<> If you see d anime store! Rich lineup & “Terrestrial wave leading” and “all you can see the fastest” are many!

Docomo anime store << 2019 summer animation ………………………………………………………………………………………… The number of animated works No. 1 * 1 d anime store (anime.dmkt-sp.jp/) of unlimited viewing site announces additional delivery information of “2019 summer animation” which will be delivered from July To do.
■ “2019 summer animation” of new program is also abundantly distributed! The d anime store, which offers unlimited viewing of more than 2,800 works * 2, offers a rich lineup of new programs starting in July! Please enjoy animation fully in d anime store even in hot summer. << 2019 summer animation
■ 【Terrestrial Precedence】 and 【All you can see the fastest】 Delivery many! If it is a anime store, there are lots of works that can be seen earlier than terrestrial waves and other unlimited viewing sites! Anxious summer animation is checked quickly at d anime store !! (※ "★" is one d animation store company alone) [Image 1: https://prtimes.jp/i/5738/324/resize/d5738-324-823364-0.png] [Terrestrial wave advance] delivery work that can be seen earlier than terrestrial wave broadcast is here. If you want to see it quickly, check it out! ====== ★ different world cheat magician ・ Astra of the other side ・ Nakano human genome [in actual condition] ====== You can watch it from the same time as terrestrial broadcasting. You can taste the real-time feeling. ====== ★ The world's strongest in common occupation ★ Cup Craft ====== It can be seen in advance in the unlimited viewing video delivery site and can be seen early [Anything can be viewed fastest] Many feature works for the delivery work! Among them, d animation store "alone" also offers a wealth of works that can be seen the earliest. ====== ★ Dr. STONE ★ The world's strongest in common occupation ★ different world cheat magician ★ Grand Verm ★ Phalaenopsis-Young Nobunaga- ★ Cup Craft ★ Senki Zessho Symphogear XV ・ Sorry ladies of the season. ・ Astra of the other side ・ Is it sounan? ・ Tricks senior ・ Nakano human genome [in actual condition] ====== * 1: Domestic fixed-rate video distribution service. As of March 2019, according to NTT Com Research. * 2: Some content is not subject to unlimited viewing.
■ [Reference] Recommendation of viewing If you are wondering which piece to look at, why not refer to the plans and benefits unique to the d anime store? Of course, if you can see it, please aim at summer animation conquest! み る Try to check at the "WEB Leading Screenings", which can be seen early in advance of distribution [Image 2: https://prtimes.jp/i/5738/324/resize/d5738-324-636898-1.png] … Because there are still works in time, don't forget to visit the site on the designated date and time! anime.dmkt-sp.jp/animestore/CP/CP00001002 投票 Vote for the works that users care about in advance [Image 3: https://prtimes.jp/i/5738/324/resize/d5738-324-639905-2.png] … What is your favorite work? Please click on the “I’m interested” button and wait for delivery of the work you want to see. anime.dmkt-sp.jp/animestore/survey_sum_pc?surveyId=168 楽 し ん Enjoy the plan on “Featured Page” … Special feature pages of various works from the summer animation will be open at any time! There is also a plan that you can get viewing benefits, so you can enjoy it to get the benefits. anime.dmkt-sp.jp/animestore/CF/feature_index (site TOPDd look from the anime store “priority delivery” works [Image 4: https://prtimes.jp/i/5738/324/resize/d5738-324-410282-3.png] … If you want to enjoy the new program quickly, you must see! Terrestrial wave preceding / simultaneous, all you can see the fastest icon is a mark! anime.dmkt-sp.jp/animestore/CF/summer We plan to develop various plans as well as summer animation. If you check the “Inform” page of the site carefully, you can get some useful information! Please enjoy the animation more in the d anime store. ====== * 1 Usage fee: 400 yen per month (excluding tax) * Regardless of the contract date or cancellation date, the charge is for one month from the first day to the last day of each month. Please note that we will not calculate the daily rate. * 2 Free trial for the first 31 days d Monthly fee will be free for 31 days from the initial application to Anime Store (applicable only once per contracted line). If there is no request for service termination from the customer during the free period, it will be charged after the free period ends, and monthly fee (for 1 month) will be applied from the month the day after the free period end date belongs. Please check the docomo HP for details of this service. 【NTT DOCOMO → Products / Services → d Anime Store】 ====== (C) As ・ Kodansha / Teijin senior production committee (C) Okamoto Kentaro, Sahara Rishi, Kodansha / Sonan? Production Committee (C) Kenta Ebarahara / Shueisha-Astra production committee of the other side (C) US Studio ・ Boichi / Shueisha ・ Dr. STONE Production Committee (C) Project GRANBELM (C) Okada Yuri, picture book Nao, Kodansha / Aratsuki Production Committee (C) 2019 Osoora / KADOKAWA / Nakano human genome [in actual condition] Production Committee (C) Hot-Weared Mother’s Cloth / Butterfly-Hint Production Committee (C) Kato Shoji / Shogakkan / STPD (C) Good white rice, overlap / common production committee (C) Project Symphogear XV (C) 2019 Takeshi Uchida / Housewife’s Friends Infos · KADOKAWA / “A Different World Cheat Magician” Production Committee

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