Job change completion only by chat! Medical industry specific job search service “Medical Job” Start a LINE @ system of career change support completion!

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Start the LINE @ system of career change support completion! For those who work night shifts and irregular work, it is possible to proceed with job change activities at your own time or at clearance time! …………………………………………………………………………………………
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In Medical Job, a medical job search service specialized in the medical industry, operated by Welmark Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo President: Ryosuke Yoda) We will inform you. (LINE @ registration URL: This service is a job search service specialized for medical workers, and offers job information for doctors, nurses, pharmacists, public health nurses, midwives, care workers, care managers and registered sellers. We can do collective publication, application consultation. In the industry, there are many job seekers who work night hours and irregular work styles, and there is a strong demand for job change activities at hand and at the skimming hours. In addition, many voices were heard that they were bothered by persistent phone calls from registered agent companies. This support system supports career change activities only for LINE @ chat service for healthcare workers who are busy working. The career consultants dedicated to the healthcare industry can chat with the job seeker · Desired condition hearing ・ Introduction of suitable job offer ・ Adjustment of interview schedule ・ Interview support I will be in charge of consistently. In this way, you can carefully consider and decide the next workplace with your career consultant, without having to make a phone call or face-to-face interview. (If you wish, you can also make a telephone consultation as usual) In the future, Welmark will continue to expand information on job offers, and will continue to develop services that are easier to use.
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* Welmark Co., Ltd. Public Relations TEL: 050-3554-0115 Well Mark Co., Ltd. 1-15-3 Dogenazaka Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0043 Primera Dogenzazaka 419 Paid job introduction business permission number: 13-yu-309708 Company URL:

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