NTT Advanced Technology Corporation For programmers and beginners, enterprises and desktop users, the first version of the major version-up version WinActor (R) Ver.7.0, aiming for a next-generation RPA that “does not stumble, does not fall even if

NTT Advanced Technology Corporation
For programmers and beginners, enterprises and desktop users, the first version of the major version up version WinActor (R) Ver.7.0 is launched, aiming for the next generation RPA that “does not stumble and does not fall down”
-Realize customer success by improving speed and UI / UX by full remake! ~ ………………………………………………………………………
NTT Advanced Technology Co., Ltd. (hereafter, NTT-AT, head office: Kawasaki, Kanagawa, President: Joji Kimura) has launched RPA “WinActor (R),” which has been well received since its commercialization and release in 2014. The latest version Ver.7.0 will be on sale from Thursday, January 30.
The Ver.7 series further evolves and deepens the concept of “on-site friendly”, which is the biggest feature of WinActor (R), for beginners as well as advanced programmers, as well as on-site desktop use as well as large-scale enterprise use. We will pursue a “next generation RPA” that is easy for everyone to use, “do not trip, do not fall if you trip”.
In the first version, version 7.0, the original software architecture was reviewed from the ground up and completely remade to significantly increase processing speed, renew the UI (user interface) and UX (user experience). The stress-free work environment has been realized through the thorough improvement of the scenario, and scenario productivity has been dramatically improved.
In addition, Ver.7.1, scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2020, will provide a new scenario editor for advanced programmers / super beginners, support multiple languages ​​to make it easier to use globally, and We plan to output audit logs for enterprise use that enable post-testing of what you have done.
In this way, the Ver.7 series reflects the increasingly sophisticated and diversified customer demands.In addition to the advanced functions of products, the scenario creation environment such as tutorials and scenario libraries has been enhanced, and “WinActor (R) Expand the scope of automation through the use of existing scenarios by seamlessly linking with “Cast on Call” (cloud-type RPA service), provide an easy linking environment with external cloud services and applications, etc. Aiming for a “new world of automation” brought about by RPA that can be used.
At NTT-AT, in order to promote customers’ DX (Digital Transformation), the related solutions such as WinActor (R) will be rebranded as DX brand “DXACTORS” to reform the work style and work efficiency of customers. Will contribute even more.
■ About WinActor (R)
WinActor (R) is a purely domestic RPA commercialized by NTT-AT based on technology researched and developed by NTT Access Service System Laboratories. Various operations performed in Windows (R) applications and Web applications are recorded as “scenarios” and automated. It is possible to accurately reproduce routine repetitive tasks and tasks that handle large amounts of data. In addition, it is possible to automate complex operations that have been performed manually and input data across multiple systems without modifying existing systems, leading to significant improvements in the efficiency, quality, and cost of manual work. I can do it.
WinActor (R) is one of the most popular RPA in Japan as a tool that contributes to the reform of work styles and business efficiency of companies, etc.・ Introduced to more than 4,500 companies in the retail industry and in a wide range of fields, and the number of users continues to increase not only for large companies but also for small and medium-sized companies and local governments nationwide.
■ New functions of WinActor (R) Ver.7.0
・ Sophisticated user interface easy for everyone to use:
⇒ We will further evolve and deepen the concept of “on-site
friendliness” unique to WinActor (R), aiming to realize a UI / UX that is easy to use, even for beginners * and even for advanced
programmers, “does not fall, even if you fall.” The user interface has been completely redesigned with emphasis on visibility and
Scenario editing screen mode can be selected from three types: “Main mode” pursuing sophistication, “Classic mode” following the previous version, and “Dark mode” that is easy on the eyes even for long-time operation .
In addition, the docking window makes it possible to customize the screen layout according to the user’s preference. * According to our survey, 54% of WinActor (R) users have no program experience. [WinActor scenario editing screen (main mode)]

