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  • [01Booster] Big business from Utsunomiya! Utsunomiya City and 01Booster start “Utsunomiya Accelerator 2019”! Pre-seminar & exchange event held on August 22 and September 13

[01Booster] Big business from Utsunomiya! Utsunomiya City and 01Booster start “Utsunomiya Accelerator 2019”! Pre-seminar & exchange event held on August 22 and September 13

01Booster Big business from Utsunomiya! Utsunomiya City and 01Booster start “Utsunomiya Accelerator 2019”! Pre-seminar & exchange event held on August 22 and September 13 Transforming the world by making Japan a business creation country ………………………………………………………………………………………… Zero One Booster Co., Ltd. (Head office: Higashi-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo; Managing director: Nobumi Suzuki, hereafter 01Booster), which operates the Business Creation Accelerator and Corporate Accelerator (Note 1), Jointly, “Utsunomiya Accelerator 2019” will be started from July 2nd, 2019 (Tuesday). Pre-seminars & exchange events will be held on August 22nd and September 13th to start the program.
● Utsunomiya accelerator 2019 URL: utsunomiya019.01booster.com/
● Utsunomiya Accelerator 2019 Pre-Seminar & Exchange Meeting URL: www.01booster.com/events/235 [Image
[About Utsunomiya Accelerator 2019] On May 1, 2019, the era was the beginning of a new era from “Heisei” to “Rekazu”, and the environment surrounding us is now at a major turning point. There is a need for a new generation of leaders who will innovate in a new way that overturns common sense and create a new future. This time, the second term “Utsunomiya Accelerator 2019” will be upgraded to create a startup that will fly from Utsunomiya to the world. By connecting not only entrepreneurship education but also last year’s selected companies and exchanges with local companies, meeting opportunities with accelerator program adopted companies in other regions, etc., create connections with people of various backgrounds, We will help to accelerate creation. In addition, this program also served as a part of a national convention (common name: Entrepreneur’s Expo) to discover and foster regional ICT start-up companies sponsored by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the National Research and Development Corporation Information and Communications Research Organization (NICT) It is positioned as a district convention. [About the outline of the program] Utsunomiya Accelerator 2019 will select promising entrepreneurs from within Tochigi Prefecture and around Tochigi Prefecture with a focus on Utsunomiya City. In particular, we will provide intensive support for “start-up companies” in the seeding period to aim for business expansion and “early start-up companies” in the early years and “second founding” to launch new businesses, accelerate business growth, and create large businesses The purpose is to be a trigger for We will call for business plans from July to the end of September, and will widely recruit business plans that will fly from Utsunomiya City to the world from the idea level in the future. In November, after the document selection, interview selection, and final contest pitch contest (about 5 minutes of presentation), the program adopter will be decided, and a short-term intensive program will be held for about 5 months from November. At the end of the program, DemoDay (final results presentation meeting) will be held as a program to create a startup that flies from Utsunomiya to the world by matching with companies interested in the business and raising funds. 【About pre-seminar】
● Date and time: <First time<Second time● Location: <First and second10-4 Enocho Utsunomiya City Tochigi Prefecture 320-0802
● Access: A 5-minute walk from Tobu Utsunomiya Station and a 15-minute walk from Utsunomiya Station ※ Please use public transportation as much as possible. ※ When you come by car, please use coin parking near or Utsunomiya City Hall main office building parking lot (received by 20:00).
● Content: Description of "Utsunomiya Accelerator 2019" Panel discussion by 2018 adopter
● Participation fee: free
● Capacity: 40 ※ In the case of a large number of people may be a lottery
● Pre-seminar application from the following URL URL: www.01booster.com/events/235 【Schedule from now on】 1. Pre-Seminar & Exchange Party August 22, 2019, September 13 2. Application period of business plan July 2nd, 2019 – First deadline (early deadline) August 31st, second deadline (final deadline) September 30th 3. Business plan contest mid-November 2019 4. Accelerator program period November 2019-March 2020 (scheduled) 5. Demo Day (final result presentation meeting) Mid March 2020 ※ The schedule may change. (Note 1) Corporate Accelerator is a registered trademark of 01Booster.
■ Zero One Booster Inc. Company Profile Business Name: Zero One Booster Co., Ltd. Representative: Representative Director Norifumi Suzuki Address: 1-7-3 Higashi Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0044, 2nd Watari Building 7F Established: March 2012 Business Description: Shared office for entrepreneurs, corporate accelerator / intraplaner accelerator program planning and management, in-house entrepreneurship training, investment and funding support, business creation consulting, M & A mediation support, etc. URL: 01booster.co.jp

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