ZET Co., Ltd. Digital catalog on ZET Baseball Official Site 2020 Baseball & Softball Catalog! At the same time, the Product Information for 2020 page has also been updated!

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Z-baseball Official Site [2020 Baseball & Softball Catalog] Digital Catalog! At the same time, the [Product Information for 2020] page has also been updated!
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“Science Baseball.” ZET Co., Ltd. (Headquarters / Tennoji-ku, Osaka, President / Hiroyuki Watanabe) posted a digital catalog of the 2020 version of Zet baseball & softball catalog on our baseball official website, At the same time, the product information page has been updated to the 2020 version.

Digital catalogs can be viewed not only from PCs but also from smart devices such as smartphones and tablet terminals.
2020 Zetta Baseball & Softball Digital Catalog
The 2020 version has a serious layout of various new models of the Pro Status series, which is the status symbol of Z Baseball on the cover. Introductory page lists the successive models along with Grab Batcraftman, expressing the history and pride of Zette, which has been passed down through generations.
The product page features the features of each main item in an easy-to-understand manner, and enhances the appeal with powerful and vibrant image visuals.
In addition, compared to last year, the wear page frame has been further expanded, and various order systems have been used more abundantly in style design samples and wearing scenes to make it easier to image the order.
The 2020 version is also easy to read, easy to order, and has enhanced its functionality as a catalog.

2020 ZET Baseball & Softball Product Information Page
The 2020 edition is organized around personal items such as balls, gloves, shoes, bats, batting gloves, bags and cases, various armor, and wear. Increasing angles and color variations of product
introduction images centering on mainstay items. In addition, it is now possible to narrow down the search by items, applications, series, price range, etc., making it easy to catch the information you want to obtain. Further improved search performance.

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