You can listen to 2 books selected each month! Supports monthly use of the audiobook monthly service “audiobook CAMP”

O.jpg”>]obank Co., Ltd. The selection book of the expert is monthly. Jpg “] Listening to the audio book monthly subscription service” audiobook CAMP “personal use A new reading experience that makes use of the “ear gap time”. ………………………………………………………………………………………… Otobank Co., Ltd. (Head office: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; Representative director and president: Yuya Kubota, hereinafter Otobank), who produces and distributes audiobooks, is a monthly audiobook sub board service “audiobook CAMP from Thursday, June 27, 2019. “We will start accepting personal use. You can listen to an audiobook selected by six experts, such as Tetsushi Enomoto and Kensu, at the dedicated application for two books (24 books a year) every month. [Image 1: 34798-60-845788-0.png]
■ “audiobook CAMP” service outline
● Summary: This is a service where you can listen to 2 volumes of audiobooks selected by the selector each month. This service was launched as training and welfare benefits for young members of society in April 2019. However, we received a request “I want to use it for individuals” and started accepting personal use. Download the sound source of the book with the audiobook application “” and listen to it anytime, anywhere. (※ offer contents become the same as “audiobook CAMP” for corporation)
● Fee: 3,000 yen a month (tax included)
● Election Selector: 24 books per year that 6 selectors representing each industry recommend to new members of society and young business people. Individuals can choose which selector’s selection book to listen to. You can also select on the special site after reading the columns regarding the selection of each selector. Education: Tetsushi Enomoto, IT: Kensu, Advertising / PR: Takahiro Miura How to work: Kitano Yui, Finance: Asakura Yusuke
● Detailed URL
▼ Plans for corporate use are also available.
■ Selected book example (※ The following is a part of the selected book. After subscription, you will receive 2 audiobooks each month selected by the selected selector) [Image 2: 34798-60-721427-1.png] [Image 3: 34798-60-839236-2.png]
■ Future development Busy business people have difficulty keeping time together for reading, and business people who read less than one book a month exceed 60% (※). With the spread of smartphones, etc., we will continue to use the service to create reading time for those who can not read even if they want to read by using an audio book that allows them to read using the time gap of their ears even in everyday situations where eyes and hands are busy. We will expand it. ※ “Rakuten Inc.” survey Survey name: survey on the reading circumstances of superiors and subordinates, survey target: 700 business persons · survey period: January 7 to 10, 2019 (Reference)
■ 6 selectors ・ Culture: Tetsushi Enomoto [Image 4: 34798-60-838419-6.png] Angel Investor, Writer, Visiting Associate Professor, Research Institute for Innovation Management and Science, Institute for Industry-Government-Academia Collaboration, Kyoto University After graduating from the University of Tokyo Law School, he was an assistant at the Graduate School of Law and Politics, and engaged in consulting for the electronics industry at McKinsey & Company. Launch new businesses from domestic and foreign semiconductor, communications and electronics companies, and formulate investment programs. After that, he became an adviser to Japan Transportation Group, the largest taxi operator, and worked with the owner Ichiro Kawanabe to revitalize the group, which has nearly 200 billion debt. At the same time, he acts as an angel investor, and leads his partner companies to success in the style of investing his own funds at the time of founding, regardless of the industry. “Invest in teams instead of business models” has a reputation for finding and fostering management teams, especially in policy. A writer activity since 2011, a series of books on how to learn and work from now on received a large number of business book awards etc., totaling more than 600,000 copies, stable even in the recession of publishing, known as an author who puts out a best seller and a long seller It is done. ・ IT: Kensu [Image 5: 34798-60-217026-7.png] Al Co., Ltd. Representative Director Launched Milk Cafe, a student community in 2000, to grow into a major site of 10 million pv per month. In 2004, he became Representative Director and President of Media Clip Co., Ltd., which operates a rental bulletin board. The following