・ Improve scenario productivity and debug efficiency:
⇒ Previously, only one scenario could be displayed and edited, but multiple scenarios can now be edited simultaneously. This makes it possible to copy and paste between scenarios and create scenarios while referencing and comparing multiple scenarios, greatly improving productivity during scenario creation and maintenance.
In addition, the efficiency of debugging has been significantly improved by adding debug related buttons and improving the display method of the error occurrence location at the time of error (display of red frame of error element, error number display, etc.).
-Significantly faster than previous version:
⇒ Ver.7 series has realized a significant increase in processing speed compared to the previous version by reviewing the software
architecture itself from the ground up and performing a full remake. As a result, it will be possible to dramatically reduce the processing time not only for business automation on the desktop, but also for large-scale large-scale business processing in the enterprise, further promoting customer business efficiency.
-A fun and successful experience with a renewed tutorial for Ver. 7.0: ⇒ In order to make learning WinActor (R) more enjoyable, the previous tutorials have been renewed as “Let’s make hands-on training” in story format. From the basics for creating a scenario to practical and applied operations, you can learn while experiencing with the two characters “Uin-san and Masuda-senpai”. We will achieve customer success by cultivating the basic ability to “do not fall or fall if it falls”.
■ “New world of automation” realized by WinActor (R) Ver.7 series Version 7.1, scheduled for release in the first quarter of 2020, will provide: -A new scenario editor that is easier for beginners:
⇒ In order to completely reduce the hurdle of scenario creation, we will add a scenario editor function (low code editor) that eliminates programming elements as much as possible and is easier for beginners. Programming elements such as “repeat” and “branch” can now be easily specified with more intuitive mouse operations and visual expressions. In addition, by enabling scenario descriptions that do not use “variables” especially for beginners, even those who do not have programming knowledge and experience can easily create and maintain scenarios, increasing the application area of ​​automation Will spread.
・ Scenario editor for advanced programmers:
⇒ For advanced programmers, you will be able to develop scenarios using a general text editor you are familiar with. This makes it easy to compare differences between scenarios, search and replace at the same time, etc., greatly improving scenario development productivity. -Multilingual support for global use:
⇒ Language switching according to the execution environment is possible. In addition, scenarios developed in Japanese can be executed as they are in other languages. Multi-language support of WinActor (R) Manager on Cloud and Cloud Library makes WinActor (R) available worldwide (Ver.7.1 only for Japanese and English).
Screen OCR that recognizes the screen more accurately:
⇒ Ver.7.1 adds a new screen OCR to the conventional image recognition function. This allows the character strings in the screen to be recognized as characters in addition to the image, so that the screen can be grasped more accurately, and stumbling during scenario execution is reduced.
・ Audit log that enables post-mortem verification:
⇒ In combination with WinActor (R) Manager on Cloud, it becomes possible to securely save the log when WinActor (R) executes a scenario on the cloud. By inspecting the audit log by the auditor, it becomes possible to post-verify “when” and “what” by WinActor (R) in a series of business automatic processing, so it can meet the strict requirements of enterprise use can.
WinActor (R) will continue to evolve and deepen the philosophy of “on-site friendly”, not only for advanced programmers, but also for beginners, “do not trip, do not fall down,” “Everyone can use and master We continue to pursue an easy-to-use RPA, and with many partners related to WinActor (R), from the large-scale use in the enterprise to the desktop use in the enterprise workplace in rural, small and medium-sized enterprises. By reflecting the diversifying customer needs and proactively developing products and providing the environment promptly and steadily, we will achieve customer success and contribute to the reform of work styles and work efficiency for customers.
■ Scenario compatibility
WinActor (R) Ver.7 series guarantees the backward compatibility of the scenario created in principle Ver.5 / 6 series, so you can effectively use your existing scenario assets.
* Details such as the timing of compatibility guarantee will be announced separately on our official website.
■ Annual license fee (requested manufacturer price)
WinActor (R) Ver.7.0 (node-locked license version: conventional product) Full function version 908,000 yen, execution version 実 行 248,000 yen
WinActor (R) Ver.7.0 (floating license version + license management software) Open price
* Does not include any additional services other than the license fee for the above products.
* A separate server is required to use the license management software.
■ About sales
For sales details (quotations, product demos, evaluations, etc.), please contact our sales representatives directly from our official website below.
■ Exhibition Notice
NTT-AT at the 3rd [Kansai] AI / Business Automation Exhibition (4th Japan IT Week Kansai) to be held at INTEX Osaka from January 29 (Wed) to 31 (Fri) 2020 We will exhibit WinActor(R)@Ver.7.0 at the booth. We will also introduce our DXACTORS brand DX solution.
Exhibit details: * WinActor is a registered trademark of NTT Advanced Technology Corporation. * Company names and product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.

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