Repro has raised a total of approximately 3 billion yen. Expand engagement marketing domain and evolve into CE (customer engagement) platform

Repro has raised a total of approximately 3 billion yen. Expand engagement marketing domain and evolve into CE (customer engagement) platform
-Supporting continuous relationships between companies and customers- ………………………………………………………………………
Repro Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “the Company”) has a total of approximately ¥ 3 billion in a series C round, including a third-party allotment of new and existing investors and debt financing from Mizuho Bank, etc. Has raised funds.
In addition, we will announce that we will evolve into “CE (Customer Engagement) Platform“ Repro ”” as a service to support the continuous relationship between companies and customers.
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▲ Investors in this round (from the left in the front row of the photo: YJ Capital Hori, Repro Hirata, YJ Capital Yuda, from the left in the back row, DGDV Nakajima, Jaffco Isaka, SBI Investment Tanaka, NTT Docomo Ventures Inagawa, KDDI Nakama
The Company has raised approximately 450 million yen from DG Ventures, Inc., VOYAGE GROUP, Inc., JAFCO, Inc., SHIFT, Inc., and Angel Investors. It was 3.5 billion yen.
Investors in this round
New investors: YJ Capital Co., Ltd., SBI Investment Co., Ltd., NTT DOCOMO Ventures, Inc., KDDI Corporation (KDDI Open Innovation Fund No. 3: Global Brain Corporation)
Existing investors: DG Ventures Inc., DG Daiwa Ventures (DG Lab Fund), JAFCO Inc.
Debt finance in 2019
Mizuho Bank, Ltd., Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd., Shoko Chuo Bank

“Repro” from “marketing platform” to “CE platform”
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▲ Changes in Repro
“Repro”, released as an app analysis tool in 2015, added a marketing function in 2016, and in 2018, also became compatible with the web, transforming it into a web / app marketing platform. In 2019, we opened our first overseas base in Singapore and expanded into Southeast Asia.
Repro is now deployed in more than 7,300 services in 66 countries around the world, collecting data from over 50 million devices per month, and has helped more than 97.7 billion businesses and customers communicate to date. Was. *?
In recent years, subscriptions, OMOs, and IoT, as well as business strategies and mechanisms for enclosing customers, have spread around the world, and are entering a period of transformation in consumer experiences that are difficult to retain and acquire with conventional methods. .
Given the growing importance of engagement marketing to build continuous relationships with customers, we have decided to expand the data areas and communication methods we collect based on our past performance.
In addition to web / app data that has been handled in the past, data such as offline data and IoT data will be captured, and AI will be used to communicate optimal channels, timings, and content for each customer, and evolve as a platform that can contribute to improved engagement. You.
We will eliminate unnecessary communication from companies, and contribute to the creation of a future in which the world is overflowing with goods and services from the customer’s perspective, and each and every one can lead a comfortable life.
Purpose of financing
The funds raised this time are mainly used for the following three purposes. Strengthen global development system
Opening of overseas bases following Singapore subsidiary and strengthening of system
Strengthen global marketing

