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  • 【TOKAICOM】 About the opening of the collaboration shop No. 2 of the iPhone repair shop “iCracked Store” and the cheap mobile service “LIBMO”

【TOKAICOM】 About the opening of the collaboration shop No. 2 of the iPhone repair shop “iCracked Store” and the cheap mobile service “LIBMO”

TOKA.jpg”>]COM About the second store opening of collaboration shop “iCracked Store” and cheap mobile service “LIBMO” phone repair shop ………………………………………………………………………………………… TOKAI Communications Co., Ltd. (Head office: Kashiwa Ward, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture; President: Yasuhiro Fukuda, etc.) and iCracked Japan Co., Ltd. Expands iPhone repair business with partner agreement, collaboration shop “iCracked Store Fujieda Krippi Plaza” (Shizuoka Prefecture Fujieda) with iPhone repair shop “iCracked Store” and cheap mobile service “LIBMO” City Aoki 2-8-28 Krippi Plaza 2F) will be opened today. The collaboration shop will be the second store following “iCracked Store Shizuoka Marui” opened in March 2019, and LIBMO dealers will be 10 stores in combination with our mobile shop. In recent years, the need for repair for screen breakage and battery consumption has increased, with the background of high prices for smartphones and long-term use by promoting communication and terminal separation as a national measure. We will support customers’ troubles in mobile life from both the terminal and communication charges by increasing collaboration shops of iPhone repair and cheap mobile service. Under the Total Life Concierge (TLC) concept advocated by the TOKAI Group, we aim to make our customers’ lives more enjoyable and will continue to provide better services. 1. About iCracked ICracked is one of the world’s largest smartphone repair providers, founded in 2010 in Silicon Valley, California. ICracked’s Japanese subsidiary iCracked Japan, which develops iCracked Store in Japan, has registered all 12 models of iPhone 5s-iPhone X that currently offer repair to the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications registered repair company system Is the largest number of models in a store-type repair shop. The terminals repaired at each iCracked Store comply with the radio wave technical standards and offer high quality iPhone repair. In addition, iCracked Japan, as of June 2019, is the only company in Japan to repair Google smartphone “Google Pixel” as a “Google regular service provider” based on a contract with Google in the United States. At iCracked Store, repair staff with training called “iTech” perform repair by face-to-face, and strive to create an environment where users can use their important smartphones for a long time with peace of mind. (1) iTech with high repair technology Only those who have their own repair training and training and who have been certified as iTech through the certification scheme can do the repairs. Therefore, the proficiency level of all staff is maintained high. (2) Use repair data from all over the world ICracked has accumulated in its knowledge database the daily repairs that iTech performs around the world. iTech repairs based on this knowledge, so the repair quality is high and stable. (3) Efforts to procure high quality parts ICracked procures all parts used for repair in-house and uses only high quality parts that meet their own standards. (4) Two-way repair of relief All repairs are done in front of the customer, so you can be assured that they can be repaired. (5) Speedy delivery The repair takes about 30 minutes at the shortest, and you can quickly give it without waiting. 2. About LIBMO LIBMO (Ribmo) is a low-cost mobile service that allows users to make calls and data communications in the Xi (R) area of ​​NTT DoCoMo, Inc., which we launched on February 23, 2017. There are six service menus: Light Plan, 3GB Plan, 6GB Plan, 10GB Plan, 20GB Plan, and 30GB Plan, and you can choose according to your application. Charges are offered from monthly basis 1,180 yen (excluding tax) by data communication + voice call + [0940475] SMS function. In addition, we are proposing to reduce the communication expenses burden of the home by set discount with our Hikari Internet connection service (@ T COM (At T. com Hikari, TNC Hikari etc.). For more information on LIBMO, please visit the following website. www.libmo.jp/ ・ ICracked is a registered trademark or trademark of iCracked, Inc. in Japan and other countries. -Other company names and product names (product and service names) listed are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. ・ LIBMO monthly fee example: Light plan (up to 200 kbps communication speed, data communication + voice call + SMS function) 1,180 yen / month that’s all [Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/6954/table/78_1.jpg]

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