Cumulative sales of the “Vitabrid C” series, which has been selected as the 8 promising technologies in the world, topped 3 million units!

V.jpg”>]taburi Japan Co., Ltd. “V. jpg”] tabrid (Vitabrid) C ”cumulative total sales of 3 million selected as the world’s 8 promising technology topped! New products that were not on the market won first place in each division ………………………………………………………………………………………… We are pleased to announce that Vitaburib C, a vitamin C powder to be applied, developed by Vitaburi Japan, Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative director: Hiroshi Otsuka), has exceeded the 3 million unit sales volume in the series. In addition, “Vitabrid C Face Brightening”, the main product in the series, won the first place in the “Vitamin C clear skin category” in a project where beauty professionals in the magazine “Domani” recommend cosmetics. In addition, the new products “White Polyphenol C” and “Level Up Professional” also ranked first in the planning of each magazine. “Thank you photo campaign (” from 28th June 2019 (Fri) in commemoration of feeling of gratitude to the patron and cumulative sales quantity 3 million pieces Will be implemented. In this campaign, 10 persons will receive a gift of their favorite Vitaburid product by lottery from those who have posted photos of their favorite products on Instagram. [Image 1:] The “Vitabrid C” series is a product that enables the continuous supply of vitamin C to the skin for about 12 hours by bio fusion technology selected as one of the 8 major technologies in the world. Stable and continuous penetration of vitamin C keeps all skin healthy. “Bitabrid C Face Brightening”, the main product in the series, “Bitaburid C Face Brightening” won the trend setter at the World Cosmetics Fair (Cosmoprof), and the hair growth product “Vitabrid C Hair Tonic Set EX” The Monde Selection has won the highest gold award, which is rarely found in hair growth products. This year, we will launch two new nutritionally functional foods developed independently in Japan, leveraging our expertise in advanced technology recognized in the world. Special ingredients and formulation balance are evaluated by professionals in each field, and “White Polyphenol C” is recommended by the beauticians of the magazine “CLASSY.” “Featured sun care section” and “Level up professional” are magazines “ The management dietitian of the good thing for the body chooses 1st place in the “child care supplement section” respectively. We will continue to develop and deliver products and services that will expand the possibilities of tomorrow, and we will strive to improve quality control so that customers can continue to select the Vitabrid series. [Vitabrid C series evaluations] Won first place in clear skin category with vitamin C [Vitabrid C Face Brightening] [Image 2:] Vitabrid C Face Brightening is a skin care powder that enables skin care to be continuously infused for about 12 hours. The effect and newness, in the United States luxury department store celebrity purveyor BARNEYS NEWYORK (Barneys New York) acquired exclusive sales in the United States. The topic is called “special care that can be done at home”, which is simply mixed with lotion and applied, and continues to be selected by many women who aim for a shiny skin with firmness. In the magazine “Domani (August / September 2019)”, it won the first place in the cosmetics “Vitamin C clear skin category” recommended by beauty professionals. Awarded as “the most revolutionary product” [Vitabrid C Hair Tonic Set EX] [Image 3:] Bitavlid C Hair Tonic Set EX is a completely new unisex medicated hair growth promoter focusing on the health cycle of the human scalp. With the ability to receive the Monde Selection Gold Award, 96% of doctors answered that they would like to continue using it (※). In addition, the “most revolutionary product” is also in “Editor’s Choice Beauty Awards 2018” where editors specializing in hair actually use items and deliberate excellent products by, the largest hair specialist platform site in the US Was selected. ※ May 2017 Survey by the Association of Advanced Medical Sciences (Questionnaire Survey) Featured Sun Care No. 1 / New Product in Rising Popularity 【White Polyphenol C】 [Image 4:] Launched in March 2019, White Polyphenol C is a supplement that demonstrates the full-scale beauty support of today’s sun and the effects of the sun of the day, which were realized through advanced whitening science research. Formulated with a special balance of reliable cosmetic support ingredients, centering on Flavangenol (R) (White Polyphenol) which works comprehensively against the influence of going out everyday. Many beauty related people have always liked to “continue drinking all year round” and the goodness of word-of-mouth spreads through Instagram etc., and the item “attention to be recommended by the beautician” in the magazine “CLASSY. (August 2019 issue)” We won the first place in the sun care section.
Acquire first place in child care support department / Recommended dietitian recommended [level up professional] [Image 5:] The level-up professional, launched in April of the same year, is a nutritious functional food that greatly supports the growth period of children aiming for “bidirectionalism” that has never been on the market. By dissolving it in milk and drinking one cup per day, you can balance in 99.8% of the amount of calcium needed per day and 25 essential nutrients. 97.6% of nutritionists answered (※) that “we want to drink” (※), and “1 child care supplement section” which administrative dietitian of magazine “good thing for body (August 2019 issue)” chooses this time I got a place. ※ April 2019 cutting edge medical society society investigation (questionary survey) [3 million pieces top anniversary! Thank you photo campaign holding] [Image 6:] With a feeling of gratitude to everyone who has regularly used the Vitaburid products from day to day, the official Instagram holds a photo campaign! We will present your favorite Vitaburid products to 10 people by lottery from those who have posted photos of your favorite items. * Period: June 28-September 30, 2019 【Product Summary】 Vitabrid C FACE Vitablid C Face Brightening [Image 7:] <For faceWith 12 hours of vitamin C penetration that has never been done before, it keeps the skin with firmness and transparency. Volume: 3 g (about 1 month) Price: 6,200 yen (excluding tax) / Regular delivery course: 4,960 yen (excluding tax) Product detail page: Vitabrid C HAIR Bitablid C Hair Tonic Set EX [Image 8:] <Medical hair growth promoterPromotes hair growth with vitamin C powder and tonic made with special techniques. Volume: Vitabrid C Hair Powder EX 1.5 g Vitabrid C Hair Tonic 110mL quasi-drug (about 1 month) Price: 8,700 yen (excluding tax) / Regular delivery course: 6,960 yen (excluding tax) Product detail page: White Polyphenol C White polyphenol C [Image 9:] <Nutritional foodIt is a "drinking sun care supplement" that was born from cutting-edge beauty research data. Volume: 90 tablets (tablet type / about 1 month) Intake indication: 3 tablets a day Price: 5,600 yen (excluding tax) / Regular delivery course: 4,480 yen (excluding tax) Product detail page: Level Up Professional Level up professional [Image 10:] <Nutrition Functional FoodIt is a long-term growth support drink that supports children's literary strategies. Capacity: 135 g (for 4.5 g × 30 times) Intake indication: Approximately 4.5 g a day Flavor: Cocoa milk flavor / strawberry milk flavor / banana milk flavor / yoghurt milk flavor / corn potage flavor Price: 4,900 yen (excluding tax) / Bulk buying over 3 bags: 1 bag 4,165 yen (excluding tax) / Regular delivery course: 1 bag 3,920 yen (excluding tax) Product detail page:
▼ Click here for other products [Product application] 1. Application on the Internet 2. Toll Free 0120-12-5555 Hours: 24 hours 【Company Profile】 Company Name: Vitaburi Japan Ltd. Residence: Akasaka 4-15-1 Akasaka Garden City, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: April 2014 Representative: Hiroshi Otsuka Business contents: Life technology related business (health, beauty, etc.) Business development of direct marketing business

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