【General incorporated association Shibuya future design】 The 2019 Innovation Nanshan Entrepreneurship Star Contest Shibuya Recruitment of participating companies from Japan starts

G.jpg”>]neral incorporated corporation Shibuya future design T.jpg “Japan Qualifying for International Pitch Competition for Startups in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China ………………………………………………………………………………………… [Image: https://prtimes.jp/i/33690/25/resize/d33690-25-688962-0.jpg] Shibuya Mirai Design (hereinafter referred to as Shibuya Mirai Design) is a Japan preliminary match for international pitch competitions for startups in Minamiyama Ward as a measure to promote innovation through collaboration between Shibuya Ward and Nanzan Ward in Guangdong Province, China. We announced that “The 2019 Innovation Nanshan Entrepreneurship Star Contest Shibuya” will be held on August 22nd (Thu). Along with that, online entry for startups in Japan will be done until July 5 (Fri). Companies that pass the document screening are entitled to participate in Japan Qualifier, which will be held on August 22nd (Thu). forms.gle/ofmvA9YZQTRFhRnT8 The 2019 Innovation Nanshan Entrepreneurship Star Contest is an international pitch contest for start-up companies held by the People’s Government of Shenzhen, China, which began in 2008. Japan Qualifier will be held from last year as a measure to promote innovation through collaboration between Shibuya-ku and Nanshan-ku, Guangdong, China. The winners of Japan Qualifying will be invited to the world tournament to be held in Nanzan Ward in October (planned). The greatest feature is that excellent business plans can receive extensive support for scaling up the business, such as financing opportunities and innovation resources sharing through the Nanshan District’s entrepreneurship support network called China’s Silicon Valley. . If you are interested in the Chinese market, please join this contest at this opportunity. Entry Deadline: Friday, July 5, 2019 Application: Special form forms.gle/ofmvA9YZQTRFhRnT8 * Basically, you are required to input in English, but parallel notation in Japanese is also possible. * The form is simple, only submission of company registration information, summary and business plan to apply Passing the document examination: Contacting from early August Japan Qualifier: scheduled around Shibuya Station on August 22nd (Thursday) Contact: Shibuya Future Design nanshan 2019@fds.or.jp Shibuya Mirai Design implemented “Nanshan Entrepreneurship Star Contest 2018 Shibuya” for the first time last year. Technology that optimizes the center of gravity of the airframe essential for the next-generation drone developed by Aeronext Co., Ltd. (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President and Representative Director, Mr. Atsushi Tashiro) last year, “4D Gravity” He won third place in the tournament and won an intellectual property award. Furthermore, Aeronext Co., Ltd. is promoting global development, such as establishing Tennext Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (English name: Aeronext Shenzhen Ltd.). 1 About the tournament (1) Namsan District Final Competition “The 2019 Innovation Nanshan Entrepreneurship Star Contest” Organized by: Nanshan District People’s Government in Shenzhen City, Shenzhen Science and Technology Innovation Committee Time: in October (planned) in Nanshan District, Shenzhen, China (2) Japan Qualifier “The 2019 Innovation Nanshan Entrepreneurship Star Contest Shibuya” Organized by: Shibuya Future Design Co., Ltd., Strategic Alliance (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. Period: Thursday, August 22 (scheduled) * Qualifying contestants will have the opportunity to participate in social gatherings and networking. 2. Participation requirements We are recruiting in two categories: Growth Group and Startup Group. (1) Growth company group participation conditions 1. Being a technology-based SME with high growth potential and strong innovation capabilities 2. Company establishment within 10 years (registration after January 1, 2010), and sales in 2018 is 150 million yuan Not exceeding (approximately 2.5 billion yen). 3. There have been no violations of laws and regulations in the past. 4. There have been no awards for this tournament in the past. (2) Participation conditions for startup groups 1. Within a year after the establishment of the company (registration on January 1, 2018 or later), or not registered in Shenzhen before the deadline for this tournament, we are planning to establish a company with the results of technology innovation about. 2. There should be three or more core members and plans to set up a company within six months after the Games. 3. The product, technology, and related patents announced at the tournament belong to the tournament participant, and have no patent issues with others. 4. There have been no awards for this tournament in the past. 3. Total prize money (Namsan-gu final match) (1) 3.3 million yuan (about 51.81 million yen) -Breakdown of prizes- Growth business group 1st place 500,000 yuan, 2nd place 300,000 yuan, 3rd place 200,000 yuan, 4th place 100,000 yuan Startup group 1st place 300,000 yuan, 2nd place 200,000 yuan, 3rd place 100,000 yuan, 4th place 50,000 yuan Special awards Set within a range of not more than 200,000 yuan, other prizes are also assumed. 4. About the Nanzan District Finals Competition “The 2019 Innovation Nanshan Entrepreneurship Star Contest” The start-up companies that have won the Minamiyama-ku final tournament will receive the following response from the organizer of the Minamiyama tournament. (However, the following support shall be based on the agreement with the Minamiyama ward meeting organizers) (1) Outstanding projects are eligible for grant applications from Shenzhen venture capital. (2) Corporate support: Teams that meet the conditions for entering the finals can receive a one-time 100,000 yuan fundraising support when setting up a corporation. Winners and teams that meet the industrial policy and growth needs of Namsan District can receive priority for development and development of Nanshan District’s self-inventive industry development. (3) Capital matching: Outstanding projects can be given priority from Nanshan District Government Fund, Nanshan Entrepreneurship Star Contest Investment Alliance, etc. (4) Bank loan: The winners are given priority in the Nanshan District Science and Technology Finance Program, and are able to receive projects that have received bank loans and investments from investment institutions. (5) Founding space: Winners and founding teams registered in Minamiyama Ward can be prioritized to enter the incubator in Minamiyama Ward or apply for grant support. (6) Founding support: Winners and teams will receive training, management consulting, mentor support, patent application, innovation resource utilization, special exhibitions, international exchanges and human resources provided by the relevant vocational divisions of the district, and further, the science and technology founding media of the district. Support such as advertising and coverage in About Leaguer Group Co., ltd. The Leaguer Group is one of the first venture companies in China. The company has strong capital strength, rich investment experience and flexible operating mechanism. As an innovative investment company providing comprehensive services to high-tech companies, combining the needs of the government and the development of industry, taking advantage of the technology and talent of Shenzhen Tsinghua University and Shenzhen Tsinghua University Research Institute, science and technology Research and Development, Education and Training, Finance and International Cooperation, Leaguer VC is dedicated to becoming a leading navigator in China’s science and technology innovation services by exploring innovative investment and development modes You About general incorporated corporation Shibuya future design Shibuya Future Design is based on diversity and inclusion, collecting ideas and talents of diverse people gathered in Shibuya such as those living in Shibuya, working people, learners, visitors, etc., across fields and open innovation It is a full-fledged, industry-government-academia collaboration organization that designs solutions and possibilities for critical issues. Such experiences and activities are aimed at bringing about the sustainable development of society as a whole, not just Shibuya Ward, by presenting it from Shibuya to the world as a new possibility of urban life. . (www.fds.or.jp)

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