Nippon Acer Co., Ltd. “GIGA School Concept” Clears the standard specifications for learner terminals. Windows 10 Pro Education supports ICT environment improvement for each student and student terminal. Convertible Notebook released in August

Acer Japan Co., Ltd.
“GIGA School Concept” Clears the standard specifications of learner’s terminals. Equipped with Windows 10 Pro Education to support ICT environment improvement for each student and student terminal. Convertible notebook released in August
11.6-inch multi-touch compatible TMB311R-31-A14P
Acer Japan Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo; President: Bob Sen) is a student with Windows 10 Pro Education from TravelMate Spin B3 The exclusive 11.6-inch multi-touch compatible convertible notebook “TMB311R-31-A14P” will be released to the education market in August 2020.
[Image 1d640-635-503923-0.png
TravelMate Spin B3 “ TMB311R-31-A14P ”
TMB311R-31-A14P is one unit for each child and student, one terminal for the development of terminals, which is contributed from the supplementary budget for the first year of Reiwa.
We assume a price that can be introduced with a subsidy.
In addition, it conforms to the standard specifications for learner’s terminals based on the concept of the “Technology for Promoting the Use of Advanced Technologies that Supports Learning in the New Era” in the GIGA School Initiative of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. We support promotion of school ICT environment maintenance and enhancement of learning activities. In addition, this product is a terminal for the education market dedicated to public and private elementary schools, junior high schools and high schools, and will not be sold in the general consumer (consumer) market.
Compliant with student terminal standard specifications
[Image 2d640-635-193391-6.png
* 1 The operation, malfunction, failure, etc. of the external LTE adapter are not covered by the warranty.
* Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Equipped with Windows 10 Pro Education (64 bit)
Equipped with Windows 10 Pro Education, which is optimized for education and has high security and useful functions.
Equipped with in / out camera as standard
In addition to the conventional in-camera (web camera), a convenient out-camera (5 million pixels) in tablet mode is equipped as standard. It supports a wide range of applications, from everyday use to applications intended for reading QR codes.
The in-camera has a manually openable cover that can be closed when the camera is not in use to protect the camera lens and protect privacy.
[Image 3d640-635-219562-1.jpg
11.6-inch multi-touch convertible notebook that can also be used as a tablet Equipped with 11.6-inch HD resolution (1366 x 768) glossy liquid crystal, enabling clear image display. Intuitive operation is possible with a fingertip by adopting a touch panel. The screen can be rotated and used in tablet mode and tent mode when sharing screens, studying groups, and watching videos and material slides, realizing usage that is appropriate for the usage scene, environment, and individual learner.
[Image 4d640-635-500431-2.jpg
Long life battery that can be operated for up to 12 hours
Equipped with a long life battery that can run for up to 12 hours. It is safe even for a whole day extracurricular class. The color of the LED indicator on the top panel (behind the LCD screen) allows you to check the remaining battery level so that teachers can encourage students to charge and minimize interruptions due to running out of battery.
[Image 5d640-635-995103-3.png
Robust design for school use
Considering the use environment in schools, it conforms to the durability test “MIL-STD 810G” specified by the United States Department of Defense. The periphery is protected by rubber bumpers, and the inside is reinforced with a honeycomb structure. Including a drop test from a height of 122 cm, the durability, drip-proof, vibration-proof, and dust-proof items from a high temperature of 49 ° C to a low temperature of -32 ° C have been cleared. Highly reliable quality has been proven.
[Image 6d640-635-958385-4.jpg
Furthermore, we adopt drip-proof structure that internal precision machinery does not get wet even if we spill water on keyboard. The spilled water passes through an internal groove and drains through a hole in the bottom. (Up to 330ml)
* The performance of this product is confirmed in a test environment and does not guarantee operation in all environments during actual use.
not. In addition, we do not guarantee no damage or no failure. Damage caused by customer’s responsibility, foreign matter contamination etc. are supported
Not applicable
* When the keyboard is flooded, a mechanism is used to drain water out of the main unit through the drain at the bottom of the main unit. This structure is PC
防水 Waterproofing is not guaranteed. In case of inundation, immediately turn off the power and consult your dealer.
点 検 Inspection after flooding and repairs due to flooding are charged. Equipped with keyboard safety
By adopting a fixed keycap, the key is not pulled out from the keyboard. In addition, minimizing key spacing reduces the risk of injury or failure due to nail or finger snagging.
* Products sold in Japan are Japanese keyboards
[Image 7d640-635-478119-5.png
Various interfaces
An HDMI output port suitable for connection to an external display device such as an electronic blackboard or large presentation device is equipped as standard. Equipped with LAN port (RJ-45), existing infrastructure can be used effectively.
Reliable, fulfilling manufacturer guarantee
One-year sendback warranty is provided as standard. We provide optional services for up to 5 years for long and reliable use. Call centers and repair centers are set up in Japan, and Japanese staff are available. During the repair period, we ship the device within an average of 5 business days after receiving the device.
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