year, after transferring the business of JBBS to Livedoor Co., Ltd., in charge of launching the CGM business. Joined Recruit Co., Ltd. in 2006 and is in charge of launching new businesses in the Business Development Department. June 2009 Retire from Retirement, how start site “nanapi” rocket start Inc. (currently, nanapi Inc.) to become a representative director. Joined the KDDI Group in October 2014, and after serving as a director of Supership Co., Ltd. ・ Advertising ・ PR: Takahiro Miura [Image 6: 34798-60-660245-8.png] The Breakthrough Company GO Representative, PR / Creative Director Hakuhodo · TBWA \ HAKUHODO in 2017 independence “do not create the expression, it is the work to create the phenomenon” is the creed. (Main awards so far) Japan PR Award / CampaignASIA Young Achiever of the Year · ADfest · Fuji Sankei Group Advertising Award · Good Design Award / Cannes Lions Creativity Festival 2013 PR Category Bronze · 2016 Healthcare PR Category Gold · 2017 Product Design Category Bronze / 2017 ACC TOKYO CREATIVITY AWARDS Innovation Category Grand Prix / Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Award Interactive Category Bronze ・ How to work: Kitano Yui [Image 7: 34798-60-472765-11.png] Writer, owner Hakuhodo Business Planning Bureau, Accounting and Finance Bureau. After that, he changed his job to Boston Consulting Group and joined One Career in 2016 and became Chief Executive Officer. Since January 2019, he has also served as a representative director of a subsidiary and director of strategy for open work. He has also worked as a writer, with a 30-year-old debut “Thinking for Change” (Diamond) 140,000 copies, and his second “The Killer of Genius” (Nihon Keizai Shimbun Publishing Company) 90,000 There is “Human resource development ability of top company” in compilation. ・ Finance: Keisuke Asakura [Image 8: 34798-60-151735-10.png] Joint representative of Shinifian Co., Ltd. I am from Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture. Joined McKinsey & Company after graduating from the law department of the University of Tokyo after undergoing horse racing training schools and race horse training services. Returned to Naked Technology, which he established while studying at the University of Tokyo, became a representative. Joined the company following the sale to Mixi, and became president and CEO. After retiring on the occasion of business recovery, he went through Stanford Visiting Researcher, etc., and then he was a Visiting Scholar at Policy Research Graduate University. Laxul Co., Ltd. Outside Director. Outside director of Septeni Holdings, Inc. Tokyo Founders Fund Partner. ・ Career: Positive ability [Image 9: 34798-60-627585-9.png] Hapiquira FACTORY Representative Director, Keio University Graduate School Assistant Professor Born in 1991, from Tokyo. While at university, he founded Hapikira Factory, which produces, distributes and sells local merchandise. Currently, she is a company employee, but also a parallel career girl who also manages her company. Recently, as an assistant professor at Keio University Graduate School, he is working with students in Obuse Town, Nagano, on the theme of “Creating new business in the area”.
■ With audio book [Image 10: 34798-60-5876767-3.jpg] An audiobook is a “listen book” where a narrator or voice actor has read a book. As you can enjoy reading with your ears only, you can enjoy reading while you are running, traveling time by train or car, or doing any household tasks such as running while you are reading.
■ Otobank Co., Ltd. (Head office: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Yuya Kubota) [Image 11: 34798-60-474311-4.png] An audio that boasts the largest number of audio deliveries in Japan, aiming to achieve business development centered on audio content, “Creation of listening culture”, “Barrier-free for visually impaired people”, and “Promotion of publishing culture” It is a book company. In partnership with over 500 publishers, the main business is the sale of audio books at, Japan’s largest audio book distribution service, and the online book guide “New Book JP” (http: // sinkan. We also carry out book promotion business centered on jp /).
■ audiobook. Jp (audio book dot jp) [Image 12: 34798-60-305913-5.jpg] Otobank Co., Ltd. is the largest audiobook distribution service in Japan. Renewed from “FeBe”, which began to be distributed in 2007, started service in March 2018. Currently, we will deliver approximately 27,000 contents and aim to expand the platform to promote the audiobook category.

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