【Qoo10 (eBay Japan LLC)】 Renewal OPEN commemoration of “Qoo10 Korea Hall Harokori”! Held “Haro Kollio!” Campaign until 6/30

.jpg”>]jpg “Renewal OPEN commemoration of “Qoo10 Korea Hall Harocoli”! Held “Haro Kollio!” Campaign until 6/30 Popular Korean fashion & cosmetics products will reach a total of 1,100 people by lottery! ………………………………………………………………………………………… The comprehensive Internet shopping mall “Qoo10” operated by eBay Japan LLC (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative director: Henry Chun) sells more than 500,000 types of Korean products “Qoo10 Halocoli” (URL: https: / /bit.ly/2IjGURv) has been reopened. In commemoration of this, we will hold the “Have received with Harocoli!” Campaign from June 25 (Tuesday) to June 30 (Sunday), 2019. [Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/229233/93/resize/d22933-93-827214-0.jpg] Qoo10 Korea Hall Halocoli: bit.ly/2KmEzbn The “Harocoli” campaign distributes welcome discount coupons for the first 800 customers who purchase products for the first time in Qoo 10 or those who purchase it after a year. With the coupon, you can buy Korea’s popular beauty mask and “fine-looking” popular jeans at special prices. In addition, we carry out present lottery that anyone can apply for just by registering as a member. A total of 1,100 people are fashion brands from Korea or original T-shirts and famous skin care products that have been released. “Haro Kori” is a sales corner for the largest Korean products in Japan, installed in Qoo 10. With more than 500 Korean shops opening more than 500,000 products. It is classified into genres such as “K-Style”, “K-Cosme”, “K-POP”, “K-Food”, etc. so that the target product can be easily found, and a product that can be purchased at a lower price than purchased in Korea. Many have been exhibited.
■ “Welcome in Harocoli!” Welcome Discount Overview 【Holding period】 From June 25, 2019 (Sun) to June 30, 2019 (Sun) [Description] A “welcome discount coupon,” which can be used for either of the two target products, is presented for those who are new to shopping with “Qoo10” or who have not purchased for over a year. ※ Only once per person [Target product] 1. 10 pieces of Medi heel mask (equivalent to 1,150 yen) first arrival 500 people 2. CHUU minus 5 kg jeans (equivalent to 3,790 yen) first 300 people
■ “Hellocolyo!” Present lottery summary 【Holding period】 From June 25, 2019 (Sun) to June 30, 2019 (Sun) [Description] Anyone who is a member of “Qoo10” can select one of three types of products once a day during the period and apply. ※ No application after winning any one [Target product] 1. KIRSH cherry T-shirt (equivalent to 6,990 yen) 100 people by lottery 2. Zero Velvet Tint (equivalent to 1,299 yen) 500 people by lottery 3. Sika line acne care (equivalent to 2,265 yen) 500 people by lottery “Qoo10” will continue to offer attractive products tailored to the season, and we will work to make shopping for products that customers want easier and more enjoyable.
■ eBay Japan LLC URL: www.qoo10.jp/ Head office location: 1-641 Konan, Minato-ku, Tokyo Shinagawa Crystal Square 9F Business description: Operation of Internet shopping mall “Qoo10” “Qoo10 (Queten)” is an open marketplace based on the concept of “Impact Cospa Mall” Qoo10 “operated by eBay Japan, Inc.” Qoo10 “launched in 2010 is a fashion beauty sport・ We have an extensive assortment of all genres such as digital, mobile, home living, living, food, baby, entertainment, book, e-ticket and so on. Through “Qoo10”, sellers (sellers) can freely submit products from home and abroad, regardless of corporation or individual, and buyers (buyers) can enjoy shopping in a safe and secure environment. ※ Company name and product name in the text are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company. ※ Contents listed are information as of the announcement date. Please note in advance that it may change without notice.
■ Contact from the customer Qoo10 Support Center (Registration: Weekday 9am-6pm, Sat, Sun, Holiday) TEL 050-5840-9100

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