The total number of applications for the 8th “My House Photo Contest 2019” The grand prize is decided from among the largest number of 1,990 works in the past! !

A.jpg”>]ric Corporation The eighth “The photo contest of my home. Jpg”] 019 “total number of applications The grand prize is decided from among the largest number of 1,990 works! ! ………………………………………………………………………………………… Eirick Corporation (Head office: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo; Representative director: Ryuji Katsumoto), who operates the insurance shop “Insurance Clinic,” is a family-themed theme titled “My Family Photo Contest 2019” We held a photo contest. Application period From February 12, 2019 to April 14 of the largest number of 1,990 works collected in the past two months, we have selected the winning works as a result of strict screening by general voting and photo contest secretariat .
■ Those who suffer from insurance are those who like family things. Insurance is an unshaped product. When the feelings for the family are replaced by insurance, the face of the important family should have come to mind … “Photo Contest of my home” is an idea that every year since 2011, it will be an opportunity to share and reconfirm the feelings for the family, which can not usually be expressed as words, through taking and selecting photos. We are holding it.
■ Prize winning works [Grand Prize] (JCB Gift Certificate for 50,000 yen) [Image 1:] “Family rope making with family” Commentary by winners: On New Year’s Eve, it is a state of making an annual rope. The children were playing a little while next to her husband making a tight rope. 【Department Award】 (JCB Gift Certificate ¥ 10,000) ・ Family division [Image 2:] “I feel the wind” Commentary by winners: I feel the wind in front of a beautiful rape field and my son has a nice look. Mouth like octopus is impressive and is a favorite piece! Pet department [Image 3:] “The rehearsal of the Setsubun” Commentary by winners: I’m practicing when the demons appear. ・ 20th anniversary special division [Image 4:] “20 people climbed the roof and saw the sunset!” Mr. Kayamanian Commentary by winners: Congratulations on your 20th anniversary! Everybody climbed the roof to see the sunset on Iriomote Island, and it was exactly 20 people! [Famouse] (10 works in each category / for the original Quocard 3000 yen) ・ Family division “Itatata” covered with snow / “curious” situation / “the arrival of spring” Sapitopi / “two people together 154 years old!” Amanatsu / “Just boy and the father who does not wake up” Kataro / 佳作Yoshihide / “Hiddy is the fish I caught!” Haruki / “Spring in the spring” Sawa / “I’m sorry for the chicks I’m sorry” Pako / “My mischief son” Takakun Pet department “I wonder if it is” Mintan / “Thank you for making it” Kokachi / “higher than the roof” Sasami / “Madoromi” kopitto / “Aikko walk” Aoi Tani “Align palms” 36muffin_ / “Indispensable greeting” Lotus Flower / ” Bachan and Chibi “Witch /” Shikoku Dog Hearing the Sound of Bells “Kurama Mama /” Growing Koki of Good Friends “Natsumi Minto ・ 20th anniversary special division “Sport No. 20” Jockey style / “20 of the house I finally found” Soto 11 years / “Farewell with 20.0 cm” Mother of soccer boy / “4 years old 7 years old 9 years old 3 people together” 20 “! Cherry mother “double (20) of rainbow” rainbow / “the 20th tent night” kuroko / “20 times !!” Risira dad / “I was fine. Thank you.” Sera is / “20 Second Stage “Chi-chan /” Thank you Heisei “Miu ※ We introduce prize-winning work in insurance clinic HP. [Image 5:] [20th anniversary this year! About “Insurance Clinic” It is the first insurance shop opened in Japan in 1999. Thanks to your support and patronage, we have reached our 20th anniversary this year. We have developed our own insurance analysis and search system “Insurance IQ System” in order to explain visually and clearly the life insurance that about 90% of households in Japan have joined. We add functions to search and compare insurance products, and play a part in providing high-quality uniform services at “Insurance Clinics” throughout the country, from understanding the current situation of insurance to the proposal of a plan tailored to customers. 【Company Profile】
■ Eirik Corporation ( (Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers Market: Securities Code 7325) Head office location: No. 27-20, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 4 Hongo Center Building Established: July 1995 Representative: President and Representative Director Ryuji Katsumoto Capital: 1,314.9 million yen Business description: Insurance sales business that conducts insurance sales to individuals and corporations Solution business that provides insurance solutions to insurance agents and other insurance distributors System business engaged in system development Service Site: Insure Tech Solution Japan’s First * Insurance Shop “Insurance Clinic” Infodio * “Japan’s first store-type joint insurance shop chain ※” ※ A chain store is defined as 11 stores or more or annual sales of 1 billion yen or more Tokyo Chamber of Commerce Research (June 2018)

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