Gescipi Co., Ltd. Gessipi made a presentation and exhibited at the Yahoo! LODGE 3rd Anniversary Festival in the esports business

Gesipi Co., Ltd.
Gesipi participated in esports business at Yahoo! LODGE’s 3rd anniversary festival
Attendance at e-sports experience event at Startup LT and Exhibition LT ………………………………………………………………………
Gesipi Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Takuya Manabe), which is developing an e-sports training platform, is an open collaboration with Kioicho, Tokyo, operated by Yahoo! JAPAN on Friday, January 24, 2020 Participated in Space LODGE 3rd Anniversary Festival. Representative Manabe spoke at two Lightning Talks (LT), and held a free e-sports trial in the exhibition space.
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Gespi has been involved in several business developments, including the distribution of training videos and the provision of e-sports club activity support tools, “e-Bukatsu,” with the aim of expanding the horizons of e-sports. Gesip has used LODGE, an open collaboration space operated by Yahoo! JAPAN, when planning and developing these services and conducting trials.
At the 3rd anniversary festival, we held “LODGE Meetup” and
“Exhibition LT” and held a free e-sports trial in the exhibition space to share our appreciation for LODGE and share our experiences. [Image 2

■ Contents of “LODGE Meetup”
We introduced the current issues and future prospects of e-sports, focusing on the business introduction of e-sports training gyms, which are developing with the concept of “easier and more accessible e-sports”. The first prototest of the e-sports training gym was conducted at LODGE, and the situation was introduced.
■ Contents of the presentation at “Exhibition LT”
Focusing on the content of e-sports experience meetings, we introduced the merits of e-sports exchanges and the prospects for future e-sports exchanges. More than 90% of the people who have never played e-sports at the venue, so an introduction to e-sports and market trends were introduced.
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■ Contents of e-sports experience meeting
In the e-sports experience meeting, lectures are given based on game rules and playing methods so that even those who are new to e-sports can participate. Dozens of visitors experienced esports. Eighty-five percent of the participants answered that they were “very satisfied”, and were able to hold a highly satisfying experience session. It has contributed to the expansion of e-sports bases, albeit slightly. Date and time: Friday, January 24, 2020, 16: 00-21: 00
Location: Open Collaboration Space LODGE
(1-3 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Tokyo Garden Terrace Kioicho Yahoo Japan Corporation)
Price: Free
■ About e-sports training gym
Although e-sports is gaining attention and willingness to participate, especially among young people, the player population is facing challenges such as initial costs such as expensive gaming PCs and software and an environment where there is no place where multiple people can gather and play. It is a barrier to the increase of Gesipi’s e-sports gym is a dedicated gym for playing e-sports more closely and more casually. You can easily practice with friends and colleagues anytime. With online videos and operators, even beginners can learn how to play and rules.
■ Team activity support service “e-Bukatsu”
“E-Bukatsu” is a communication service for esports players. For those who work on e-sports as a team or department, we provide functions to support daily communication and schedule coordination. Creating a team on e-Bukka will allow you to run the team smoothly.
-Club room that activates communication within the team
The base of the team’s activities is the “club room”. In the clubroom, team members can gather and exchange information such as practice and game schedules, information on new techniques, new games that you are interested in, and so on. The communication between the teams is activated more than ever by the club room.
-Team schedules can be easily adjusted using the “Schedule” function Team schedules can be adjusted in a survey and registered on a schedule. A common schedule for teams is created, and individual adjustments are not required, making management easier.
-Compete with other teams (to be provided)
You can search for opponents according to your level and
characteristics, so you can practice effectively.
E-sports learning service [gecipe]
We provide learning content and community services for players who are e-sports athletes. Distribute learning videos and commentary articles, from e-sports titles to introductory techniques and techniques, to tactics and strategies. It is distributed daily through various media such as the official website, TikTok, YouTube, and apps.
-e-sports learning app [gecipe] official app
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■ Company profile
Company name: Gesipi Co., Ltd.
Location: 1F, 9-9 Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo Tokyo Building Head Office Building 5F Established: January 2018
Representative: Takuya Manabe, Representative Director
Capital: 50.10 million yen (including reserve)
Business content: e-sports learning videos, e-sports gym business, e-sports community event business

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