Comments from investors
Mr. Shinichiro Hori, Representative Director, YJ Capital Co., Ltd. “I think I first met Hirata in 2015. At that time, I had the first impression that it was the” most stoic and hard-working entrepreneur in the startup industry. ” After that, Mr. Hirata has been worried about him for a long time, and after three years he will invite him to a meal and reunite. Not only did he become stronger, but he was surprised to see the vision of Repro scaled up hundreds of times, and a year later, he was consulted for this round. It’s been a lot of work, but I’m really excited to be working with you. I will do it. ” Masaki Yuda Investment Manager, YJ Capital Co., Ltd.
“With the spread of the Internet and smart devices, the point of contact between companies and consumers is diversifying, and the importance of” customer engagement “is increasing, so it is very difficult for Repro, a pioneer that has been driving this market, to be able to join together through investment. Repro’s greatest appeal is that, in addition to state-of-the-art tools that incorporate AI and machine learning, “Proofness”, in which every employee commits to the client’s success with thorough customer success. We look forward to taking advantage of the funds to expand our business and organization, become a partner to support the growth of more companies, and become the world’s preferred customer engagement platform. ”
Mr. Masato Tanaka, General Manager, Investment Division, SBI Investment Corporation
“ As the importance of personal optimization of marketing measures and maintaining and revitalizing existing customers is becoming increasingly important, Repro’s marketing platform “ Repro ” has the highest track record of introducing Japan’s No.1 paid tool for apps. Is growing fast In addition, I am convinced that it is one of the few startups that can compete in the world because the achievement is being made globally at the moment. In the future, the SBI Group will work together to provide support. ”
Naoyuki Inagawa, President, NTT DoCoMo Ventures Inc.
“Companies, such as NTT DoCoMo, which is our parent company, are now aiming for long-term relationships with each customer and
communication optimized for individuals, and customers are also building deeper relationships with companies that understand themselves. In this changing world, Repro is a frontrunner at the forefront of this change, with the few that can target true
cross-channel customer engagement that has not yet been realized despite the challenges of various companies. I am very happy to be able to work together with Repro, which is constantly accelerating toward the realization of the world we want to achieve, towards the same future. ”
JAFCO Co., Ltd. Partner Mr. Shozo Isaka
With the mission of optimizing communication between companies and users, we are committed to enriching the lives of people around the world by supporting the spread and penetration of wonderful services that exist in the world. Team The changes in marketing techniques accompanying the development of technology are remarkable, but if we put client first in our Code of Conduct and all the teams are serious about customer issues, we will lead the transformation of the market, We expect to become a global company. This time, we have made an additional investment and we are working hard to contribute to the further growth of our company. ”
Junichi Nakajima, Managing Director, Investment Department, DG Daiwa Ventures, Inc.
“This time, both DG Lab Fund and DG Ventures have made an additional investment in Repro, which is growing rapidly. Repro, which has been engaged in engagement marketing since 2015, has been used for numerous services in Japan and overseas. I think it is supported by one-on-one support with customers, and we believe that strengthening customer engagement will become increasingly important in the future, We will support the entire Digital Garage Group to help Repro evolve into a global platform irreplaceable for web and apps. ”
Kazuhiko Nakama, Business Incubation Promotion Dept., Business Strategy Division, KDDI Corporation
“Repro is a graduate of KDDI ∞ Labo, the sixth term, and has been watching the remarkable growth since its inception. I am very pleased to be able to work together in the form of an investment.
Differentiation is important in any field As a result, Repro has earned a world-leading reputation in the analytics field by enforcing customer engagement and enriching the lives of its customers. I will do my best to build a world where we can provide experiences together, building on a continuous partnership. ”
* ?: As of January 2020, based on our research
About Repro
Repro provides the Repro, a customer engagement (CE) platform that enables engagement marketing to strengthen the connection and relationship between companies and customers. By utilizing all the data held by the company, it is possible to communicate at the optimal timing, content and channel for each customer.
With more than 7,300 services installed in 66 countries, we use over 50 million monthly device data * as AI / machine learning teacher data and conduct R & D for automation of marketing.
Eliminating unnecessary communication from companies, the world is overflowing with goods and services from a customer perspective, and we will contribute to the creation of a future in which each and every customer can lead a comfortable life.
*: As of January 2020
Company name: Repro Co., Ltd.
Location: 4F, ​​Zenriren Building, 1-36-4 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Yusuke Hirata
Established: April 2014
Business description: Development and provision of CE (customer engagement) platform “Repro” to support the establishment of relationships between companies and customers
Owned media “Growth Hack Journal”: Twitter:
About “Customer Engagement Conference next”
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The sequel to “Customer Engagement Conference TOKYO 2020” (CEC) held on January 22, 2020 will be held as “CEC next” for two days. “CEC” was a conference where we invited various industry experts to discuss how to build medium- to long-term relationships with customers without sticking to short-term profits,
In this “CEC next”, we will have a closer discussion with the guests who attended the conference,
I would like to give the participants time to get to know each other and give them an opportunity to deepen their understanding of engagement.
It is expected that it will be full soon, so if you are interested, please register early.
・ Event name: Customer Engagement Conference TOKYO “next” (Customer Engagement Conference Tokyo Next)
・ Holding date and time: [day1] Thursday, February 27, 2020 17: 00-20: 00, [day2] Friday, February 28, 2020 16: 00-19: 00
・ Venue: Nagatacho GRiD (2-5-3, Hirakawacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo) ・ Participation fee ①: Free (registration required)
・ Estimated number of visitors: 200 people each day
・ Application:
・ Organizer ②: Repro Co., Ltd.
・ Hashtag: #cectokyo
・ Contact: CEC TOKYO Secretariat

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