics Volume 2 [Kamome Hakutoe x Hoshitonde @ Ritsuharu Dan!] “Hoshitonde” Volume 2 & BUKATSUDO 5th Anniversary Special Event “BUKATSUDO” will be held on February 2 at BUKATSUDO.
(Http://bukatsu-do.jp/?eventschool=bkd-kamomekukai-hoshitonde-20200202) “BUKATSUDO Kamome-Hakukai” is a haiku-style party in which a haiku is held once a month in a form that brings together phrases in line with the title, from beginners to enthusiasts. Honda will be participating as a special guest at an event commemorating the 5th anniversary of the Seagull Festival.
The event will feature a talk session where you can hear the secret story of “Hoshitode” from Honda and Horimoto, and a luxurious two-part system consisting of a special haiku (pre-vote) system (selection only on the day). After the event, autograph sessions by Honda and Horimoto will be held.
Pre-voicing can be either late winter to early spring, or one of “Winter Rose”, “Spring next door” or “Setsubun”. Please be sure to participate in the work that has not been announced yet, as it may appear as a character phrase in “Hoshitonde”.
Please note that the pre-vote is submitted from the prescribed form (https://forms.gle/FBHQURud8fZAqGMC7), and the deadline is 23:00 on January 25 (Sat).
Participation in this event is possible without a pre-vote, so please participate in a special event where you can touch haiku through Hoshitonde.
Event summary
Honda x Hiroki Horimoto [Kamome Haikukai x Hoshitonde Ritsuharu Dan! ] “Hoshitonde” Volume 2 published & 5th anniversary of BUKATSUDO Kamome-Hakukai Special Project
Sunday, February 2, 2020, 14: 00-16: 00
* Opens at 13:30
(After the start, there is almost no time to select phrases. Please finish the reception as soon as possible)
* Capacity: 40 people
-time schedule-
14: 00- Introduction of BUKATSUDO Kamome-Hakai
14: 15 ~ Honda x Hiroki Horimoto Talk session
15: 00- Kamome Hakuto × Hoshitonde
After the signing session (books will be sold on the day)
BUKATSUDO (http://bukatsu-do.jp/)
-Entry fee-
2,200 yen (tax included)
-Participation application form-
https://passmarket.yahoo.co.jp/event/show/detail/01dxdb10r4i6w.html -Event details-
◆ It’s a pre-vote system, and you can only select phrases on 2/2. You can participate in the event without having to pre-vote.
◆ Combined title (title)
◆ One of the following seasons, from late winter to early spring, or “Winter rose”, “Spring neighbor”, “Setsubun”
◆ Please use the following form for advance invoicing.
※ Up to 2 phrases per person
* Deadline: Saturday, January 25, 23:00
◆ On the day, please bring your writing utensils and the yearbook if you have one.
★ Requests for participation and participation ★
・ The phrase work must be an unpublished phrase.
・ There is a possibility that this work will be used in “Hoshitonde”. Please note that it may be treated as a meteor phrase, a Harunobu phrase, not as a work of the event participant, or the work may be corrected during the work.
・ If adopted, a credit will be written at the end of the included comics (by the name at the time of pitching).
・ After the event, please refrain from posting on SNS about the contents such as the results of the haiku party or the whole haiku.
▼ Event details page
http://bukatsu-do.jp/?eventschool=bkd-kamomekukai-hoshitonde-20200202 -Appearance-
◆ Honda (manga artist)
Published 4 volumes of “Sketchbook clerk Honda”. “Hoshitode” Volume 1-2 is now on sale. (Published by KADOKAWA Corporation)
“Sketchbook clerk Honda-san” was turned into a TV anime in 2018. [Honda twitter] https://twitter.com/Honda_001
◆ Yuki Horimoto (poet)
Born in Wakayama Prefecture in 1974. Graduated from Kokugakuin University. President of Haiku Association “Aoi”. Part-time lecturer at Nimatsu Gakusha University and Tokyo Keizai University. Secretary of the Poet Association. 2016 NHK Haiku electionist. From April 2019, NHK Haiku 4th week, Haiku Saku Blooming! Received the 2nd Hokuto Prize and the 36th Haiku Association Rookie Award. His books include Kumano Mandara (Bungaku no Mori), Haiku Library (Kadokawa Bunko), co-authored with Naoki Matayoshi, “Entertainers and Poets” (Shueisha Bunko), and co-authored with Nekomaki. “Honori Haiku Comic” (Sakurasha), “NHK Haiku @ Higurashi-sensei, please tell us about the haiku. (NHK Publishing), “Kyo Sakuragi, Haiku Haiku” (Gentosha Bunko).
[Hiroki Horimoto Official Website] http://horimotoyuki.com/
About “Hoshitode”
[Image 2

“Hoshitode” Comics 1. Volume Shokage
Authentic-haiku-youth graffiti sent by Honda of “Sketchbook clerk”! “Hoshitode”
By: Honda
1. Volume price (600 yen + tax)
2. Volume list price (620 yen + tax)
Published by KADOKAWA Inc.
Comics 1-2 is now on sale!
The Faculty of Arts, which has a lot of unique personalities-Among them, Ryusei Ozaki (18) entered the “Haiku Seminar” with only intense students !?
What is a cut? What is the season? Meet the meteor with a light character and the humorous haiku seminar member haiku will really improve?
Authentic-haiku-youth graffiti drawn by Honda from “Sketchbook clerk Honda-san” !!
▼ Click here for the serialization page
▼ Click here for the official Twitter account of the work
About venue and sponsor
[Image 3d7006-6741-923845-2.jpg
“City share space” was born on the site of the shipbuilding dock of Yokohama Minato Mirai.
In addition to kitchens, studios, studios, membership work lounges and club rooms,
There are various rental spaces and coffee stands to support adult club activities.
In addition to sponsored lectures and events, clubs that share hobbies and interests are also held as needed.
Ribita Co., Ltd. plans, produces and operates the business.

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